Yamaha THR5A – Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Demo/Review

In this video, Dave runs through the sounds available from the Yamaha THR5A acoustic guitar amplifier. This is a little box with a lot of features – some of which might surprise you.

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mikelansdell68 lansdell says:

Thanks for taking the time to show in great detail all the features this amp provides. Your review has prompted me to buy one. Great job.

Lonnie and Tasha McFarland says:

This is the first video of yours that I’ve seen. I was happy when I saw you stand your ground on your video style.

Eli The King of Rock & Roll Harmonica says:

Great Job!!! I’ve been looking at the THR5A so I can begin playing my harmonica on the city sidewalks all across town. Right now I work out of my 2018 Doge Vity VanI take request for any song/singers/groups etc…I stream them from YouTube and play them back on my Mac Book Pro and play my harmonica along with the song so everyone can sing along with me and also make a video of the whole thing. Here’s my new idea I got while I was in Anaheim, California attending the four day NAMM Show where I played my harmonica all four day for the harmonica making company “EASTTOP” who with-out a doubt is the very best harmonica in the whole world…and I did this free of charge of any kind (they did give me two sets of 12 harmonicas to use…which they gave to me latter after the show ended.) … I want to take a guitar and install the THR5A inside it with the knobs located where I can turn them up or down. I want to cut the hole in the front of the guitar much larger and install a speaker there (the guitar will not be used for any other reason other than to carry the amp so I can have loud (portable) sound. Any ideas??? ie foot peddles,speaker, big guitar easy to tear apart and reassemble without looking like a kinder garden project???? Help!!!!! PS I’ll put a video of my “The Harmonica Man” Van on my YouTube channel as soon as I come down from the high I got from playing at the NAMM Show. HELP!!!! PS I do have one song on YouTube by Elvis…I will be putting thousands of songs up there now that I have the time to do this whole harmonica thing right (First Class)…there is not on person in the whole world that plays the harmonica the way (style) I play…this is why you never see a harmonica playing in a band…People who play the blues style harmonica have their own band and it plays blues…NOT….everyday songs…I can play every song that has ever been recorded….Try me…give me a request…..
Later…..Eli… “The King of Rock & Roll Harmonica”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6XwYBocwno

Eli The King of Rock & Roll Harmonica says:

Oops…I forgot to mention that I needed this info yesterday…I am more than anxious to get this sidewalk deal going….”THANKS” Eli “The King of Rock & Roll Harmonica”

Don Keevney says:

Excellent review, very helpful, thanks a lot.

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