An affordable Musicman Stingray Bass? – Sterling by Musicman Ray24 Bass Review

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Here’s my full review of the new Sterling by Musicman Ray24 Bass, an affordable version of the iconic Musicman Stingray Bass. The price of this bass bridges the SUB Ray4 and the Ray34.


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JoseitoEdlVodao says:

This is made by Praxis, they’re in the O.C. and the things are made in Singapore.


One of the best deals ( Marcus’s Sire Bass) on the planet. These basses play and sound better than the USA models. This is how the original MusicMan basses sounded..

John H Box says:

You’re obviously a great bass player but I can tell you’re not too keen on using a pic, try some Bobby Vega licks then you will be totally cool

S Sam says:

Marc, great review, Thanks for posting

Sans says:

Do a davie 504 bass review

Larry Arnemann says:

the sub is still the best value.

publiuss says:

I mean -signal chain :))

TheDp1965 says:

Hi Marc, Great Review on this Bass. … I own The Sterling Ray34 in the Cherry sunburst. I think it’s a pretty nice bass for the Money . I made my decision to buy it after watching a Review by the Bass whisperer. I too like you changed out the Strings but to EB Slinky’s…I paid $750.00 for mine, came with a nice gig bag.


TupolevPilot says:

That’s a trippy bass line

Goyim Proud says:

I wish the 3ts came with a maple board option. This is the best way to get classic stingray sound for under 2k!

Roland Ravina says:

Berry cool

Mark Place says:

Really good video, dude

sport shot says:

Dayum I love the start 😀 My head just goes crazy lol 😀

Les Clark says:

That tone is killer. I may have to pick one up

TupolevPilot says:

Finally they did this. Any lefties?

G says:

The Ray4, especially the Indonesian made one, is already a very nice bass for the money. The Ray24 seems to have a better quality bridge and hardware. The body wood is I think Mahogany vs Basswood for the Ray4. As a fan of the entire Sterling line, and MM basses in general, I definitely plan to try one. Nice surprise, great review.

Jason Rosner- Bass says:

For the money, it sounds like a great bass. A proper setup and some mods are easy to do.
Great choice of product to review.

Alex Kessis says:

Awesome review! I have a sub ray4 now and it’s been a great value but I’m ready for the next best thing. Just ordered mine and definitely going to take it in for a proper setup. But it sounds great out of the box! Stoked to be one of the first to have one of these

H. Hetschko says:

Great review. Thanks for that!

Ian Paolo T. Santos says:

Sounds great! How about a Squier jazz bass? Will it sound good at a low budget?

Tony M says:

Review a Squier Classic Vibe bass

Mutant Baby says:

Not bad, but the real Stingray sounded noticeably better.

Charlotte Brown says:

I’m using a Squier Affinity 5 Jazz and I still can’t figure out how to get anything close to a growly/raspy sound (which I know is possible on this bass since I’ve seen videos of it making that sound).

Anybody have any tips on technique for a beginner on how to get this more growly sound out of my instrument?

Juriaan Van helden says:

When are you going to do fender jaguar basses ????

jared matthews says:

Want. Can’t wait for these used.

Lorderon777XXX says:

Бас отлично звучит!

Moto Man says:

sounds great what a nice deep sound

Aaron Davis says:

There was a little bit of fret buzz but seems like a solid bass a good alternative for the beginner that Dont want the usual jazz or p bass,or even a back up bass

Andreas Wiweko says:

I wonder how will it compare to ray4 that has 2band eq. They ray4 somehow close with classic stingray. This ray24 has more modern stingray feels. At least for me.

Lincoln Whisler says:

What makes it worth paying $200 more over the SUB Ray4? Is it a better pickup? Better hardware?

Gavin Carney says:

Fantastic demo, really well covered.
I think this bass sounds great for slap style playing.

Jeff says:

What does “building quality is good” mean in this case?

How about measuring the neck relief, string height out of the box and after setup (if you did so). Maybe describe the strings on it like roundwound, nickel, nickel plated steel, core type, etc. Then describe your signal chain.

Otherwise, it’s hard to get an impression on the tone in your video.

Bobby Fields says:

It sounded good slapping but in finger style it has too much string buzz for me!

Bill Flynn says:

Love the way you shred! Great review!

Sanjeet Gaonkar says:

When he used pick , that’s when I realised why metal bassists prefer musicman 😀

Sterling by Musicman Users/Owners Around The World says:

Kyuuga says:

Great review Marc! I don’t think most people are realizing that you’re testing the BRAND NEW Ray24 and not the 34. I didn’t even know a 24 was coming out (to match the Fender Mexican basses I’d assume).

All in all, great characteristic Stingray sound and it kinda falls into the same category as the Mexican basses – you get almost the same sound but with cheaper electronics, wood and parts (except in this case with 1 less EQ option as well). Great iniative by MusicMan. I just wish they’d change the brand’s name, Sterling by MusicMan sounds…well lets just say not appealing and very confusing since MusicMan Sterling already exists as well. But anyhow, excellent review and thank you!

Killa Gaming says:

One of my favorite bass. Also does this bass come in any other color? Looking to get this bass

publiuss says:

Very good review. Cloud you please write how do you record sound for this video ?

Tooltrocity says:

Budget instruments have come so far since I started playing back in ’07 (not really that long ago I guess haha). I remember saving for my Sterling HH because the Subs weren’t available anymore but I had to have that MM sound. I’d definitely put down $500 for one of these, it sounds fantastic!

J-F P says:

That sounds pretty good 🙂

Derek Dauchan says:

Thanks so much for the review Brother Marc, I’m sold on this bass. By the way, your playing is inspirational.

Matt Bowen says:

Lots of fret buzz…

byjuu246 says:

It is similar to the ray34ca. The only noticeable difference is the cut and boost of the control nobs. Other than that, do they sound the same?

Brandon .Watt says:

that opening groove though!

A.J. Garrett says:

I think it sounds great.
But as others have said, you are clearly a great player and the sound is all in your hands.
I bet you make any bass sound good.

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