Yamaha FG-830 Acoustic Guitar Review

Hi, this is my review of the Yamaha FG-830 acoustic guitar. This guitar was introduced by Yamaha in NAMM 2016.

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I will soon make a review of the Seagull Coastline Momentum acoustic guitar introduced in NAMM 2017. Stay Tuned!


chaton siamois 2006 says:

Nice little review…

BigWill/GodsHeavenUniverse says:

Hi guitarra74, The Yamaha Acoustic Guitars Are Really Great & Wonderful Awesome Sounding & Playing Guitars, My Friend!! I Have & Own A Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Myself!! Big Thumbs Up Like # 21!! – Big Will 🙂 https://youtu.be/2KVqLAwjPRQ

– Big Will / God’s Heaven Universe

Tan Yee Ler says:

Whats the difference between FS830 and FG830. Will FS sound be any less just because its smaller? From the specs its just a smaller scale length and body depth. I’m intending to get a 830 just need some advice on the body size.

Scale Lenght: 650 mm (FG) -> 634mm (FS)
Body Depth: 100-118mm (FG) ->90-110mm (FS)

whats your take?

MisterBassBoost says:

Nice video man!

Apurvo Parthasarathy says:

Hello there, Sir! That’s a very sweet ownership review… and loved the way you take pride in handling/playing your cherished possession. 🙂

I am a beginner/novice to the acoustic guitar, in the process of acquiring one and beginning to learn. The initial suggestions for me were the Yamaha F340, while a few also mentioned the FG-800 if I could tad stretch my budget. After an “extensive and exhaustive” search for videos and resources on the web, I stumbled upon the FG-830.

It’s rave reviews, emphatic recommendations and having bagged awards galore… drifted me to seal my decision on this make. I am “absolutely-sold on buying” (oxymoron intentional!) one soon. My purchase may be an “overkill” from a beginner’s investment-perspective, but what-the-heck… this one is for keeps, and a lifetime! 😉 Thank you so much, for your short but impactful review, that further influenced my decision!

Wishing you “many countless hours of joyous strumming” with this fine instrument! 🙂

P.S.: – Please let me know the brand/make of your hardcase featured in the video. Looks like a perfect fit for the FG-830. I am from India, and I hope to find one here to accompany mine… 🙂 Thanks a bunch!

Carlucci says:

Nice review. Thanks!

Carlucci says:

I just ordered mine too. Hope to get it soon!

Harvendar Bains says:

Nice job with the review!

Harvendar Bains says:

Nice job with the review!

Burhan Chaudhry says:

I am a beginner, Can you suggest what should I buy? Yamaha FG800 or FG830? Whats the difference?

Robert Hancock says:

Is this guitar good for all around music? Rock,blues,pop,country?

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