Yamaha FG700S – The World’s Most Popular Guitar?

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Mick Kennedy says:

3 Forks

xexxodusx says:

this was my first and only guitar, should I upgrade?

Courtland S. Reyes says:

really cool hope to be able to play as many songs one day xD

Gloria Garrison says:

i bought a yamaha fg 750 in 1981 it sounds better than ever !

Natte Frost says:

Where can i buy this from philippines?

My Name Is Jeef LOL says:

also who knows what’s the difference between the yamaha f310 & fg700s

Grekus Burekus says:

how much does it cost tho

Caleb Whittington says:

I’m 2’6″ and my brothers great grandma, will this guitar be to big for me?

Sulistiawan Made says:

Please compare with martin D-28,

Aaron Pederson says:

Yamaha deserves alot of credit for their guitars. Even the baseline models are very fun to play. The FG-345 models from the 70s are honestly comparable to many Martins.

hotman718 says:

This guitar is great for me. I’m far from a beginner but still to me this guitar sounds great. I’m wanting to get a seagull or a takamine or a Taylor in the future. On sale I pray.

Suyash - says:

Wats the song played between 03:12 to 03:40

Saber says:

I’ll definitely be investing in one of these puppies soon!

Roy Lay says:

Hey Tony, no offense, but I know a lot of people who play and love their FG700s’, and some of them would take it really personally being called beginners. One has his own recording studio, and was buying a FS650 off of me yesterday, telling me how I’d gotten him addicted to Yamahas. He’s almost given up playing electric lead, and has concentrated most of his time playing his Yamaha. When he found out I had A FS650, he said hold it, he was buying it unheard, and now he’s in love with it, too, and wants me to get him a good Yamaha classical. I have 2 Guild all-solids, and a few outstanding Michael Kelly and Alvarez acoustics, but I still think Yamahas have their own special sound, and hold their own against much more expensive guitars. So we’d really appreciate it if you stopped calling them beginner guitars.

Evgeny Step says:

Yo how many years u didn’t shave?

Andrew Pushkin says:

Which mic is it?

MG Modern says:

is Alvarez AG610CESHB Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar Shadow Burst better than Yamaha or less ?

Daniella Ibasco says:

can I connect this to a speaker?

MickeyCh85 says:

How can any one of you say it sounds great and outplays expensive guitars? It sounds outright dull and the resonance is pretty non-existent. It sounds cheap and that’s ok but don’t try to tell anyone it’s THAT good. Just decent-sounding cheap guitar.

Joey Rodriguez says:

This is my favorite guitar. I’ve played more expensive guitars and still prefer this one.

Mario Castro says:

+acoustic letter , when I went to amazon it asked me what size do I want “concert” or the regular size may you tell me what’s the difference

andiy blue says:

Guys, I need your help. I’m a beginner ( with no prior knowledge of guitars) and am looking to purchase my first guitar. After doing quit a bit of research, it has come to a deadlock between two guitars: the yamaha F335 and fG700S. Which will give me the best sound quality, age gracefully and be well worth the money? Note: this are just general questions, but addressing others would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!

ONE WAY says:

You guys never did an Yamaha APX500iifm

sergio vargas says:

I am going to be purchasing my new guitar. Would you recommend this model, or the newer Fg800 model?? Thanks by the way!

Raffael Brum says:

always plays the Same thing

Ajay Poudel says:

hey tony..plz review epiphone aj 220s..solid wood guitar in less than $200..and sounds awesome..looks good..plz when u have time..

Davi Sales de Araujo says:

Yamaha FG700S or Fender CD140S, which one sounds and have better quality?

Sargent Wolfie says:

Okay, yes.. I’m very tiny but don’t judge…. I’m 4’9…. would this be too big for me?

Rosie R. says:

sequels! Thank you for this review

denie wilson says:

can you put a guitar strap on this

Anas Nih says:

you can make any guitar sound good

David Kennedy says:

I put this guitar up against a 1300.00 taylor at guitar center. The people in the room thought the yamaha was a taylor…..had them all turn their backs. The weak spot is projection especially on the lower strings….but my gosh it rings. Put elixars on it and it will go head to head with a lot of guitars 5 times as expensive. Lots of sustain and full tones.

Drew says:

Can you seriously please stop only doing finger picking, do more strumming representations

Jonathan Salazar Reyes says:

Excuse me, where are made those guitars?

John Subhash says:

What is the cost of the guitar

Rakesh U.Shenoy says:

hello there, I request you to do a review of Yamaha f310

MrAnimator says:

no bass whattt

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