The best acoustic guitars we’ve heard this year? Mike Dawes can’t believe the prices!!

Sire have announced a new line of acoustic guitars! Lee and Mike run through the collection to hear what Sire acoustics have to offer. Check out the R3s here: and the R7s here:

Find out more about the Sire Acoustic Guitars here:

Mike takes the individual models for a spin:
Sire guitars R7 SIB Dreadnought:
Sire guitars R7 SIB Grand Auditorium:
Sire guitars R3 SIB Dreadnought:
Sire guitars R3 SIB Grand Auditorium:
Sire guitars A7 Sungha Jung Grand Auditorium:
Sire guitars R7 Zebra 7 Dreadnought:
Sire guitars R3 Zebra 7 Dreadnought:
Sire guitars R3 Zebra 7 Grand Auditorium:

All the guitars in this video are recorded either using the Neuman KM184 mic in front of the guitar, or from the DI out on the Boss Acoustic Singer Pro guitar amp. The reverb is the built in reverb from the amp.

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Mississippi Son says:

What guitar is hanging on the wall to the right of Lee when camera is zoomed on him? (To his left) Its a darker tone with a smaller sunburst and a vintage Gibson like L5/L50 pickguard.

Desde ariba siempre says:

waoooooooooo! this things saund much beter than my 2 Taylors 110e sapele and 114e walnut. they are amaizing. waoooo!

pablo9364 says:

Sounded cheap to me. But I guess they are good value for money so that’s to be expected

Paul Dreher says:

will these be sold in germany? I’m really digging one of these!

CoventGardenSinger says:

Sounds amazing

Duncan McGregor says:

Its confirmed ! This will be my new guitar !!

Jez2008UK says:

Mike doesn’t like his blue socks……

Tim Krill says:

A 300 pound guitar? Who is making a strap for that! I thought my Lp was heavy. Serious tho. great video!

himalayanbowls says:

Whatever – it’s just another cheap Asian guitar. No way it’s as good as a USA made Taylor.

Mitch Wild says:

I bought Mike’s first CD when it first came out. I’ve not listened to it for a while. I must dig it out.

Bassel KH says:

22:15 anyway here’s wonderwall

Broc Luno says:

Really good stuff, and so interesting. Want to see/hear the follow-on after Mr Dawes re-strings and has some time to play around as he wishes 🙂

So good to see/hear inventive acoustic music. Must keep Acoustic Parradiso running along. This one was/is special 🙂

Malcolm Spillett says:

Love the sound of these, but I just know I would never make them sound the way Mike Dawes does.

James Moffatt says:

Did I hear You correctly that Sire is no longer building acoustics..?!?

How much in $$..?

How much is shipping to the US..?

Really interested in the 1st dreadnaught in the video…although, one other also caught my ear…

Love the blending of sounds. Only thing Içve heard similar is the Yamaha Transacoustics.

James Moffatt says:

Did Lee say they were startingvto build acoustics or stopping…couldn’t tell..

I be lieve now, he said…starting, as presently I only see basses on Sire’s website…so the ? remains…starting or stopping? Eliminated from website oryet to be added..?!?

Desde ariba siempre says:

beutiful instruments and sounding.

Ryan Staley says:

Check out the Canadian company riversong guitars changing the way acoustics are made unbelievable guitars

Desde ariba siempre says:

this is more much beter than the academy serie from Taylor and beter than 100 and 200 serie from Taylor.

Geric Soreda says:

Great guitars, I wish I can buy one or two using XRP.

Slow Cheetah says:

Mike is really funny!

mskman83 says:

Me needs this. Where to get in the states????

Colin Cannings says:

A previous comment about the Reverb. Bring me to my comment. Lee didn’t mention the Amp that was being used, or the settings on the Amp. I’d like to know what it was.

slimjimihendrix says:

Yeah but does Mike know Wonderwall

kedean Duffus says:

31:25 Guitar level over 9000!!!!! can we just have this guy play for 40 minutes with no talking. I think his fingers will do all the talking necessary.

genome616 says:

Where are the boxes again, I missed it!… great vid’ guys.

Nik Gnashers says:

Paid promotion video = biased.

Horatio Cheung says:

where can I buy one?

sean meredith says:

No, i would love to say thank you . i will be ordering my first Sire guitar from your store at the end of the month . Thanks again

jbbluesguitar says:

I bought the R3 Grand Auditorium with cutaway for my son before seeing this video. I found Andertons have the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff I have ever encountered in a music shop. This wiped the floor with other models within the price range. Epiphone, Sigma, Yamaha and the cheaper Faith models. I would suggest trying the pickup system as it is truly astounding for a guitar of this price as Mike demonstrates here.

Deepriver100 says:

Great sounding guitars at a great price, however many fingerstylists prefer a wider 1 3/4″/45mm nut and as far as I can see all their models are 43mm!

Sonny Witton says:

needs a warmer environment, or thats just me. Thanks for the video it was great.

Desde ariba siempre says:

Lee this is incredible. super guitars.

Food Wizard says:

These are beautiful but i cant see myself ever replacing my Seagull

Scott Lurken says:

Too bad these Chinese companies can’t produce a product without first stealing the aesthetic cues from established builder. Just plain bad Ju-Ju.

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