2018 Music Man Stingray Special Bass Review

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Trey takes a look at the brand new Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray Special Bass for 2018!

Song mixed and mastered by Alex Nasla
Edited by Ryan Ross
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rwl6935 says:

Ace of spades!

I have the same bass in black with single pup. Definitely a quality bass. Nice review!

dagerhabid snakeskin says:


Nice solo

The Woman With No Head says:

I love MusicMan Stingray basses sound, but why do they have loud FRET BUZZ like 90% of the time ?!?
Is this normal or do they need a checkup on string height ?

Bradley Nagy says:

Your little tongue stick-out is so cute lmaoooo

Oilid says:

Ernie’s Ball are all over the interwebs! ^^
BTW Trey, you mix is awesome!!! So ballsy! 😉
Signal chain PLEEEEEEEEASE!!! Bias Fx?

Blake Bowser says:

Holy shit bro that solo

Dima Medvednik says:

I like your channel but man this really sounds like any of Ernie balls commercial. hows the price is it really that noticable difference that we shold go and buy it?

Noah McCoy says:

Trey (or an intern?) have you been up this late editing and rendering this video to upload? Get some sleep, you deserve it!

Rudy Ayoub says:

yo what happened to theory corner?

James Markham says:

You too now? First every bass youtube channel and now lots of guitar channels are getting musicman basses for videos.

What is going on at ernie ball? This is the biggest product push ive ever seen.

Caleb Oackes says:

I dig the white theme of the demo

Kerry Cronic Vlogs says:

I dig it!

Adam Mays says:

Can’t wait for Fluff’s video of this

Seriously though, awesome video. I’ve been wanting a video showing the various tones of the different switch positions of this bass. I want one but not sure i can justify the $2k

Toasty says:

You play bass like a guitar player. Not saying that’s bad, but you totally do. Also, have you ever tried Dingwall basses? I reccomend the NG3-5.

Anti Phase says:

matching headstock would be better

Muchammad Nurwibowo says:

Beautiful color

JosephMazzanti says:

Trey, you’re a regular Chach Schindler on the bass!

Matthew Chua says:


WaffleSpaz says:

Damn, have you been practicing bass? Lol

Phalanges on Bass says:

Nice chops, Trey.

Brandon Torres says:

that sounds massive and the mix is excellent

mexicanmaggot666 says:

Thumbs up if you think Trey isn’t only a beast guitarist, but has a lot of pocket on his bass playing too!

Saber Reiter says:

amazing bass playing!

Marday says:

more bass content please! this coming from a guitar player 😉 dig the video…

monkey dangus says:

I am so smitten with these new Music Man basses

TR734 says:

harmony at 1:22 was satisfying

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