A Brand New Bass for $76! – Ammoon Jazz Bass – Demo / Review

You can get a brand new electric bass for way less than $100! Let’s checkout the the Ammoon Jazz Bass that I picked up off of Ebay for $76!

Original link is already out of stock, but…

Here’s a red one for $85! https://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_id=114&ipn=icep&toolid=20004&campid=5338291063&mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fitm%2Fammoon-Solid-Wood-JB-Electric-Bass-Guitar-Red-Strap-Guitar-Red-W3A9%2F282242736037

And the black one from Sears for $95: http://www.sears.com/ammoon-solid-wood-4-string-jb-electric/p-SPM11576608825

Bass audio recorded direct in through Guitar Rig 5.


Rubric: -5 points for Danzig references. -5 points for not reading the description. -5 points for not watching far enough into the video to answer your own question. -5 points for misquoting me in your comment. 20 points possible. Everyone starts with an A!


Ringo says:

Can’t hear shit with all that damn metal music,!!!

Pedro Santos says:

My main instrument is guitar, but I also play bass in the studio, and occasionally fill in on bass in a buddys blues band. I use an old Yamaha $200 bass that I installed an active pickup it. This Ammoon bass looks pretty nice for the money!

TheRobman says:

I got one of these as a curiosity purchase myself, just to see what a $76 bass guitar looks like. One of the pickups was dead in mine, but I expect that was just a one-off problem. But the other issues were as expected, the fret ends were incredible sharp and really sticking out, so those needed to be filed down. Also, the action was really, really high, so I needed to add a shim to get it down. I’ve glued the frets down and done a fret leveling on it, but something still isn’t right. If I lower the action below 6/64ths there’s major fret buzz, so the frets obviously need more work. But, setup issues aside (which were expected), I’d still say that this is a very impressive instrument for the price. Oh yeah, have you measured the width at the nut? You said it has a narrow neck, like a real Jazz, but the neck on mine is 42 mm at the nut, so it’s as wide as a Precision neck.

Bob Sweeney says:

another solid review. Bass needs a pickup upgrade. started on bass added guitar which eventually became my prefered instrument.

Malcolm Hardwick says:

76 bucks ! Unbelievable !

Robert Watkins says:

What amp are you using? Doesn’t the amp make all the difference?

DiscoScottie says:

Heads up – current link is out of stock.

Peter Strong says:

I heard that basswood was a suitable wood for making guitars , but it’s a fairly soft wood so you have to be careful that you don’t knock the guitar because it will ding fairly easily.

Daniel Torrecilla says:

this bass sounds amazing, but i got a question, how can i get my biceps like yours? Thank you

Nick Jordan says:

I mostly play guitar, but have filled in at church on bass when that’s what was needed. I sound like a guitar player when I play bass, but I’m about to start recording at home, working on a solo project (meaning I’ll play all instruments). I’ll probably pick up a cheap bass or borrow one of my dad’s basses for that. I also kinda sorta play piano a little bit as long as you manage your expectations.

I used to play oboe, clarinet, and sax, but haven’t in over 20 years, and probably couldn’t even get a good sound out of any of them now.

Jason W says:

I dig it. I think it looks and sounds great for the money too. I might check that put since I’ve been thinking about adding a bass to the collection.

nicholascremato says:

The prices are high on ebay now. $176 for black or burst.

Mike Mixer says:

Who in God’s name would think of Glenn Danzig?

Liberty4Ever says:

I have the same bass, but in an unfinished kit for about the same price without the Ammoon branding. I have two nice basses but thought it would be fun to build a kit. I can tweak it a bit to knock off some of the rough edges, do a fret job, laser engrave it, etc.

Love the shirt, but I’m a geek and a caffeine fan.

Hey, were you playing that bass with a pick?!?


Synapse2k says:

Thanks for the review. I’ve needed a beater bass for quite a while
This will do.

Vinicio Haner says:


Aaron Davis says:

I play bass and only bass I can play guitar I taught Randy Rhoads..umm oh wrong video,lol, I mean I’m no Randy Rhoads but I can hold my own,but I’d rather play bass and only bass,I’m more comfortable on a bass,I’m a child of the 90’s nu-metal scene so I’m sure that attributes to it,but even as a kid watching my dads and uncles bands I was always intrigued by the bass player,I wondered why his guitar was bigger and he didn’t use a pick, guitar never really appealed to me

bmasonic says:

Is the fret buzz because of your technique, or are the frets uneven?

Lincoln Whisler says:

No fluff, right to the point with out the drama… also not attacking the product for everything thats wrong with it. I like these types of videos where the focus is on the strength of the product. If you wanted to make this better… maybe point out what you don’t get with a cheaper instrument… was it set up well on arrival? Did you need to do anything to make it sound or play better. Finally who would you recommend the product to… like beginners or a spare to beat up on for gigging. Thanks!

Philip Doyle says:

Great playing, you certainly make that bass sound good! The tone sounds a bit more like a P-bass to me – it doesn’t have that trebly J-bass edge. Was that your recording setup, or does it really deliver more of a mids- and lows P-type sound?

Steven Allen says:

I am a guitar player primarily, but to have a bass, around for doing recording is very cool. Main reason I never really played around much with a bass = cost. I’d rather spend the money on a guitar. Hell, if someone misses a weekend bender at the local watering hole they can pick up a bass to annoy the neighbors with! Oh the Choices!

A. B. says:

I am an guitar Player but played Bass for about 7 years in Bands and in the Studio.

Копейка says:

From the other side, I’m a bassist but I have a guitar and am looking into more. That ol’ GAS is catching up to me. The guitar I have is a $120 Washburn acoustic in a natural finish, nothing special.

Azi Crawford says:

I’m not sure how to answer because I tend to identify as a bassist, but will fill in on guitar when needed, and then I start to almost identify as a guitarist. I blame my Gemini Moon for my multi-instrumentalism.

Sagiri Izumi says:

It’s cool, but I actually play bass and I NEED a P-Bass for the wide neck so I can slap the crap out of it. Jazz bass is too narrow to do it as main instrument. The pick-ups need replacement bc cheap ones POP POP POP through the speaker on those percussive lines, esp slap.

ScotchAndBlackMetal says:

I got a knockoff P-Bass on eBay (branded ISIN) for $70 new. The nut was terrible and broke but other than that it’s been a great bass. Put some flats on it, sounds nice, smooth, and woody. Like the tone so much that I used it when producing a demo for a friend.

Aaron Davis says:

Dude I gotta ask are you the same maxwell that plays for Hellion?

Levi's Bassment says:

I usualy stick with 2 basses, a custom made fretless J and a squier J

Nicholas Da Ronch says:

A nice bass after all! I’ve got a question though, could you please do a detailed demo of your Metaltronix amp? I can’t find a decent demo on Youtube

n84434 says:

I just bought one in Blue. Going to do a fretless conversion on it!! 87 bucks shipped to my door….

Blade Bloodchild says:

Re: ending question
I prefer to play guitar, even though I started on bass. I like to keep at least one of each nearby as I write all the parts for my music myself.

Felony Farm says:

You’re not being fair to yourself or your band sticking to just one instrument. I wish I would have picked up more when I was much younger but playing both bass and guitar really helps in the writing process.

Buddy V says:

Am I the only one that found it amusing that you said basically several times when describing the bass?

Celtic Fury says:

Can’t even get a DIY kit for that price…not bad!

Btw, been playing guitar for almost 45 years, bass for over 25!

Jacob Reichert says:

i regret this now, i saw a post a few months ago for a sun burst one and it was listed at $65.99, my main reason for not jumping on it was because ive got an ibanez 5 string so another bass wouldnt be needed, but hey, if i did jump on it my reason would be why not, you can never have too many guitars

1thess523 says:

What i really like is it has a Fender style headstock as well, i don’t like when a copy bass or guitar has a weird looking headstock it just kind of kills the whole thing for me at least.

Alex Romero says:

Great review my dude…might pick it up just to have an extra bass around

Stephen Scharff says:

Start out playing bass after a failed attempt at guitar now I play guitar and I play bass I also like screaming deals on instruments that have decent fit-and-finish cuz I like to customize and Hotrod a lot thanks for the video great information

demofactory says:

Thanks for the great review friend. I was wondering if you used the stock strings, or did you replace them? Have a great day!!!

Ron Stickle says:

i think every time you do a review it drives up the price lol! but it is not your fault you are just keeping us informed on what is good for the price! Thank You for your work and keep on Man!

Barak Graves says:

This channel is criminally under rated and under subscribed. Love the content, keep it up.

Zunni Lunni says:

I play bass n drums

The Shoegazer says:

I made a comment a few months ago bitching about the long intro. This intro is perfect now man, you’ve nailed it. Also, the content is great. keep up the good work. Glad i subscribed!

cretta wva says:

As a non musician its great to learn things about music and instruments. I always wondered about the term,Jazz Bass. Was it only for Jazz or was it the design. Your explanation cleared up a question I had about Jazz Bass. Thanks and major Kudos to you.

Gene Kloszewski says:

pro job!!, not a lot of gabbing, and straight to the demo!, i wish lots of guys on you tube, would stop blowing their own horn! should follow you!!

joe paul says:

I bought a Samick bass used…..$50 Craigslist….delivered….almost mint condition…it plays decent…..action is a bit high…but stays in tune well….intonation is good and sounds decent…..hard to beat…..put $100 in it and it would be very good……….your $77 dollar ammoon is very similar…..hard to beat!!

123ubuntu666 says:

You can’t buy instruments that cheap here in the UK. I’ve been checking out the amoon range and they are consistently 30 percent more expensive. But we are used to being charged more here. I won’t call it being ‘gouged’ in this case as you can still buy some very reasonably priced instruments that are high quality.

My Aria Pro P-Bass cost me probably the equivalent of 150 dollars or so. It’s a superb instrument. Great fit and finish, sounds great, feels great. A keeper. I’d imagine it’s a little more high quality again than the one you have in this video, but there’s probably not much in it.

The bass in this video sounded great, it looks great, and if you say if plays great, I’ll believe you. Pretty much all the factories in Asia now are doing great quality instruments. You can get really lucky or even really unlucky sometimes but they seem to be pretty consistent. At least according to the forums and youtube videos. Instruments like this did not exist 25 years ago at this price.

I’m a guitarist really but I started off playing bass and I have as much passion for it as I do the guitar. I’m probably a better guitarist than a bass player though. I don’t have good timing or natural rhythm so that is a drawback. But I’m good enough to play in a band, I’ll just never set the world on fire.

I’ve only got a few basses at the moment but I plan on buying a few more. I really like headless basses a lot. Headless guitars are ok too, but it’s the headless design where bass really shines.

I tried to buy an amoon guitar on ebay but the seller wanted a 100 dollars for it and you got it for 60 dollars I think, so that gives you an idea of the discrepancy in prices between US and UK.

Trontosaurus Rex says:

I started on bass and added guitar later,music is so fun and relaxing. Might get one of these because my Fender Jazz bass got stolen a while back.

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