Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners Comparison

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David Hernandez says:


yohan utomo says:

I want to buy yamaha, can u guys help me to choose yamaha f-310 or yamaha apx500ii? Who had the Best sound? Sorry if my grammar wrong im from Indonesia

Khaled Albaloshi says:

i wanted to buy a guitar but i dont know which one will be the better the (yamaha f310) OR (epiphone dr100) any suggestions ??

joe doe says:

I can hear the difference when going from one to the next. It sounds like one continuous guitar sound.


Osum video
Liked it

Wayan Adi says:

Ephipone n fender is thebest

Smacaveli The Don says:

Just got home with my first guitar purchase. I opted for the Cort, solid top, came set up from a guitar shop in town. I really liked the fender too, but the Cort came on special with a few extras that I would’ve had to purchase separately. Cost wasn’t much of a concern for me at the price point I was looking at ($200-400). Now I just need to learn to play

BlacKLEL says:

what song are you playing?

Michał says:

How to play that

18francesco18 says:

That Fender sounds like cheap plasticly crap, so dull.

Mirko Jovanovic says:

I like yamaha and then epiphone on this recording (but hey im just a beginner ;)) , can someone pls tell me which song is this?

Chan nel says:

All of them are really good but i think ibanez is more clean while playing..I actually don’t know which one should i buy 🙁 Yamaha’s sound is sharpest, Ibanez slightly lower but much more clean i think. Also Fender is like Ibanez but a little expensive and it doesn’t matter.

Estell e says:

I really like the sounds of the Ibanez but I also appreciate the fender one so which one should I buy?

Shaheer Abbas says:

Yahama was very good

NienNunbGaming says:

Im stuck between cort and ibanez:/

its Phant0mZer0 says:

the fender sounds the best

Αμίλα Κουμάρα says:

Just bought the same black Fender acoustic guitar. It sounds so clean and amazing.

henry touthang says:

fender is awesome..btw what is the music u r playing..i like it

Benjamin says:

I have cort

EVERY Thing says:

Yamaha F310 has the best sound

Dheemanth Bhandarkar says:

That first note made me think you’ll play Enter Sandman.. lol. Nice video though. Thanks.

Edward Pańczuk says:


Geeky says:

I’m torn between Yamaha F310 and Epiphone DR-100. What do you think should i get? Any opinions?

infierno de satan says:

washburn d28 s the best

aphisit pluemjai says:


neal4254 says:

well the fender is the obvious choise i think

nandy sullivan says:

yamaha f310 or ibanezv50njp? in my place both have same price

Gerson Fernando says:

Ibanez good

jesussaves7777 says:

superstarpl1 says:

Yamaha F-310 sounds great and cost low

Anjana Gaur says:

Yamaha f310 is the boss

michael mixon says:

I felt that the Ibanez sounded fuller.

Владимир Ружинский says:

fender got the best sound

Samik Sengupta says:

what should I choose ibaneze or fender

Richards Guitars says:

So out of those 5 guitars…. 3 of them were all made in the same factory! The Ibanez, Fender and Cort are all made by Cort. They all sounded as you would expect for a fully laminated guitar – which is basically tinny and 2 dimensional. Like comparing cheap wine – they all taste terrible but one is bound to be “better” than the rest – but its relative.

My personal advice would be buy whichever is cheapest and invest in a good set up so whilst it may sound poor it will still play nicely.

From my experience Yamaha guitars play best from the box if you cannot afford a good setup so that would be my choice at this price point if buying blind.

malkhaz surmanidze says:

In the store where I live there were only fender cd60, epiphone dr100 and ibanez v50njp. I chose Epiphone ; great looking, comfortable in hand, good sound and price.

Artyom Yepanyeshnikow says:

My music

Tobin Zerby says:

Fender sounds best

wut says:

can you please make a tutorial video of how to play what you played on this video

UmTeixeira says:


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