$100 Bass Guitar Vs. $10,000 Bass Guitar

Playing a $100, a $700 and a $10,000 (yeah, you read that right) bass guitar in one solo.
Which one is your favourite? Leave a comment! 🙂

In this video I am playing a “Lindo” P-Bass, Fender Jazz Bass and a Fodera Emperor Deluxe.

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exequiel de los santos says:

Yo prefiero tocar así q tener un bajo de $10000

KEL IOPY says:

$100 better

921 MTL von Blakk 921 says:

не, ну $100 это совсем уж дрова какие-то xD

Me and My guitar says:

But Fender p bass is better

The Music Crew says:

Fender jazz bass ($700) by far

Enzo Quinteros says:

Orgasmo auditivo (eso tiene un nombre que no me lo acuerdo) XD un saludo.

Sam m says:

The 10000 pound one doesn’t sound as thick as the jazz bass

ProGro says:

Can you play Sonic the Hedgehog with hedgehog?

Lord Ludichris says:

Well all 3 are different sorts of basses so it’s not really comparable

Azn Dynomite says:

They all sound good! Different, but good.

Mirnes Dedic says:

700 $

el paleño chala vecino says:


Jennifer Casupanan says:

Is it just me or is the 10k guitar the best

Francis Alexandrino says:

Jazz Bass wins

Norbert Ivankovics says:

wow fodera

Bruno Severiano says:

10.000 $

John M says:

I think it’s the operator, I can make all those basses sound bad

Matt Rodela says:

Bottom line, Davie504 makes all these basses sounds expensive. Great playing, great point and great video!

Mr Okkrek says:

$700 is best.


My favorite basd is the fender jazz bass. This song is amazing

MM Cuber says:

+Davie504 You should get FLEA’s signature Fender Jazz Bass.


700 one is awesome

Mike Taffet says:

Fodera has the most options for tonal variety with those dual coil pickups. People complaining that it sounds thin probably need to hear that thing with all its options. That being said those other two basses sure can pump out the jams

Randomgamer06 says:

i Think the 100 dollar sounded best but i dont know that much about bass im more in to guitar

Matteo Sorridente says:

Nothing beats the Fender.
Jazz bass has the best sound. No way.

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