Waterloo by Collings WL-14 Acoustic Guitar | Review | Tom Quayle

“Whilst it’s not cheap it certainly isn’t expensive either considering the instrument that you get for your money.”

Waterloo by Collings WL-14 Acoustic Guitar Review by Guitar Interactive Magazine. Reviewed in Issue 38 of Guitar Interactive Magazine by Tom Quayle.

Welcome to GI 38, another bumper edition of the world’s favourite online guitar mag!

We’ve three fabulous players featured inside – from the electric world, the amazing Paul Gilbert makes his long awaited debut, with a long interview filmed in his LA studio. Returning to the fold is the great Michael Schenker, filmed in London, and finally, as a Quiet Room Special, we have the incredible Antoine Dufour, the Canadian acoustic guitarist who not only gave us his time for an in-depth interview but also performed live in our studio. Whatever you do, don’t miss this!

As always, we’ve a packed issue of reviews, with an expanded Quiet Room section plus our usual full review line-up of guitars, amps, FX, basses, acoustics, home/project studio and live gear (not to mention the unstoppable Jaime Vendera!). All that plus our free tuition columns.

As for competitions, this is our best ever issue! We’ve got a signature Ibanez Paul Gilbert guitar, the amazing Seven Sisters FX pedals from Red Witch and handmade Manuel Rodriguez classical guitar ALL up for grabs in this issue’s competitions!

This is our last issue for 2015 (don’t worry – Issue 39 is in production right now) so thanks for being with us and stay tuned for next year. GI – still growing and still unique! http://bit.ly/gi38wa


Mark Ellegood says:

What a bunch of critical pricks getting hung up on the guys use of a word instead of appreciating his time to review a fine instruments.

robert sovitsky says:

Played them and it looks beautiful flawless build but sounds like a cheap old guitar no body little projection great for fingerstyle blues but otherwise no rich sound no good looks $2000 dollar price what was Bill Collings thinking? I think this instrument is great if you want nostalgia but why not buy a crappy old one for a couple hundred and save $1800 for a good guitar it’s like buying designer jeans with holes in them for $80 dollars instead of a $5 pair from Goodwill that are worn out. Why can’t anyone say the Emperor has no clothes today and speak the truth instead of towing the line on a fad. Collings normal line of Guitars are flawless works of art that have incredible sustain and balance and sound amazing wood quality and cost $4000 dollars and up .

Zebarbas says:

No mojo without the ladder bracing.

Avisek Ganguly says:

The most used word of the day is?….hint it starts with V

vecernicek2 says:

How many times did he say vintage in the video?

JoUtan01 says:

ok, ok , I get it, its VINTAAAGGGEEEEE… 2016 Vintage !

Aleksander T says:


David Rothberg says:

Never heard Tom Quayle play acoustic guitar or the blues before! Nice. While not cheap, I believe Waterloo’s are less expensive than Gibson’s reissues of these kinds of guitars.

Boozoo Chavis says:

I agree, should we cut the man some slack – how often do we get the likes of Tom Quayle doing the demo for an acoustic guitar?! Good work THAT Man!

Mickymillersson says:

Is it by any chance VINTAGE?

James Agans says:

How come you never talked price? Actually it looks like the kind of guitar you would see under the Christmas tree in the 50’s for a six year old. I guess that is the intent. So are the back and sides made of Luan? You know, 1/4 inch plywood?

Cody Carrig says:

Adore Tom, just wish we could hear more playing:)

BabyBoomerChannel says:

This guitar is everything you’d hope for in a perfect Gibson L-0 or OO or Blues King, etc w/out the quality issues of Gibson. I’ve played and owned many Gibson small body acoustics, searching for that perfect punchy, blues, loud sound – and never found it – across 10 or so Gibsons. But I found it in a Waterloo ladder braced 14 fret.

Save yourself time and frustration trying to find that perfect Gibson. It probably costs $5000

Buy a Waterloo – you can get them used now for about as much as a Gibson L-OO (maybe less). And you get sooo much more for your money.

Ben Sures says:

too much compressor in this music demo.

ZappaBlues says:

I like the size, the way it looks and the way it sounds. I just have a problem with small “Vintage” sized frets.

Silly Moustache says:

Hi, thanks for this review – I’m really getting interested in a Waterloo. Forgive me, but some aspects of this review were a tad cringeworthy : There was a whole 35 seconds of playing in the beginning, and only 1.15 at the 3end (ad with fx – not a good idea for a review! The word “vintage” occurred 17 times …we know that vintage means nothing unless followed by a year or era. “Fantastic” was used four times repeating the point. and “very unique” (x2) c’mon! Anyway thanks for the review, think about the script a little more, and NO fx on acoustics please ! OK , carry on!

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