The Cheapest Acoustic Guitar On Amazon vs $7500 Froggy Bottom!

What is the cheapest guitar on Amazon (£31.99) really like? is it playable? How does it compare with a Froggy Bottom that costs 250 times more? In the coming months I’ll be exploring what we can do to improve it, adjusting the action, nut and bridge heights, new strings and a setup with luthier legend Charlie Chandler!

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Harrison says:

I had a mistake like this early when I was a kid as well. Got a really hard to play guitar with a horrific action and it made me not want to learn. Took about 4 years later and I got a better guitar and THEN I actually ENJOYED playing, have been now for years.

Hunter's Moon says:

That’s the reason I don’t play my acoustic guitar, it’s so damn hard to play anything on it.

Steven Hines says:

This brings back (mostly painful) memories of my first guitar – it was a hand-me-down Tanglewood* dreadnought and the neck and action was utterly horrendous. Even playing basic D-chords would be painful after less than a minute, but of course at that stage 15yrs ago I didn’t realise you could set them up. It wasn’t until later when I picked up a cheap Squier Telecaster that my playing started to get anywhere. It was cheap, but it was playable and I could make it sound good – I could suddenly play barre chords!
I think the key is to find a guitar that feels good in your hands and gives you the feeling that it works with you rather than against you, because esp in your early days I think the main thing you need is confidence, and an easy-to-play guitar will give you just that.

*Funny thing is Tanglewood are an oft reccomended guitar brand esp for beginners, and I’ve since borrowed mates’ Tanglewoods that actually sound and play really nicely. I guess I was just unlucky with mine!

1965Ueli says:

Very nice! Greetings from Switzerland with a traditional play from there!

wlcsp says:

Sounds the same to me

Old School Blues Player says:


rikster 111110 says:

Its not bad to be fair

Fuzzy Bunny says:

Thanks Norm McDonald! Didn’t realize you played!

Parker Snow says:

9:05 ” very pokey” I
laughed so hard

Lian Styles says:

3:40 is it youngblood by 5sos?

marckypie O_o says:

2:27 ” It’s really hard to get me a really nice clean C chord YOU KNOW WHAT I’- “

Hayden Ames says:

15:20 can you tell me the name of this song so I can try learning it please??

Booze&Blender says:

If the bigginner learn to solo on this, he’ll solo like machine gun on more expensive electric guitar.

Adrian Anzano says:

lower gauge strings would do the trick for that guitar and its neck lol

Shan Cabantugan says:

Lol my guitar is 19$ and it has a brand in it hahah

Reuven Abramovich says:

It sounds like a classical guitar with metal strings on

DaFfYdOOk22 says:

My first guitar. A cheap Aria semi acoustic with higher action than Nikki Sixx at an after gig party.. fingers bled and struggled for a year. Then got an epiphone les Paul and felt like I was floating through a sea of cream…. sometime not a bad way to start

vnz md says:

I have yamaha fg junior is it ok??

Torque says:

What song is he playing at the very end 17:11 ?

He Shu Xia says:

Dear Manager,

We are professional electric acoustic guitar manufacturer and has some hot selling models such D45, D18, D28, D35, D40, OM, OOO style, etc.
OEM with your own logo name on headstock is always our strong strengthen.

If you are interests, I will send details.

Best regards,

ARTG 17 says:

May i know what song did he played on 12:12

Joe Baron says:

£30? Sounded all right to me. Poor guy or gal wants to learn guitar and they should wait to fork out a couple hundred extra that they can’t afford? I don’t think so. This guitar sounds good in this video. Unlike credit card debt, bruises heal on their own. If you really want it … this is a steal.

Ray says:

6 months and still anxiously awaiting the follow-up to this video. Every time I see you uploaded I get excited but so far no luck.

Eric Hwang says:

Used intermediate guitar is the way to go. $300 guitars are usually pretty well made and you can get them around $150-200 used. Imo that’s a fantastic deal as they will have great playability that is still pretty affordable.

Erik Granqvist says:

For the love of God – never get a kid a cheap instrument unless you want them to hate music!

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