1960 Fender Custom Shop Bass Demonstration/Review

Video shot/edited by Columbus/Cincinnati video production company Landman Media & Photo. www.landmanmediaphoto.com


Steve Spear says:

I just built a parts J bass with the old config. But next week I’m changing to the 3 knob config. I like less knobs plus thats the way the jazz bass I had in the late sixties was.Thought I would like the stacked knobs but no.

B17b25guy says:

Thank you, for the review! What I am curious about is the (subjective/objective) difference between the ‘C’ shape neck and this bass guitar’s ‘U’ shaped neck?

Charles and Denise Moscatello says:

The flat wounds sound killer brother!!

Michael Osztertag says:

God! That bass sounds amazing! So much punch!

Henry Bon Ruiz says:

Classic tones!

Mark B says:

Jonathan why doesn’t Fender bring back that color ,
that’s a beatiful bass , thanks for the review.

74pbass says:

Beautiful bass, excellent demo!  Do you actually own all these basses and if you had to choose one as your favorite…it would be the?

liten48 says:

luv the high steem clover leaf keys

fenderbassplayer says:

The stack knob Jazz was actually gone by mid 1961. It was only made for about 18 months which is why an original is so rare….and expensive.

division17 says:

Great video! Out of all your bass videos, this was by far my favourite. That bass sounds AMAZING.

John Boyd says:

Damn, that is one beautiful bass.

Jared Bauer says:

Gotta say, I’m a P-bass guy all the way. I’m not a fan of the Jazz bass, however I am a huge fan of this Jazz bass. Really great sound.

Al Ditomasso says:

That bass is SWEET !!!—Love the neck !!!—

lokotron1 says:

indeed a beautiful tone.

AM Bragg says:

The Custom Shop doesn’t copy the circuitry of the original stack knob bass. The originals had a resistor in series with the output of each pickup. The hot side of the output connected to the end of each resistor. Leo Fender implemented this circuit to try and decouple the two tone controls, so that you could roll down one and only hear it affect the relevant pickup. Fender has never copied this circuitry because the general consensus is that you always need the full output of each pickup to modify downstream.

qbass00 says:

Randomly stumbled onto your channel, you have some beautiful basses dude! Love the sound of the LaBellas on this one.

Daniel Bradler says:

what a beauty my next bass will be a fender

bassdroppointsource says:

Jaco preferred the stack knob Jazz and played those almost exclusively.

Matt Attrill says:

that sound, nice playing man!

Craig Campbell says:

I have Thomastik-Infeld flatwounds on mine, and it’s the dream pairing. Plays so smoothly and suits any genre of music, surely one of the best basses Fender have ever built, and I keep finding new sounds with so much variety with two tones and volumes. Absolutely beautiful bass that has me forgetting my Les Paul, Martin and Tele some nights!

Andy D says:

Love the bass. I just can’t get into flat wounds personally, I know a lot of people love them. It all sounds a bit dead to me.

Tom Kenstowicz says:

i do not like the tone of those strings

David Richardson says:

Cool Demo Dude with Bass face.

luv basses says:

Maybe a couple of concentric knob control plates escaped the factory in ’62 in order to “use ’em up and get ’em out.”
That being said, FENDERBASSPLAYER is largely correct. By August ’61, the “three-knob” assembly was in full-swing and by
one year later, in AUG 62, our beloved, beautifully figured slab boards went the way of the buffalo…GONE. Breaks my heart. 🙁

David Richardson says:

Nice Bass and vintage sounds.

keith ruddell says:

thanks for sharing. i’m thinking about a Bassman 100T or TV to compliment my Ampeg Heritage B15.

Roey Ben Uri says:

HUGE fan amazing review amazing playar

Steven Scott says:

It does sound great.

Shagadelic says:

The finishes on these are so sexy. The seafoam sparkle with a tortoise pickguard…damn.

BeeElectric says:

How come a fancy Warwick thumb bass don’t give us this tone??

Matt Warner says:

For whatever reason, stack-pot jazz basses just have an absolutely magic sound that I’ve never been able to exactly nail with my 3-knob.

Bill The Pill Cosby says:

Thank goodness…!..finally a comprehensive review of a Custom Shop Bass…it seems all Fender does is make vids for their guitars..smh..but great review, Grooms..is like to see you get a hold of a CS P or the Postmodern next…

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