Yamaha LS16 ARE Acoustic Guitar Review

Acoustic Guitar contributor Pete Madsen plays the Yamaha LS16 ARE guitar. For the full feature, please check out the January 2015 issue of Acoustic Guitar or go to www.acousticguitar.com


manurewaboy says:

Great bluesy sound

Sylvesto Rijai says:

is it my idea or this guitar is smaller than a standard dreadnought acoustic electric guitar? also, i heard many reviews on YT, and i think that the pickup of this guitar is very hot, you can hear it grumpy like having a gain effect and it doesnt sound clean…why is this happening?

rsaathoff says:

Does this guitar have a rosewood or mahogany back? I want one of these but have yet to see a mahogany backed one.

Truth teller says:

This is not loading, WTF?

Radiohead Fan says:

This or a taylor 114? Tks!

steven vaughan says:

how are you mic’ing this? There’s no mic visible. Are you going through the pickup? It sounds a bit boxy.

Joel Biger says:

Very nice real sound !

vincnet11 says:

This or the ll16?

Armando Vega says:

sounds awesome!

12Radius says:

00 Size?

Gorilla Man says:

I’ve got the LS6-ARE… Worth every dime. I don’t think the extra money for the LS16+ are worth it. The LS6-RE is Identical except for the Lam Rosewood B/S not Solid. Have no issues with the tuners… it stays tuned for a long time. I use D’Addario 80/20 Bronze Custom Lights.

marc montebello says:


MrSaltWaterBread says:

This is a great guitar… I recently purchased one and had it setup exactly how I like it. I mostly finger pick and it’s perfect. My only issue is with the tuners. My gawd, they are absolutely awful. I understand about being cost effect for both the player an manufacturer… it’s a great price for quality and product you are getting, but Yamaha could do better with the tuners. 

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