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Nathan and Lee look at 5 Schecter basses, the Model-T, the Omen Extreme-4, the Diamond-J 5 string, the Stiletto-4 FL fretless and the Nikki Sixx signature bass.

For more info on Schecter basses click here –

They are using a Ashdown Rootmaster head and 2 cabs.


Joris Kühne says:

Lesson 1: cut your nails

Jessy Sharrock says:

I wish I could find a comparison video with the model t 5, CV 5 and the stiletto custom 5

Major Danger says:

Your clock is stopped!

Good names are for noobs says:

Talks about schecter basses
Wears prs shirt

P Jenks says:

Just stacked pots. Not two in one lol

meedily says:

Best reviews hands-down. Just for the entertainment value alone. 🙂

1okanaganguy says:

Nice, but fretless is so much more than mere glissando…

M.Chubak says:

Way too much chatter! Can we just hear more of the instruments, PLEASE!

Akrit Pradhan says:

Still waiting for a Yamaha TRBX305 review.

Richard Hawkins says:

You did a “Best 5 string for under £500” and the Yamaha 305 won. How would either the Schecter Omen 5 or the Stiletto Stealth-5 compare to the Yamaha? Which would win?

pgpete says:

” Do you wanna go fretless or Motley Crue? ” [Jump cut edit ] lol

MrWilson WithaStrat says:

That Model T sounds amazing . I gotta get one .

Sinan Iseri says:

That is a sweet sounding bass

Colii says:

Review the super cheapest basses you can find on Amazon.

Ollie Heads says:

I bought a schecter stiletto extreme 5 (fretted) and it is a dream

TheDangerbreed says:

I have the extreme stiletto 5 schecter bass

prog raven says:

nicely done.. thanks guys

Tracey Tuttle says:

Do the Schecter cv 5!!!!

Radiant Mind says:

Hmmm… I’ve watched these guys review a bunch of different basses, and I swear the Sire basses have sounded the best.

maciasbajo says:

What’s the real difference between the stiletto vs the diamond series? Thanx

Islappada bassmon says:

sterling by musicman sub series review please

SuperSamSquared says:

How good is the action on the Schecter Omen? (the red one)?

Shaun Matthews says:

I find that the fretless basses are best when you want to create really atmospheric instrumental music. I’ve heard them used in scores for 80s films, not so much for anything else, though.

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