Top 5 Travel Acoustic Guitars – A Mini Acoustic Guitar Guide

Check out all the travel guitars in our Top 5:

Taylor GS Mini Spruce –

Yamaha APXT2 –

Eastcoast James Neligan ASY-A Mini –

Taylor Baby BT2 –

Detailed overview of the entire Taylor GS Mini range:

Spring has sprung, Summer’s on it’s way and that can only mean festivals, campfires, beaches and barbecues…and with that in mind, in this series we’re taking a look at our 5 favourite travel guitars! It’s a quick mini acoustic guitar guide for those who need a portable guitar that sounds and feels great.

The five guitars we’ve chosen to look at are the Taylor GS Mini, Yamaha APXT2, Eastcoast James Neligan ASY-A Mini, Taylor Baby BT2 and the Martin LX1, as made famous by Ed Sheeran.

Each of these great guitars offer different sizes and features, so pick your favourite based on what you personally need from a travel guitar…and don’t forget to let us know which one you’d pick!


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Comments says:

I can’t travel with any of these guitars. I’d never get one past security, much less fit it into an overhead compartment.

Rajiv Injety says:

That Yamaha!

Diane L Jordan says:

Nice demo, I like Taylor Mini. Yamaha was soft in sound.

Aspirative Music Production says:

Objection. These are not travel guitars.

Toskaleemusic says:

I may call a BT2 my own and it’s a lovely travel guitar. Small, lightweight and offers great tone for its small size. Also very easy to play. I prefer to use custom light phosphor bronze strings by Elixir. It’s also great for practicing when you’re specifially looking for a guitar that is not as loud as a full size.

Oh and you really got me at banana pancakes!

Amy Bell says:

Can someone please name all the songs? Tnx!

Adam Macfie says:

Awesome review – thanks.

walasilbi says:

are those ed sheeran songs bc he has the same guitar

Errose6 says:

Outstanding review and playing. For size / sound combo, I’d go with the Martin.

I M says:

This could be a 3min video. buh bye

Andy Boston says:

Correcting typo. Used price was $105.00 with shipping (not $10.00).

David Rhodes says:

I’m listening on my phone.. the Martin and Eastcoast are the best with this device.
Great video!

Chandra Sekhar says:

Awsome and very very useful. Fantastic presentation.

Gideon John says:

Hey, great channel!

lorddragonxf says:

Bitches n bbq’s yeah!

MrArachnophobe says:

Now that’s the way you properly compare a group of guitars. Brilliant!!

Alan Cardwell says:


hanxiao257 says:

Yamaha beyond my excepted

Jędrzej Rosiński says:

Martin ❤
A team
Thinking out loud

BigJB 21 says:


BubaSongs says:

I would like a twelve strings travel acoustic guitar.

sir william says:

Will it be possible for you to make a comparison video between two travel guitars?
I am curious about your impressions recommendations and opinions on these two guitars that are there?
Journey Instruments OF-310
Furch LJ-10 Little Jane

C Bart says:

Thank you for the video 🙂 but why are you wearing sunglasses inside? 🙂

Political Footage says:

I need electric ibanezish travel guitars

C Bart says:

I really appreciated this video very much! Thanks a lot for the heart you put into it. I love the sound of the GS mini.

Jefriyadi says:


Weston Powers says:

Gotta love bitches and barbecues…

Bong Crosby says:

Bang for the buck, it’s the APXT2 hands down.

At 6:46 is this a song or is the guy just jammin’? I kind of like it and ripped it off for myself.

xApachi says:

I own the GS mini walnut, but I really liked the sound of the Yamaha :3

thorn35 says:

GS Mini blows all the others out the door, the rest sound like boxy cardboard to my ears, tho i want the koa one 🙂

Akshay Ravi Kumar says:

The lows on the Taylor Baby sound amazing! But the Yamaha is just perfect!!

JB Ombing says:

“Apparently he sold a few records”

Has a place literally called Sheeranville with 4 houses that are all his……

JoeRice says:

Like your channel, good review videos, very helpful. Thank you!

Josiah Wakefield says:

The asya was so trash

Laiskaduma says:

I want to buy a travel guitar but not because i’m actually travelling, but because i’m pretty small lol currently i have a dreadnought and it’s too big for me tbh

Isaac Melo says:

A song that you’ve played on Bt2 sounds like “Novo” from “Leonardo Gonçalves” a brazilian gospel singer

I’m from Brazil and love your videos, sorrt if i wrote something wrong lol

Imran Atheist Former-Muslim says:

“Think Festivals, Campfires, Bitches and Barbeques???”

حفظ ٩٩ says:

*baby taylor* ☺️

Kate Goodwin says:

East coast kills it!!!

Andy Boston says:

I just received the Yamaha APXT2 that I bought at auction as used. AMAZING! It has all the original paperwork, tool and best of all… scratches, dings and dents are literally no where to be found. Yes, new for a used $10.00 price that includes shipping. The guitar sounds much better than I expected and much better than the video. It has a surprising full sound for its size (unplugged) and sounds better than other travelers including my previous fav, an olde Ibanez Daytripper. My only criticm… the gig bag is cheap and too thin for real travel. Yamaha should have bumped the price a bit so the gig back would be worthy of the guitar.I’m hoping this Yamaha will fit in the excellent giog bag I bought for my Daytripper.

Martin Swales says:

For affordability playability and sound I fell in love with a Segal Excursion love It.

Brian Peck says:

they may be travel guitars but none of them are minis

xneverwalkalonex says:

seriously thinking id like the Yamaha.

JJ Sagusay says:

Is yamaha JR1 good one?

Desmora Aromsed says:

bitches and bbq

Dennis Maher says:

Sorry but you missed out the best travel guitar, the takamine taka-mini. Brilliant little guitar with the best pickup in the world.

Luke’s Vintage Rc car restoration says:

The CORT Earth mini is missing why? Amazing instrument

E. C. says:

Great playing! This makes me want to start playing an acoustic.

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