6 Best Bass Guitars for Beginners 2017

We’re keeping it going with our Best for Beginners series with 6 of the best electric bass guitars that we carry! Don’t be fooled, some of these can carry their weight for even intermediate players. Let’s take a closer look and listen at each to see which best fits your style.

1. (2:00) Squier Affinity Jazz Bass → https://www.alamomusic.com/squier-affinity-jazz-bass-guitar-black/
2. (5:43) Ibanez GSR200 → https://www.alamomusic.com/ibanez-gsr200b-gsr-bass-guitar-walnut-flat/
3. (9:50) Tobias Toby Deluxe IV → https://www.alamomusic.com/where-are-all-the-gibson-guitars/
4. (13:07) Squier Vintage Modified ’77→ https://www.alamomusic.com/squier-vintage-modified-jazz-bass-77-3-color-sunburst/
5. (16:29) Squier Classic Vibe Precision ’50s → https://www.alamomusic.com/squier-classic-vibe-precision-50s-bass-guitar-white-blonde/
6. (20:07) Fender Mustang PJ → https://www.alamomusic.com/fender-offset-series-mustang-bass-pj-olympic-white/

Interested in a guitar not mentioned? → https://www.alamomusic.com/find-your-guitar/

Fender Rumble 200 Bass Combo Amp → https://www.alamomusic.com/fender-rumble-200-v3-bass-combo-amplifier/
Mogami Gold Instrument Cable → https://www.alamomusic.com/search.php?search_query=%22Mogami%22

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slickfalls says:

This guy needs to talk less and play more

James Smith says:

You might want to check out Sire basses also. The Sire Marcus Miller basses are reasonably price but the quality is unbelievable.

Morgan The Tactician says:

im a beginner bass player and i wanna play metal but all i see is some jazz shit everywhere i go/:

ArrackArrow says:

you suck

Cheifbarfy says:

Duosonic is better than mustang

fuzzk6 says:

Cut your damn nails! Ear rape

Larry Arnemann says:

Sterling sub 4. best thing out there for the money!

Edson Silva says:

This video helped me a lot – Thank you!

Slurpbzs says:

Sterling rays should have been on this list. I havr the ray34ca and its a banger!

Gene Bellamy says:

Good job on the video. Pay no attention to these yahoo’s with their negativity. GB

Cade Cass says:

Damn, this channel deserves way more subs.

Matthew Santy says:



Best thing under $500 PERIOD.

don’t listen to some asswhipe who only cares about his bottom line.

Hunter's Moon says:

I have a Squier P-Bass Affinity and a Washburn B-10 Active Bass

William Sessions says:

Do you that Beginner bass players are going to worry about active bass tone controls?

Fred Suero says:

The yellow bass guitar Seem more versatile . I like the style and color also.

Thomas Puzio Sr says:

MIM Mustang best sounding most bang for the buck! I liked my first so much I bought another SONIC BLUE and White!

Pedro Trevino says:

Do y’all carry Cort bass guitars?

cyko phor says:

The squire mb-4 is my favorite bass of all time and it’s great for beginners too

Astronaut says:

You use a pick to play guitar; why not use it on bass.

peachy bitch says:

I’m asking for a bass for my bday gotta do my research haha

Alex Hamilton says:

The 5th one looks like a telecaster bass.

Neal B says:

I always recommend the MIM Fender P-Bass for a beginner. It’s not terribly expensive and sounds great. For a beginner, the simplicity of one pickup, one volume control and one tone control are all you need as you should be concentrating on finger technique and not equipment. Not to mention that it’s far more than just an entry level bass as the P-Bass is the most widely used bass guitar ever made.

Agustin tu gfa says:

im not a beginner, im a cheap bastard

Henry Freeman says:

Nothing anything personal the dude who demoting these basses but he can’t thump

Paul B says:

A good comparison of features, but badly let down by the demos. I know that you state at the outset that you aren’t a bass player, but if you’re going to pick with your index finger only, at least cut the nail so that you don’t get those sudden, inconsistent changes in tone and volume. If you want the pick tone, use a pick. Consider using a compressor.

Any one of these basses would be fine for a beginner.

Your_average_outcast says:

I’m an intermediate player and I use an ibanez GSR205 its amazing for what I play and its pretty inexpensive too they usually run into the 200/300 price range but I got mine for $175

DISMISSED375 says:

You should have said ” the 6 great basses ” instead of the best…

Bar Goldstein says:

no ESP B104? no Sire M3?? no Warwick The W bass???
you are stupid for not including them!!!

Foxbat25 says:

Why don’t you get a real bass player to demo these instruments? It’s obvious you don’t have the feel and fundamental techniques to showcase the characteristics and features of these basses.

Steven Scott says:

Pretty good section of basses.

Kobrakai says:

Like others have mentioned.. you’ve completely skipped over one of the best bang-for-the-buck basses you can get, for beginners and advanced players alike:
The Sterling by Music Man Sub Stingray series. At 300~320USD (depending on whether you go 4 or 5 strings) it’s really hard to beat them. I’ve been playing bass for over 11 years now and I’ve owned about 20+ basses through my time of playing, from budget Peavey basses to Warwicks to prestige series Ibanez, and the only bass I’ve found to be superior to this Sterling Music Man in terms of tone has been my old Warwick Corvette, which comparing prices.. that’s VERY impressive. But even then, the gap in tone isn’t enough to justify the damn near 1,000 dollar difference between the two, and I’ve kinda sworn to the Sterling line and used Music Mans now lol.

Nav Nav says:

Someone tell me which one to get for more modern rock

Daniel Roos says:

I vote for Sire V7 or PJ. You can’t buy them in stores but they’re reasonably priced and great even for a seasoned pro.

Geoff Strehl says:

6000th view! Whoop.
Seriously, I own the Fender Mustang PJ, and I’m no beginner. It’s gig worthy, sounds awesome, great for small hands/young hands/guitarists making the transition/short scale fanatics (like myself). I show up to gigs with my Fender Mustang PJ and my Hofner and I’m ready to go. I’ve used it on rockabilly, standard rock, jazz, and cover band gigs. I’d recommend the Mustang PJ to beginners and seasoned pros alike.

bass uploads progressively structured says:

The Tpbias, definitely.

Robert Hawkins says:

Any thoughts on the Marcus Miller Sire V-Series?

ferox965 says:

This is a Fender ad. Title of the vid should be 4 best Fender style basses on a budget through a Fender amp. Epiphone (besides the Tobias), Dean, LTD, Schecter, Ibanez (other than this one), Peavey, Yamaha and Washburn all have really good budget basses as well.

William Sessions says:

I must have missed something . I thought older P- Basses had a real skiny single coil.Please let me know if someone can set me strat. Thanks. Four fat strings ROCK!!!!!

Leon Chen says:

You should check out the Yamaha trbx 304 it’s only 350

stimpson j cat says:

Rogue sx $119 I have some nice basses but I use a Rogue sx vtg series at practice because it plays good and I don’t worry too much about leaving it at the practice space.

William Sessions says:

I thought the core of a band was drums and bass! Piano ,Bass,Drums are the only thing to produce a great band! Been there, Have done that! Play until your body hurts. ROCK!!!

gxrcix525 says:

Man i can’t afford any of these. 🙁 is there any bass i can get for a bag of cheetos?

Diamond Stevenson says:

Does anyone have any advice on a beginner bassist learning on a fretless bass instead of a fretted? I played the cello for about 4 years and recently decided to start learning bass guitar. I tried playing a normal guitar and something about the frets just really annoyed me. I guess because I’m not used to them they just feel like they’re in the way. I plan on playing mostly funk and rock, would the fretless bass be advantageous or make it harder for me to play those music styles? Thanks in advance to anyone who responds! 🙂

Gimberg Preval says:

Most of these basses sound super cheap

pennywise RJ says:

now i dont know if these basses sounds really bad or his skills sucks tones of them

LordanCr says:

a mustang for beginners??? NEVER!!! short scale is not fot beginners

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