Yamaha AC5R Acoustic Electric Guitar Review

Looking for an acoustic electric cutaway that’s perfect for stage and home? The Yamaha AC5R acoustic electric guitar will meet all the needs of a professional and /or hobbyist. Our own Chris McKee is going to fill you in on this gorgeous instrument and let also give you a chance to hear its glorious tone! Play A Note, Change Your Life!

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Frank Rulof says:

Hi, what’s the first song you ve played? It s amazing!

コザクラFumiko_文子 says:

it is a perfect guitar for fingerstyle

David Parker says:

I’m curious about the difference between the Chinese produced Ac3r and the Japanese produced ac5r because they appear to be essentially the same specs.

JackB1 says:

How would you compare this to the Taylor 314ce? Which would you pick between the two?

Elena GuitarChic says:

Ive ordered one of these I can’t wait to get it!

TheRemindAirBreathingStrap™ says:

I’m not crazy about the lesser expensive Yamaha’s, however, this one reminds me of the Yamaha’s of the 70’s. Really, really, beautiful tone! Thanks for the review!

steven vaughan says:

At 3:05 you said it has Rosewood bridge & fingerboard. Actually the A1’s have that. The A3’s & A5’s have ebony and looking at the video closeup that’s what it looks like. Just thought you’d want everyone to know that correction.

Nuno Sousa says:

I have buy one Ac3r few days ago and is awesome guitar. I imagine how that guitar is amazing. I just want put one bone saddle and nut in my ac3r.

Ryan Lawson says:

Do you guys have tabs available for the demo music that is being played in these videos? They have a very nice sound.

Francesco Munzo says:

Amazing guitar, last month I’ve bought ac3r chinese version

A U says:

Hi, can you guys also do a AC5R vs AC5M a/b comparison like what you did with the A3?

TheHappynot says:

Not a fan of the pick guard shape. Would much prefer a standard black one.

Scott F says:

Such a gorgeous tone! Can you give us a sense of the size of this one versus the Yamaha FS versus the Taylor Grand Concert?

Bob Aldo says:

Sounds very good! I wonder what the fretboard radius is? Also, minor point, “African Mahogany” is considered a specific species, and is not “sapele”. Both are considered of the mahogany family, and both are African – hence the near ubiquitous confusion on the subject.

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