All About The Bass – Squier Starter Bass Pack Review

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Nathan and Lee looks at the Squier Start Playing Affinity Series Jazz Bass & Fender Rumble starter pack.

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Swodeyem says:

What I disliked about the Affinity Jazz bass I once owned was its weight – such a heavy instrument compared to other models.

Dylan Collins says:

“you don’t really want your 100W bass amp in your bedroom” whoops, I already have 😉

Riley Logan says:

Cabinet rattle!

alterdestiny says:

is that English they are speaking ?

Martialis Tiberius says:

Anderton’s : is that Squier in the pack the Fender Squier Affinity Jazz RW BSB model ?

James Lewis says:

The rattle that Lee points out in the amp is a good one. Back when I was in my first amp I had a 30 watt Laney combo amp. It was a good bedroom amp for its day but after being run at full blast trying to overcome being drowned out by a drummer the rattle started. At the time I thought I had ruined the speaker by pushing it too hard.

bgmnzz says:

1. Yes I want to hear Nathan, Rabea and Pete jam.
2. Do videos on all(or at least a lot) of starter packs-Orange, Schecter, Gibson/Epiphone/Maestro, as many as you can.
3. Great point about truss rods!
4. How about software recording for bassists? They have ideas, too.

Saidees says:

I just got a music Man S.U.B from you guys at Christmas and it sounds great 🙂

merricck says:

15 minutes of blablabla! sounds like blablabla

Suprafanatic94 says:

I purchased this Squier starter bass pack earlier this morning (March 2, 2017) for about $323 US dollars. I chose the black and white one because it was either that or red and white. I start taking lessons on March 6th even though the starter pack comes with an instructional DVD.

Shmaxy says:

did they ever show the tuners????

Cat Vomit says:

I’ve done small gigs with a rumble 40. It’s all about context. For small bars the 40 is fine.

Tom Kelly says:


Adam Corbin says:

The quality on these packs compaired to what I got for xmas in 2008 is astounding…

vinayak chadha says:

maybe a video on budget basses for beginners?

T.I.N Mateus says:

Shit mate,that spaffinity sound so good I need a cheap bass cause already have few very good ones but for a practice and beat up for gigs I need a Squier maybe James Johnston signature cause it has a very good tone and it’s not that expensive or the affinity they look very promising

Peter McCarty says:

Do you guys think that the 25 watt version would be loud enough to get over a drumset/ do small gigs with?

Juan P. Rivera says:

Please do a Fender Elite Series Jazz and P bass video!

Mike Best says:

I have a hotroded squier affinity pj, I’ll never get rid of it.

Rave LTG says:

i have a 50 watt marshall mg50cfx amp that i use for my electric guitar. would i be able to use a bass on that amp? on the clean setting?

Cuts rose scents says:


The ElectricHobo says:

Harley Benton JA-75 bass pack £158 …pisses all over that Affinity junk..sorry but i have both and the harley wins hands down.

Aaron Davis says:

the only thing I didn’t like when I got my squier p,was the action was super high,after getting that figured out its just as good as any actual fender p ive had,literally the only difference is the name on the headstock

Jack Kingers says:

What are traditional staple bass guitar pedals? Like crybaby wah or tube screamer for guitar?

TheAwkwardSilence135 says:

Review the marcus miller sire basses

Kayfabedreamsmusic says:

I love the short scale Jaguar basses

16BitOG says:

This review gets a bit off topic when Lee started talking about bass watts vs guitar watts, and then goes on to talk about the neck going convex/concave. You don’t need XXX amount of watts if you’re learning, and over time necks bend, which is completely normal. A starter pack is for learning the instrument and learning how to play, that’s it.

MijnTubeIsJouwTube says:

The body is made out of Agathis (also known as ‘commercial mahogany’), which is quite different from Alder.

GeneralFrijole says:

If you are in the U.S., In my opinion, the best starter option is an SX bass from rondomusic (~$120- $160), and the highest wattage combo amp from any reputable brand you can afford.

trev3050 says:

My first bass when I was 9 years old was a squier affinity p bass , it didn’t come with the amp though , got it for 150$ with a Traynor 10 watt practice amp … The amount of hours I put into those things is unbelievable

Brice Coulombe says:

Rumble 25 was my first bass amp and I still have it and it still kicks ass after 5 hard brutal years. Love it and it’s one of the best starter amps for the money (only $100)

Ernesto Lone Wolf says:

bullshit, i have a 100 watt amplifier in my room, haven’t heard a single bird complain, and it’s a rumble 100 V3

DFM Bass says:

The best starter pack is the Dean Edge 09. I still have mine and its my favorite bass so far. Might just be the sentimental value though

docgspot says:

i think showing off cheap products for beginners is a great idea.

Pe Peroni says:

I disagree Cap…Ive played bass in a band with a 60W 1×12 amp..and it was plenty loud enough…room wasnt very big i’ll admit, but still..

strocat25 says:

the 2 best Squire basses you can buy are these

1. Vintage Modified P/J Precision Bass

2. Vintage Modified 70’s Jazz Bass

Demew says:

I started on a full length bass when I was around 8

Lasse Huhtala says:

Don’t forget to check the Andertons Second Hand section. Right Lee? 🙂

Dennis Kramer says:

thanks for the bass reviews. most excellent..

최재원 says:

Dear Lee, could you make a video about comparing different bass amps ?

John Berkheimer says:

re: cabinet rattle. I never owned a Rumble 15 but I do have a Rumble 25 and I find myself going over it ever 3-6 months with a screwdriver to keep it quiet. It’s not a big deal, and, at least with the Rumble amps, can be compensated for.

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