Top 5 BEST Travel Guitars

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5 – Journey OF660
4 – Composite Acoustics Cargo
3 – Taylor BT1 & BT2
2 – Martin Dreadnought Junior
1 – Taylor GS Mini

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5 – Journey OF660
4 – Composite Acoustics Cargo
3 – Taylor BT1 & BT2
2 – Martin Dreadnought Junior
1 – Taylor GS Mini


Amelia Waud says:

were you playing some Nick Drake?

matt dynan says:

I’m shopping for a travel guitar and I appreciate the video. Now that you’ve reviewed the KLÖS carbon fiber, I”m wondering where that would fit in your list??? Thanks

Chrissy Margo says:

Dude I don’t get why you left out the Traveler Guitar Mark III escape acoustic electric which arrived today for my son and he can’t put it down.

Carlos John Raflores says:

Cool tattoo! Lined up perfectly with the martin!

Cody Severns says:

Damn, i needs some lessons from that guy.

Hectones 2torials says:

hahaha paddle a canoe with it haha!!

Instant Milk says:


parkjammer says:

Utterly and entirely agree… the Taylor GS Mini is absolutely fantastic. My favorite guitar (and I have many).

The Baby Taylor and the Big Baby Taylor both suck incredibly hard (as do the Martin backpacker, the Ibanez DayTripper, and many more).

I put a “B-band” pickup in mine. It comes with a great case (tough, handy, road-worthy). I’ve played living room jams, backyard jams, and bar gigs with just the GS Mini.

Can not recommend it highly enough.

Seba Di Giuseppe says:

Add on the title that this are all Acoustic guitars

Jay Pierce says:

I got the Big Baby BBT for my road guitar. It has amazing sound and great for travel.

james guralski says:

I’ve seen a koa go mini e on Craigslist for 400$

Ima SerialKiller says:

Bad Tony! The Cargo should be #1!

Steve Douglas says:

Nice, calm and straight forward presentation Tony. I enjoyed it and learned from it. I appreciate you taking the time in putting this together and for posting it. Nice playing as well. Thanks!

Water Horse says:

That pdf never got sent. I’d suggest putting it up for direct download but you obviously want to harvest email addresses instead.

Michał Zajch says:

I got me a GS mini and I can’t stop playing it. A wonderful, wonderful guitar.

Brian Aiton says:

I need a tab for that song you played for number 1. Can someone please assist? Thanks in advance

AlfiNawarumi says:

Hi Tony, are these guitars really possible to be carried on into overhead bin?

Neksio says:

idk but my Love will always be the martin backpacker

Dean Milersky says:

I’m sorry, but this is just stupid. You’re making a fool out of yourself. But let’s not talk about that dyed beard. These guitars are not top picks for travelling!

When travelling, you want guitars which are compact (meaning small) and light while able to produce quite a nice tone. These guitars are too big and too heavy.
I can’t believe there is no “Rex”-Parlor size guitar in this selection.

What did you think? “I need to plug these taylors because of my contract with them, but I don’t want people to know”?!

Daniel Decker says:

what do you think about the martin backpacker is it worth ?

Fifi Fornow says:

I wish I could play like u

MA-Rider says:

Which of these guitars can be left in a hot car for multiple days without worry? I am looking for a guitar to take on a road trip.

Adrienne Ward says:

I have a Baby Taylor and it does not stay in tune. I’m going carbon fiber!


The Baby Taylor is great!

ChuckNoctis says:

You should try TheTool travel guitar.

Michael Hopp says:

Very good demonstration ! And very good playing too! Greetings from Germany !

stupid nicr says:

hmmm no lx1e?

30yrpro says:

How about top 5 small child beginning acoustic guitars?!

Ken Swiatek says:

Try 1. low end, but fun to play: an Olympia by Tacoma OP-2 (used $60-80)
2, high end a 60’s Guild F-20 or M-20 ($1200-$1600)

Isabel ez says:

I just want one coz its smaller and lighter

Thiago Miranda says:

Hey Tony, thanks for the video.
I noticed you did not classified the Martin backpacker in your top5 list. How do you classify this guitar? thanks

sastra says:

is it odd that you do acoustic but you have rock hair???

Weeaboo Trashski says:

Squier Mini Strat and an Orange Micro Terror.

Pascal Heijlands says:

Furch Little Jane will knock them all out! This is just another Taylor commercial.

guisteh11 says:

Why is the Furch Little Jane not on the list?

Gavin Bonar says:

Thank you so much

ham and cheese says:

If someone is backpacking my guess is a carbon fibre guitar is out of the question.

Jeremy T. says:

In this video the Taylor GS mini is awesome, but in another video Tony states the Dreadnought Junior is better. I’m having trouble believing Tony’s reviews.

Susana Rodriguez says:

why do some guitar dont have the hole?

Jörg Lippke says:

Hi Tony, i’m german and don’t understand the name of your number 4 guitar?

Pat Robins says:

Takamine GY93

Lisa Potthoff says:

Just purchased the Baby Taylor BT2. Love it so far. Sounds great. Great quality! Super portable. Comes with soft case!

Mortox Gaming says:

Were is the Yamaha gl1 gutalele it’s smaller than the rest

Seth Seabolt says:

“you can paddle a canoe with it if you want”

Ma routine says:

What’s that song you keep playing throughout the video?

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