7 Cheap Bass Guitars That Don’t Suck – Great Tone, Budget Friendly Prices

Dagan takes a look at 7 cheap bass guitars that actually sound great and play extremely well.

0:00 – Sterling by Music Man Sub Ray4 bass: https://goo.gl/yUrDj4

3:09 – Hofner Ignition Series Violin Bass Sunburst: https://goo.gl/wv7L2c

6:19 – Eastcoast P300 P Electric Bass Guitar: https://goo.gl/FCtV8y

8:25 – Ibanez SR300E Bass: https://goo.gl/HvXhiy

12:35 – Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass ’70s, MN, Natural: https://goo.gl/r3wbcM

14:32 – Ibanez GSRM20 miKro: https://goo.gl/kYmmFC

16:43 – Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Short Scale Bass Guitar: https://goo.gl/coi2yG

In this video Dagan proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a bass guitar that sounds and feels great. When we say “Cheap” think “Budget Friendly” instead. These are some of the best cheap bass guitars that money can buy, all of which will provide many years of comfortable playing and the articulate tone you need to get your bass lines to stand out in the mix.

Each of these cheap bass guitars range from just over £100, to under £300, making them affordable options for those looking for beginner bass guitars or just something else for around the home or recording with.

Don’t be fooled by the small price tag – these are often relied upon by intermediate guitarists and professional guitarists alike thanks to their high quality construction, superb playability and amazing sound – you get a LOT of tone for your money!

These are 7 of the best cheap bass guitars that you can rely on and won’t break the bank!

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RubberBowl says:

Can you suggest a bass where they give you the guitar and the money


He reminded me of Captain Jack Sparrow …. Lol when he talked

moo moo says:

Play them through a cheap amp. No one buying these guitars will play them through whatever it is that we’re hearing.

Anton Avis says:

Why are all the demos in E minor?

Christopher May says:

I liked the blue Ibanez…..the black jaguar and the regular p bass…..I want to learn to play…..but I’m not sure I want a short scale guitar……

cyberbob19 says:

If you play clean, without distortion, we would be able to get a better how it sounds. Otherwise….who can tell?

Gavin Anderson says:

Hey the next time you guys do a review on guitars or basses, can you please say the price in American currency also? Idk what a “quid” or “quad” is, thanks! Loved the video!!

bassmasta93 says:

There’s a PMT music shop in Cardiff , is this that? Or is it a chain? Or ?

gerry macpherson says:

I kept skipping a lot of this vid. was a price ever mentioned????

phatbassanchor says:

I’ve always owned long scale basses. However, short scale is perfect for young hands AND those guitar playing crossovers to bass that may have trouble reaching notes on long scale. Paul McCartney is the most famous example. His Hofner is short scale. Paul originally played guitar and piano. He switched to bass due to band need. Later as his skills on bass expanded from great to genius level he changed to Rickenbacker among other basses. Jack Bruce also favored a short scale Gibson bass.

Jalenski Broski says:

Long legged Mac daddy

Sunsence Navale says:

Since when is Musicman cheap???

Get an OLP

Will Bullement says:

Why would you do a demo with distortion on

phatbassanchor says:

One can never go wrong with a Jazz Bass! Although I will still always take my beautiful blue Fender Jazz over ANY Squier.

Apple Tree says:

this guy has the most incredible vocabulary of popular basslines

The Wheeled Headbanger says:

You forgot the Ibanez line that is cost effective and killer sound all in one. The Gio line is suppose to be a entry level bass… I beg to differ. As a touring bassist here in Canada, I need something that has major low rumble and yet the clarity of angels singing. The Gio line does that. I use four, five and six string basses in different tunings… and they never fail. I play a style of Doom metal that if you screw up… it is so obvious it’s embarrassing – with the Gio, I have the power and tone while not paying any large prices.

I have had Fenders, Peaveys, Gibsons, Warwick and even Ricks… Ibanez is my ax of choice, and because it fits me because playing in a wheelchair needs a body type that is hard to come by, and still has the killer domy tone needed. Keep up the good work, and I will be watching more.

I am blessed only my legs are effected by my disability… but many more only can use a tamborine or alike, and they need to be able to feel as if they can play along only if briefly.

Rock on,
Daryl ‘Jd’ Adolph
Bassist for Bastard Black and Cyanide Lullaby
Senior Writer for Metalbite.com
Spokesman for The Canadian music program for the disabled
Music teacher and arranger.

Contact: http://www.facebook.com/jd.frommetalbite

The Bois says:

You’re mainly a guitar player right? Not trying to disrespect I’m actually curious because you’re using your ring finger instead of your pinky

Brian Shaddock says:

Don’t pronounce Bowie that way. Not even if you’re joking.

The Random Guy says:

All of these basses are expensive in my country
The Squire bass is 16,000
The Hofner bass is 9,000
The Ibanez basses are 10,000
The cheapest one we have is 7,000

Gabriel Meyer says:


Hage Work says:

Managed to pick up an Ibanez micro with an amp and cable for 25 bucks and it’s so good to play

the overseer says:

Not gonna lie that first one kinda sucks I tried that one out so I just got a fender squire

phatbassanchor says:

The Hofner sounds strange with round wounds. I’d have have to slap a set Roto flats on it.

GraphicTheory - The Art Central says:

Reminds me of Phil x playing guitar lol

Randy Dalm says:

fast and subtile penis joke, nice

SoundCzech says:

Im just here to get things to make harshnoise

Bernie Boy says:

So guys I started guitar at the beginning of this year and I’m now borrowing a bass to tryhard over the summer so at the end of this year I can play in jazz band since our old bassist graduated. I know a lot of you are hating on guitarists playing bass but I’m hoping to learn both instruments how you properly should and I haven’t really picked up any bad guitar habbits that could ruin my bass playing yet. I’m thinking about getting either a squire jazz, precision, or epiphone viola/hofner ignition. Do you guys have any thoughts on which would sound best for a jazz band? I have relatively small hands but working on the stretches shouldn’t be too bad. I love the beatles but kinda thinking a violin bass would sound a little too hollow for a jazz band. Any opinions would be appreciated!

Eric Sepulveda says:

Wtf is a quid you cunt

IAMPIG says:

Goldilocks favorite kind of


karthurhyer says:

my best playing/sounding bass is a Squier J bass w’Seymore Ducan Baselines pick-ups.

mikebealsrocks says:

This dude’s pretty awesome.
Nothing quite like “Electric Beat-Off”.
At its Finest.
I am NOT knocking this video.
All the Basses sound pretty damn great.
This guy does some pretty Bad-Ass improv as well as some well known lines.
I always say — if you know your stuff, you can make just about ANYTHING sound good and passable.
Rock on dude.

MindTech says:


Skyler Musser says:

I agree. I have the Music Man in Cream with a rosewood fretboard, beautiful and versatile

PersonalTouch Productions says:

what cord do you have plugged into the hofner violin guitar, it looks very heavy duty who makes it?

Robin Andresen says:

I think the Yamaha BB series should’ve been included in this list! 🙂

Ariel Isaac says:

Honestly, don’t buy an Ibanez. They’re just so niche and the eq is just plain bad. I don’t mind the music mans and I don’t know about the others ones, but don’t buy an Ibanez bass. At least not the cheap ones (1000 and below)

richard sears says:

Distorted sound is what I hear (Sub)- not good- must be plugged into an 8 inch speaker- Hofner sounds better out of the same amp? Little amp makes the sound of the basses questionable- they sound okay to me though– but I need to hear them thru my junk.

Legend Master 45 says:

Omg it’s Russell Brand

Mari Callo says:

Damn that Hofner, I want it’s tone but not it’s looks.

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