$65 eBay DIY P Bass kit unboxing, build, and review…SHOCKING!!!

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watch my strat review here:

This is the unboxing building and review of a diy p bass kit you can get on eBay for around $65:

Here is the kit I bought (price has gone up a little):

Much like the strat kit I reviewed last time, this p bass is clearly made in China, though it shipped from a US warehouse in California, so again, I got it in just 3 days. This basswood p bass kit looks a little nicer than the strat kit. It has a decent wood grain in the body and neck, although there is a hideous wood filler spot on the back. If you’re looking to make a beautiful looking instrument, it’s probably best to start elsewhere. The hardware is good enough, it gets the job done, and the pickguard is prewired so there is no soldering required. But again, like the strat kit, there were no instructions or pilot holes drilled, so putting it together took some guess and check. All in all, this kit only took about an hour and a half to build, including an error i made installing the bridge. Yes, I measured, I just didn’t measure correctly (*slaps forehead). I realized three not so great things about this kit when putting it together, 1) it was missing a bridge screw, 2) there isn’t any hole drilled for the bridge ground connect. So you can see, temporarily I had the just run it straight to the bridge for this demo. And 3) the pickup poles don’t line up with the strings, so the pickguard slots weren’t milled out in the correct spots.

Let’s hear how it sounds:

All I can say is wow! I’m shocked. This thing actually sounds and plays really well. Even the kit strings play and sound great. This kit is Far better than the strat I built, and way far better than I expected for $65.

So to summarize:

Things that are good:

No soldering required

Good wood grain on neck and body

Straight neck with fairly level frets

Pickup sounds great

For $65 and an hour and a half build time you get a fairly decent instrument

Things that suck:

Big wood filler spot on the back

Missing a screw

Missing hole for bridge ground wire

Pickup not aligned with strings

Despite these flaws, I’m gonna go ahead and say this kit is g2g! Just slap a finish on this kit and you actually have a half decent bass for $65. I know, I don’t believe it either. And no I’m not getting paid by the manufacturer to say that. I’m just as skeptical as you are right now. I’m guessing these kits are hit and miss. Maybe I was just lucky and got a good playing neck and a great sounding pickup. Maybe I was just unlucky and was missing a screw and hole for the bridge ground wire. Either way, for $65 I’m really impressed.


Adzurekun says:

impressive… but what can you do with– okay these kind of jokes sucks

Cookeonbass says:

Is it possible get a kit with a neck through design?

FrankenP says:

Sounds great! Subscribed

RaNdOm GaMeR says:

What are the string gauge sizes?

Matthew Ancira says:



nowhere.to.shower says:

Split P-Bass pickups do not align to the strings like Stratocaster pickups do. Pickup alignment is not an issue with that kit, while your ignorance is.

Doug Yeager says:

Subscribing because I need to see more. I’m planning on getting kits for the kids and letting them custom build their own instruments (with adult help). I need to know what to buy/what not to buy. Any recommendations on an lp kit?

Jirapat Thaenphromrat says:

I got an acoustic for $62 tho. Sounds like a Martin

Reaper Rooney says:

man that headstock is hideous, should have routed something on that sucker

Brian Kaplan says:

Do you have Tabs for this Bass Line…it is a great Scale….Brian “BeBop” Deluxe Kaplan

simulatedbass says:

The headstock is hideous

jimmy harris says:

thanks for the info

Tavo Guzman says:

Any updates / pimping on this bass?

Geo Zero says:

Sounded good. Who cares what it cost or where it’s from.

eman5041 says:

You’ve basically combined my two favourite things into one channel. It’s so brilliant it’s stupid. I immediately subbed. Keep up the good work

misfitramone says:

i showed my wife this video and she started laughing! “looks like you found a new best friend” i love bass and guns! i like the older commie guns, aks, vzs! cool shit man!

Whiteman says:

Fuck I need one of those. Great video dude !

Ben Gaskin says:

Nice video. I got a bit distracted by the bluescreen /greenscreen color bleed on the headphones though. 1:25.
I wasn’t expecting to see through your head!

bcrich581 says:

As mentioned in the responses below, the issue with these kits is the variability. If one of these kits has a single small issue, not a real problem. The real obstacles occur when the kit has a few flaws, and one of them is really significant. Most often this is an item like a dead pick up or a bad bow in the neck. That being said there’s a lot of money to be saved if you’re lucky and patient.

Niko Schneider says:

I have a question, how Far away schould the bridge be from the edge of the wood? In centimetres.

George Suprenant says:

Found your channel by accident, and subbed immediately!

Paistin Lasta says:

Thank You! You actualy said to feel free to dislike!

Ivan Orozco says:

Where did you connect the ground wire from the bridge?
Nice video, man 😀

dj0078physicsrk says:

Where do you buy this
put a link

Televised Republican says:

I have that exact same bass kit! I made it into a pretty nice Precision bass heavy relic. The kit I bought did have a pilot hole from the knob cutout to the bridge though.

Jackson Baldwin says:

Honestly you seem like such a great guy. I see hateful comments but you answer so calmly and fairly, I love it! I’ve been playing guitar for about 6 years now, and I think this may be a great pick up (no pun intended) to start trying out the bass 😀

Alex Nam says:

Gonna build one

Alan Brando says:

Dood, I´d pull da trigga on dat base… it sounds so frickin fucking macho!

hotshot927able says:

that bass sounds killer!

Sirio Viazzi says:

Sounds thin, but MAN, for 65 bucks I’d buy it NOW

mrDROCK says:

2:19 Donald Duck Dunn?

WLS64 says:

I see what you mean by Surprise…it was that friggin rug on your head in that 2nd sound test sequence!!  lol… freaked me out a little at first hahaha.  well played sir!

wellmax says:

Just discovered your channel man, and I love it! Keep up the great content

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