Yamaha APX500III Electro Acoustic Guitar Review

The Yamaha APX500 III is the third version of this best-selling acoustic guitar line. An extremely popular choice for those moving in to the world of acoustic playing, the APX500III can be seen on stages and in homes worldwide.
Available here in Oriental Blue Burst: http://www.dawsons.co.uk/yamaha-apx50…
See all of the available finishes here: http://www.dawsons.co.uk/yamaha-apx500iii-electro-acoustic-guitar


jorge care says:

Hi! I tried one of those today at the shop and i really enjoyed it, very good quality for the price.

Vino Bastian says:

whats the difference between this and the older apx 500ii

Bharat rathod says:

Awesome it sounds!! Great Video

omer rizvi kurikkal says:

is this small size guitar? comparatively small?

Yin Tang says:

Hi! I have been watching your guitar videos, they are all to the point with very good demonstrations. Keep up the great work. I was wondering if you can help me with choosing between the Fender CD60CE and the Yamaha APX500III. Which one would you recommend if you were to get only one?

Braulio Garcia says:

que calibre de cuerdas usa?

John Moura says:

Great review and demo.

Cheechako says:

hi! is this a good guitar to do much strumming?

SevenOneFive says:

Howcome there are no videos that explore the full electric sound you can get from this guitar? When I heard it plugged in in the music shop the salesman made it sound full on heavy metal.

One_with_Life376 says:

what song was he playing?

1983k0cky says:

Hi, is it solid spruce top or laminate?
At my local shop it says it’s solid but I don’t trust them lol 😛

Terrel Lovett says:

Nice playing

Mary Annette Flores says:

I’m sooooooo torn between this and the cpx 500iii which is bigger and sounds fuller unplugged, but I love how compact these are. I play only at home and do have amps for my strat that I could use so hmmmm…what to do?!..

Matthew Kemuel says:

Does anybody know what string gauge comes with the APX 500 iii? Thanks!

metrocook says:

Hey how do you compare this with the Fender CD60 CE?? Thanks 🙂

Aurorita Kaiba says:

this gonna be my new guitar! 😀

Ray Rivera says:

I have this guitar and must say it needs to be set up. I had it half a year before I tightened the thrust rod almost 360 degrees, and it was like getting a new guitar. So much better to play on.

Stephen Daigle says:

46 and just learning AS WELL

Ale Muñoz says:

hi lee one question who is the different or the best guitar between yamaha apx 5oo or fender cd60ce please answer me

Claude Bussieres says:

I own the APX500III in sunburst vintage color and I Love it!. My goal is simply to learn my chords and scales and one day be able to play like you do in this video.

rio gema says:

what song is he playing

M. Ray says:

Pretty awesome for a priced to own guitar. Thanks lee!

K LE says:

what other acoustics out there have 22 frets? I’m curious.

MINI MAN says:

is this a solid top?

Patrick Nunez says:

how good is this guitar compared to fs720s or fg720s?

Always VIRAL says:

this or the t2?

josé Gómez says:

Someone know what type of wood have?

r c says:

This demo and the player demonstrate how awesome this guitar seriously is. I definitely view this guitar as recording worthy and I get everything I could possibly want out of it. Regardless of skill level I think any player would find this to be a very decent instrument, plus it looks cool

Deebz270 says:

I have the older and larger Yamaha CPX500BL – ‘Compass Series’ Jumbo Cutaway. A seriously impressive electro-acoustic. It was the deep ‘heavy’ sound that this instrument produced that drew me to purchase (knocked down, ex-showroom…). The onboard active piezo system is the older version, but produces a vast array of voices, not unlike this APX sibling. It is a true ‘rock acoustic’. The neck is slightly on the fat side for me, so it does give the fingers a bit of a work out, but it is a crisp and precise instrument. Also being a sailor, the MoP ‘compass rose’ inlay, is a nice aesthetic touch, methinks.

Dawsons Music produce some of the best instrument reviews I’ve seen on YT… Always so refreshing to hear the instruments being WELL played, with a format that covers all tonal variations, bells and whistles. I am a serious fan of this site. Subscribed and liked. Well done Dawsons!

Parrot Brand says:

For an acoustic electric which is used plugged in, i wonder how important are tone woods. the pick up system is probably more important than anything. this guitar is fully laminated. some people would say it is not worth buying but it really sounds great plugged in.

David Zehr says:

great demo…sweet playing…very helpful. Many thanks

John Carlo says:

Hi Lee, You’ve sold me on this one it sounds awesome, could you tell me what FX unit and especially the compressor you were using in this demo, John.

Michael Turner says:

What is that song he’s playing……?

Ray Shade says:

Great playing. Amazing pace.

ahmad flip says:

does this guitar have a quarter inch slot so I can plug it into an audio interface and record without a mice?

Kevin G says:

Why does this not come in a left handed version ???

kdb16g says:

I want it

luke Cuthbert-Chattaway says:

Really useful video but can you tell me how the guitar sounded with bar chords ?

George says:

Great little guitar. I just bought one (dusk sun red) today for my Fiancee and she loves it. For a guitar under $300 I am very impressed. It sounds and plays great. The electronics are super good! Definitely an awesome, entry level guitar.

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