Which Acoustic Guitar Should I Buy? (for any budget)

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By far the most common question we get is “which acoustic guitar should I buy?”. In this guitar lesson, we’ll be taking a look at the differences between many types of acoustic guitars and why you would choose one over another. There’s no “best” acoustic guitar out there, but hopefully this video will help you find the best one for you.

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John A says:

Difinitely solid wood top. Also you can add a bone nut & saddle and bone or hard wood pins very cheaply and this will help improve sound.

Ryan Weir says:

Epiphone pro 1 plus

chet atkins says:

I beg to differ there are many cheap copies that sound as good as expensive guitars in a recent test with sound only most people picked the cheapest guitars that sounded the best i have been playing for more years than i care to mention i have a good few acoustic guitars the cheapest one sounds the best

Maryrose Sagangab says:

iwas playing guitar since i was 8 yrs old that my first time im practicing with my brother with that lumanog guitar…until now im still playing guitar in the church…

Julian Gunney says:

Buy a Yamaha , they have their own factory, their own wood, their own QC. You’ll be glad you did

Coteelon says:

YAMAHA FG800 BL. Am thinking to buy this one. But i didn’t tried it out yet. Is it good???

cuppateadee says:

id luv a lowden fanfret. they are out of this world. nick harper plays one beautifully

Elijah German says:

I use my dad’s Yamaha acoustic from 1993, I love that guitar and they still make it but it’s like $500

Mike J says:

awesome help, thank you!

Brian B says:

My first guitar was a Hondo classical guitar given to me by a roommate who was moving out. It was pretty terrible, but it piqued my interest. I’ve owned a few epiphones with solid wood but now have a Recording King RAJ-122 and a Guild GAD-50. Both all solid wood and can be found fairly cheaply. The RK was only $275 used and is an incredible guitar for that money. The African mahogany looks amazing. The Guild actually sounds a little better/warmer with the rosewood back and sides but I love them both. They feel and sound like much more expensive guitars and I find them hard to put down once I start playing.

lorenz Cordova says:

Fender CD-60

Jeff Hingsbergen says:

First guitar… Very cheap Lindell – small scale… Then 5 years later a nice Takamine Hirade classical. Looking for a not-so-expensive steel string guitar.
I have my eye on either a Washburn WLO20S one an Epiphone AJ-220s… Just need to hear and play them in person…

Maw Faw says:

Hex 750ce

Chamal Madhutharanga says:

I buy chines one sound like hell its my first one and im very upset trying to buy yamaha f310

Vette Man says:

Martin drs2

Bill Wilson says:

My first guitar was way back in 1965 an Eko Jumbo – I have never found a better sound – It got busted sadly in an accident

Ray Hong says:

I just recently got a Yamaha CSF1M parlor sized guitar.

DigNap15 says:

Interesting video, but what about the neck?
Surely the neck is a major thing to consider, is it wide or narrow?
Is it thick or thin?

kelboy50 says:

epephone is a great beginner guitar to get

CJinAsia says:

Nice descriptions but you did not say what to buy. I would suggest for beginners, a Yamaha FG-335, If you are still playing a few years later, a Seagull S-6, when you go pro, a Guild D-40. There are other choices but these are good instruments at good prices.

Hitesh Jethani says:

My first guitar was a Hovner f-cut thin body acoustic-electric single cutaway black solid wood top guitar. It is not the best in terms of sound quality, action and fretboard feel. But it sure made my fingertips burn and trained me for my next really good expensive quality guitar. I played it for 2 years. I love my first guitar. Thank you for the video 🙂

Seth Tyrssen says:

Anyone got any experience/opinions on the inexpensive Xaviere guitars from Guitar Fetish?

John Pichette says:

My first guitar was a sagovia acoustic electric looking to move up now but dont have a lot in the budget $600 roughly any ideas

The Official Juana Maria says:

I was looking for a review video for yamaha apx600 and Ibanez pf15ece. Both are electro-acoustic. I saw some videos of ibanez and really sounds good as well as yamaha. I’m 5’3″ and I play normal sized guitar but I want to upgrade my cheap acoustic guitar to a more comfortable that not cost too much.

Budo Master says:

Geeze, I wish I had seen this video before I bought my acoustic guitar (which I just bought about a week ago). It’s a cheap $100.00 Fender Squire. It looks nice, it even sounds nice (though I’m a beginner); but the ‘size’ of it is a little bigger than I’d like. I could return it still (just somewhat of a hassle, having bought it online, Amazon). That smaller sized one mentioned, as well as spending a minimum of $200 is what I need. As for my ‘first guitar,’ my grand-father actually gave me one as a gift when I was about 10 years old. I do know how to change my own strings and tune my guitar. I used to read tab and learned to play almost every Black Sabbath song (rhythm only). So though I’m a beginner, it’s like coming back home. Great video!

Angrymonk 94 says:

I am thinking of getting my first guitar how is fender cd140sce or fender cd60?

Elías ramon Valerio arroliga says:

Cuanto valen esas guitarras y como las puedo comprar?

guitarstringsreview says:

My first was a Yamaha FG series. Like 40 years ago. I still have it and my boys play on it. (Keeps them away from my Taylor!) Great video guys! Thanks

Anthony H says:

I love my yamaha fg800 i paid 200.00 for it. I also have taylors, martins, and breedloves but i play my yamaha about 2 times a month


How’s FENDER FA-125CE for an intermediate player?

Ani Jerang says:

Is Yamaha f310 good for an absolute beginner who is 5.7? If not, do recommend one.

Kalob Pitson says:

What kind is the $269 guitar?

54v115 says:

What have you got to spend?
How big are you? Get a guitar that fits your body and hand size…
What kind of sound are you looking to express?
Don’t buy laminate…
Play many Branded and Unbranded and take your time in choosing…
Buy the one you like…

James A says:

I’m about to buy my next acoustic and I went to the music store and I couldn’t decide over a Fender and a Yamaha. They were ranging in the same price bracket of about $500 to $600 which I’m willing to pay. What do you recommend? I want a finder acoustic but is Yamaha just as good?

Jon Davies says:

whole video you did not actually play a guitar or show the differences in quality and tone between the different price levels and body shapes etc… what was the point?

Maryrose Sagangab says:

the accoustic guitar that i first played is lumanog ..iwant the guitar that i can grip my hand ..the frets can easily to grip.

Maples says:

why is matt watson telling me what guitars to buy

Larry Hillegass says:

My first really good guitar was a 74’ D-18 Martin and it was and still is really great. I still have it and also just bought a Seagull w/ electronics and built in tuner for playing in church and it sounds great. I’ve had others but these are my favorites. Thanks for the video.

Jerome Terry says:

I’ve been playing guitar for 4 months. My starter guitar is an Epiphone DR-100. Paid $179 Canadian + tax & shipping from Amazon. https://www.theguitarjunky.com/epiphone-dr-100-review/ Before I bought my first guitar, I read a bunch of reviews for acoustic guitars in the sub $200 range. I narrowed it down to either the Epiphone DR-100 or the Yamaha FG800. The FG800 is about $100 more than the Epiphone, and both had good reviews for beginners. But I went with the Epiphone DR-100 because it was cheaper, and had pretty decent reviews. Check out this setup and demo from Guitar Luthier Randy Schartiger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bl964MHsY70. Here’s another demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=50&v=yx6fZQwsTp0

I was not disappointed. The guitar looks good, and sounds half decent. For a sub $200 guitar + a decent setup, you can’t go wrong for a beginner. The laminate might not be for everyone though.

I bought the ebony DR-100. When it arrived from Amazon, I took it to a local guitar shop, and had D’Addario EJ40 Silk & Steel strings put on, and the guitar setup. From the factory, the action was way high: nut action was 35 thousandths, when I should be 18. I played that setup for 3 months until the coating started wearing off the strings.

Then I had a set of Elixr Acoustic 12-53’s put on, and another setup done, since the humidity changed the guitar setup for the worst. I couldn’t be happier with the DR-100 and Elixr strings. I mean, it’s a decently built laminate guitar with a decent setup. Perfect for a beginner. Took a while for me to get used to the soapy feel of Exilr’s, but after a week of breaking the strings in, they are awesome.

My plan is to play the shit out of this guitar for the next year, and if I’m still playing after a year, I might go for a better guitar. A solid mahogany guitar like the Martin d15m looks tempting, though it’s around $1600. Bit much for a beginner who might not stick with it.

Here’s my learning Every Rose Has It’s Thorn on my Epiphone DR-100 with Elixr Acoustic 12-53 strings. Recorded with a Blue Snowball ICE microphone. https://soundcloud.com/jerome-terry-195966804/every-rose-has-its-thorn

Fire Ro says:

My first guitar is an ibanez pf14 bk

Greg Swartz says:

Yamaha FG700s Great beginner guitar. I still have it and play it from time to time.

Carlson Ivey says:

Ok, I have a question, I don’t know if my guitar is acoustic, I think it is, but I’m not sure. If you can help me figure this out, my number is 641-640-5313 I’m just starting to learn how to play, but I have to know how to tune my guitar first, but I don’t know what kind mine is

Vendetta b166er says:

Lauren back in 04 played that thing for 10 years not to bad not awesome but not bad thought me a lot.

Hilal Elgargini says:

I had no experience in any musical instrument before, I told that to the shopkeeper and he recommended Yamaha F310, I’m still at the beginning of a long journey but I guess I could say it’s good, at least it doesn’t sound like a toy. 😀

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