TOP 10 things NOT to look for when buying an Acoustic Guitar… (Part 1)

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In Part 1 of this (very tongue in cheek) Professional Music Technology acoustic guitar buying guide, Sam and Meg run through the top 10 things to look for (or rather, not look for) when buying an acoustic guitar!

Perfect for those wondering what to look for in an acoustic guitar or how to choose an acoustic guitar.

We discuss (or rather debate) various tone woods, sizes, sound, set-ups and much more…but who do you agree with, Sam or Meg?

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najmoon noorani says:


real sabab says:


Aaron Davis says:

A cute chick that knows guitars and an accent,where’s this shop at?

Brian says:

Woke up just to find a video that made me lmao all over the place and yet highly informative. Liked and subscribed

nomnom moon says:

Waiiiiit a minute this is a uk channel, no wonder she sounds hot

Owen Raymond says:

I like the humor in this

Preston Garvey says:

I like to sharpen the strings so they are like cheese cutters, the pain really helps with the guttural screaming of my oasis and passenger covers

StreetArtillery says:

I stopped the video at 1:21. Reason? I have 3. Jimi Hendrix, Robert Johnson, and Kurt Cobain. Three of the most influential guitarist EVER. All three of them were at their A game without the use of expensive guitars. This video turns this channel to crap

Danielle Hughes says:

I just got a brand new but entry level guitar. Unfortunately my biggest problem ( well yeah) is that I’m let handed. The guys in the shop I bought my guitar from ( yes I shopped around as much as I could in a country town) were and still are great. I went in a few times and must have tried to play right handed for an hour but no. They knew the guitar Liked and were able to order one in (the manufacturer ended up having to make mine) so a few weeks later I have my first ever proper guitar. I’m getting lessons at the shop too. Thank you for the video. It helped alot and narrowed down what I wanted. The guys in the shop were great and because I had a little knowledge of guitars it helped them in offering advice or showing me around.

Cailin Fowler says:

1:11 lgbtq community triggered

MedicOBiscotti says:

Why does people think meg is hot? I mean like what?!

F Begum says:

I cringed but it did kind of help me

tony andrade says:

She is so sexy

Picky Strums says:

The sheer number of thirsty ass comments has me shook.

Adam Corbin says:

Yamaha sounded the best…

Mario Eckstein says:

You featured my beautiful Taylor Koa 😀 I love it soooo much! Best buy of my life!

Jack Redskull says:

Shut up Meg.

Google UserJ says:

The guy’s funny

47TUNE says:

fuckin hell sam

Philip Farley says:

This isn’t British humor. They’re not even speaking proper English.

Marinelle Matchado 01 says:

lets say you got an expensive guitar… BUT YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO PLAY THE GUITAR you just made an expensive guitar sound CHEAP

Dieseluk2k says:

My first guitar cost me £700
my 2nd guitar cost me £10
my 3rd guitar cost me £179

I prefer playing the £10 one, a Hohner MC-05 because Its easy to play, sounds nice and can take a bit of a beating,

Anime4 LaijFuh says:

wow you can rly hear the difference 3:26 the last one was amazing

Leinhou says:

As a French, I LOVE your accent! (Both of you, this is not a weird technique to seduce someone I’ll never meet even if she’s cute, I admit.)



Dave says:

that young girl is as cute as a skunk’s bum!

I Exist says:

The way the guy speak is..nvm Thank you for this.

Owen Raymond says:

Hi i am good at strumming both gently and hard but tips on fingerpicking

roflmows says:

dave matthews and jack johnson (and probably lots of other famous musicians) started learning guitar with cheap instruments less than $50.

if they can do it, so can you. the magic and skill isn’t in the guitar–it’s in your hands, and your heart, and your head.

JKP…what my teacher taught me long ago. Just Keep Practicing.

forget about guitars over $300-400. odds are very great that you’ll never need an Authentic New Zealand Monkeywood body with Rare Congolese Figwood fretboard and Moonrock-inlaid Fret Dots and whatever else that’ll cost you $8000. be honest with yourself: do you really think your friends around the campfire and your family members at the Family Reunion and your audience of 9 people at the local coffee shop can really tell the minute differences between a $175 guitar and a $5,000 one?

not likely.

when you earn your first gold record or wrap up your first North American tour, you can treat yourself to a $5,000 Ovation Adamas or a $12,000 (yup…that’s three zeroes) Froggy Bottom Koa Limited. until then, content yourself with spending a few hundred bucks (if even that much) and JKP.

consider this: Jack Johnson plays custom Australian Cole Clark acoustic guitars on stage. they cost about $2,500 – $3,000, and he’s been a world famous rock star for about 15 years. he could probably play a well set up $300 guitar on stage and few people would be able to tell the difference.

i promise: chances are, you wouldn’t make a $5,000 guitar sound like it was worth the cost…and any good musician can make a $175 guitar sound magical. as long as it’s set up well, it’ll sound good in your hands too, eventually.

it’s all in how hard you practice and how much you stay motivated to play well. not just notes on the page…but learning and practicing to play with your soul and your heart.

Music man That likes old and new music says:

That guy is stupid minded

Meg Jenkins says:

i really dont like this vid

Julio Martinez says:

I have a Taylor guitar and I am 11

Kate Jeanes says:

What model was that sunburst guitar that the tech was checking out near the end of the video?

90's Nostalgia says:

I found a Suzuki acoustic guitar at goodwill for $60 bucks had it tuned, and it sounds great!!

Eli T says:

lol…awesome review, good job guys

Music man That likes old and new music says:

That girl is so much better he is dumb but I think he’s saying what he’s saying just so she can say the correct response

tychoswebwereld says:

My go to guitar is very cheap but sounds more than amazing for the prize and on top of that it plays well so not all super cheap guitars are bad quality but most are

Stephanie Guilmenot says:

I enjoyed this.

Templar Enforcer says:

sam seems more reasonable tbh

ChickeN says:

cringy tbh

Jesús Guillermo says:

Her name and Instagram user, please 🙂

Jennifer Martinez says:

Forget you dumb people xd xd xd xd

jamie brown says:

Anyone else see Arya Stark when she’s talking?

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