Zoom A3 Acoustic Guitar Multi Effects Pedal – Review


No matter what acoustic guitar you have, most pickups make acoustic guitars sound flat when playing through a PA. Now, you can remodel the sound of your instrument with the Zoom A3.

The use of an acoustic pickup system is one of the most popular options for amplifying acoustic guitars on stage. Though pickup systems avoid the need for microphones and are resistant to feedback, they are unable to capture the true sound of an acoustic guitar. Instead, every guitar takes on a flat, electric-acoustic tone and they all sound similar in live performance.

Designed specifically for acoustic guitars, Zoom’s A3 is a powerful pre-amp and effects processor that allows guitarists to remodel the authentic tone characteristics of their acoustic instruments on stage while continuing to use pickup systems for amplification.


Giovanny Alabi says:

I keep watching your video over and over… but I can’t figure out how to mimic your tone… Can you help a brother out? How can I contact you, or can you sent me the setting?

Peter Xu says:

How about sharing some patch parameters?

Ross MacDonald says:

What was the cool song at the start?

Ralfe Henrique S. Pereira Gomes says:

Poderia passar o setup que está usando nos 7:30m do vídeo? E também no 8:15m?

Icaro Moreira says:

does it suck tone/signal ?

Glenuig says:

Good review mate could you just add the expected retail price in description 🙂

Skye Stapor says:

Great demo and playing!!!

Viktor Dzhorgov says:

What’s the name of song between 3:47 – 4:04

Mike Ferrell says:

What’s your tuning? It sounds great.

Jan Johannes Doff says:

Fantastic guitar playing!

Blodgidonka says:

how could I learn those chords and that progression you were playing at the beginning?

Juba Daid says:

Bonjour si tu peux me faire une vidéo explicative de zoom A3 comment s’en servir en français merci à toi

Patty Price says:

Are you using your mic or pick up?

Bflatest says:

does it do any huge full rich reverbs like BIG SKY? 

Caleb Villaviray says:

best guitar effects ever 🙂 i have a3 and it sounds like super beautiful ☺

Dale Frederick says:

astrings, do you know if there was any software update for this product.

thetiler says:

I enjoyed this video!

For fingerpicking guitar, If you were to have the best of the best as of this date.  What pedals would you get wether loopers, Beat Buddy types, Digitech Trio types that are battery operated or can be battery operated?   I am just talking of a dream set up that wouldn’t cost an arm or a leg.

mike Koz says:

Thanks Paul. I like the tuning.

Dominique Chevalier says:

As most of people wrote it : very nice playing ! Did you record some tunes on acoustic guitar somewhere ? I hope so !

sam trudeau says:

i have the same guitar

Chris Davies says:

nice guitar work

Carlo De Vivo MusiContent says:

what model is that takamine?

holyfiregermany says:

nice playing!

Altynay Imasheva says:

What guitar cable do you use?

Vincent Stafford says:

Nice pedal………. HOWEVER………….. the highlight of the whole thing is your playing ………..you are a truly excellent guitar player
 Studio musician I would think really really clean, very nice.
One of the best Ive heard.Tak is nice too

Abigail Fleming says:

Do you need a guitar with a wire to hook up with, or can you just use a plain old fashion acoustic guitar for these type things? I’m looking into them but have no idea what I’m looking for haha. I’d like a simple one that can be used with wireless instruments. Like, one to be my one band device type thing. Is there one like that?

Aman Thakur says:

What was the song at the beginning???

mr jeans says:


Bobcatt22 says:

How do you change effects while Live?

Daniel Mcb says:

Beautiful playing!!!!

Mikus Vīksne says:

What kind of strings are you using for your Takamine?

william frederick Pate says:

Really nice playing. Just lovely. A real pleasure. Thanks.

Phedra Band says:

Hello Paul, are you using an amplifier besides de Zoom A3, if so which one is?

Anthony Stainback says:

awesome .i subscribed and hope you will return favor.anthony from florida

iTor says:

I will probably never buy an A3. I have an A5 and stumbled upon your video in the recommended section, but I am glad I did. Really outstanding tunes and style, very clean and full of emotion. I really digged it.

Thanks for this video!

millo lailang says:

looks good. i need one 🙂

P.M. says:

Hi Friends can anybody help me how to set it up….

Bobcatt22 says:

Thinking of purchasing the G5. Do I need this DI or preamp if using a piezo with the G5?

s y n t h p l a y says:

If you want to hear him say “Tit”. Keep pressing 1

CorporalMcCabe says:

what way can you plug into your computer ?

rockolav says:

great ….do u use a di box with this ..thanx

Peter Green says:

Thanks for your great video man! Looks/sounds wonderful, and I also love the way you play; I could listen you ‘tinkering’ all day, Pete

Strabbs12345 says:

Best demo for this piece of kit I’ve seen all might, and lovely playing, is it all your own stuff?

CorporalMcCabe says:

what did u use to record with this when u used it ? a micro br ? what did u plug ur zoom a3 into ? amp then recorder or ?

WoodenSaucer says:

Anybody know if you can set the tuner to down tune half a step?

Yohemchannel says:

Just came back this year for the music 🙂

Miltos Antoniades says:

very good right hand

frank assis says:

simplesmente incrivel!!!

sonsimpressions says:

Muito bom

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