All About The Bass – Ibanez SR500 & SR505 Review

Nathan and Lee look at the Ibanez SR500 and the SR505 basses and put them through their paces. Check out the Ibanez SR500 here:

Ibanez SR505:

Our Ibanez range: Nathan and Lee look at the Ibanez SR500 and the SR505 basses and have some fun putting them through their paces.

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Mason Norman says:

I’m either buying one of these of a schecter stiletto

yogran1 says:

How about you guys do some Warwick Rockbass reviews? The Corvette $$ happens to be one I haven’t found a good review of

Jasson Poirier says:

I’ve been playing an sr500 for 4 years I love that bass. Very versatile and very light. Great instrument for the price

Victor Ramsey says:

I always enjoy videos with an Orange ‘Kinobi’ 🙂

William Brown says:

Yall spend way too much time talking. Just shut up play the bass.

Cole Madsen says:

Its so thin its scary

MMAwizard 96 says:

What was played in the intro? That shit fucked me up.

SpartanChalo13 says:

Can I use this bass to play live?

nicebiscuit56 says:

Can confirm, seen a jatoba: became a jatoba’s witness

Michael Vard says:

I want the four string, you guys sold me on it. This will be my first bass guitar, so I am not a Jatoba’s witness yet.

uriel marquez says:

Sr 750 …..

TheGeronimo322 says:

Two beautiful guitars, great value and excellent bass player!!!

Serch Turner says:

Nathan King! <3

Joseph Stultz says:

What is this little Korg device in Cap’ns lap?

the womble says:

Now available in a black wash /stain finish too, I believe?

Bass Is Lif says:

nice bass, i tried one but i didn’t like the pickups

D3ft0ne says:

playing starts 9:45 (IMO these sound pretty sterile… not sure if this is the right way to describe it)

Cue Zephyr says:

I want one… without frets!

nsane992002 says:

Love these basses. I have always loved their tone.

Logan Keartland says:

I will be purchasing a SR505 second hand for £89. Thank you for the video

campbelltron says:

I keep coming back to this video for the Captain’s silly jokes…

Junior Shepherd says:

i just bought the SR505 in flat sapphire blue today! can’t wait till it arrives.


that was hard work..please grow up lads!

Gunnar Peterson says:

Great company great store. Visited the UK and visited their Guildford location and was not let down. Played many of their guitars great selection my friend had bought one of their ghost fret pro series guitars loves it. Sadly did not get to meet Rob Chapman or the Captain. I’d recommend Andertons to anyone local to that area. Was not let down by the slightest.

Garegh62 says:

“She was only the fishmonger’s daughter, but she lay on the slab and said “fillet.” Nathan kills me!

the womble says:

It would be fascinating to hear a bass off between Nathan and Mark!

Jermaine Hutchinson says:

Love the thin neck and tone of these basses but I have one issue!! I own the 6 string model (sr506) and the finish pilled immediately. Doesn’t take much at all!! Very easy to dent and scratch!!

CatalystOfFire says:

“What does that MEAN, ‘shall we play out?!’ I don’t know what that means!”

Darryl6636 says:

You guys are great bass players and I realize you enjoy each other’s company but too much talk just get to the bass playing!!!

nomedidioinvano says:

it’s ACTUALLY tuesday! you rock!

XShinobixXx says:

GOD DAMN that 4string sounds so damn funky in slap mode!! Im gonna buy this beast!

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