Yamaha LL16RHC Acoustic Guitar Review and Unboxing

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Blog post here: http://www.yourguitarsage.com/yamaha-ll16rhc-acoustic-guitar-review-and-unboxing/


NZ MLN says:

Wait what? Pretty sure the 16 series is all solid woods. Is this an LL6 or really an LL16? Thanks.

Miguel vblogs says:

2:00 whats the song called?

scaredypicker says:

This sounds amazing. Great playing! I’ve played Yamaha acoustics a few times and I’ve been bowled over by the sound and playability. They’re great guitars. Even some of the cheaper models are really killer

calle db says:

yamaha ll16are and fg720 here.. I wouldn’t get rid of them for nothing in the world!!

WORRO01 says:

Hey Erich! Nice guitar bro, CONGRATS! Enjoy!
Thanks for sharing the info man, Thumbs up!~~John

Thumper Texoma says:

Thanks Erich, really like how you show the acoustic and plugged in sound with finger picking and strumming.  Great review….

John Crawford says:

Most of the acoustic guitar pick ups I ever here are really artificial sounding. If the quality of that particular pick up can be believe through my iPhone, and that is one of the cleanest sounding acoustic pick ups I’ve ever heard

joeherrjr says:

Amazing coincidence, YGS. I was in a local Guitar Center today and they had an LL16 on sale for $640. The guy there said they just don’t sell very well. It looks identical to yours, I think it is most likely the same model. I went there specifically to look at several models, that was one of them. I was just about to ask the salesman to get it down off the hook, when another guy beats me to the punch. I figure this guy will probably get it and I won’t even get the give it a play, Fortunately, he put it back in favor of some of the more expensive guitars.

When I came home I saw your review and agree with everything you said about the guitar. I already have a couple of acoustics that cost 3-4 times as much. They may sound a somewhat better overall, but not 3-4 times better. For the price you would be hard pressed to find a better quality instrument. I already have an Epiphone Masterbilt and this is basically a replacement for that, as I have run into some serious issues with that guitar over the past year or so. Hopefully this one holds up better than the Epiphone. My first guitar was also a Yamaha that I bought in 1980. It was still perfectly playable after being pretty much stored in the case for over 30 years. The neck and body still looked like new.

fruit thunder says:

LL16 is all solid I belive~ LL6 is solid top

Reese says:

Whats the song at the end?

highspeedchase13 says:

what were those songs you were playing?

kaiowas12 says:

Did AndyGuitar spill the beans early or are you being modest? Perhaps I missed a video.

Marc Austin says:

Can you just give us  a quick lesson on the 1:59 song? or a chart? tks

Jeret Brunet says:

you mentioned that there aren’t a lot of acoustic guitars that you love so what are some of the ones that you love

Austin H. says:

What song did you played in 1:59?

Brandon Slekar says:

The song in the beginning, why can’t I think of it?

William Steber says:

A little old, but have a permanent desire to do this or die trying, AND since I just bought this same guitar the LL16RLHC Lefty of course, and I’m hearing the tone quality of the sound and then the looks, I feel really comfortable that I can and will be taught.  I love picking and anything but Jazz. Just no taste for it.  But all else is fair game, especially since I can and will be mastering guitaring.  I just hope my unit will sound this well!!!!!!!!

Rachel Polachek says:

Are you playing any specific song at 6:55 and 7:50?  If so what are they?
Great video!

kain hall says:

the song at 11:45… what is that song?

wakeywakey says:

I have the ll16 without the pickup. The L series by handbuilt acoustics are phenomenal. Thanks for reviewing.

Kevin Steinley says:

You and the guitar sound great…Beautiful version of Kids, sounds like a good future lesson! Many thanks Erich!

RollingBilbao says:

Awesome video my friend Andreas Really nice Yamaha Guitar¡¡¡, Super big thumbs up¡¡¡¡, have a nice Weekend and greetings from Spain: Javier

Thomas Tommy says:

What is the price of this guitar? What kind of braces does it have?

Tyler Fields says:

What was that first song? it was so pretty

gildedcabbage says:

Sounds fantastic!

Terry Tiger says:


Smalhass Hassan says:

I bought one Yamaha LL 16 D ARE from music store in Germany this guitar is not good it’s tone is very metalic more bright i advise you to buy with same price an other guitar like Martin Taylor breedlove Gibson even bluebridge they sound little more warm than this Yamaha

Laura Shields says:

what about the pick up for small gigs, going through say a boss l1 pa?

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