The 9 Guitars I Bought After Reviewing 500 Acoustics

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I’ve been lucky enough to review over 500 acoustic guitars for the Acoustic Letter and today I want to show you the nine guitars I cherry picked out of those 500. I get asked all the time if I have a gear list, well, here it is! Enjoy!


Jason says:

what an annoying prick this guy. why does he need so many martins? its pathetic. he’s a douchbag.

Tulsatom Bob says:

Great choices, but I wanted to hear the guitars. Instead, I got to hear a shameless commercial for a T-Shirt! WTF???

Josh McFarlane says:

Do you have any Martins?

HappyTimesVan says:

Hi, Tony! Did you have an opportunity to play an Alvares guitar? If you did have the opportunity to play an Alvares guitar, what were your impression of this guitar? Thnx! And, thnx for sharing! I appreciated! ‘Keep*On*A*Rocking*N*A*Rolling’ 🙂

Paul Niemczyk says:

Tony, so what do you think of Martin guitars?!

mike breingan says:

Did he get a real big check for that ?

Sonu Rathore says:

Best Guitar under 3000 rupees

Dyers88 says:

I’m a guitar geek but I sure as shit can’t afford to be buying 1930’s era Martins, was kinda hoping this was gonna be best 9 guitars out of the 500 cheapies on the market

The Company House Road Band says:

I have a Martin 1-17(1931) that looks just like the 0-17 displayed here.

Master Beernuts says:

more Matons for me i guess!

Hiineko says:

What have I learned after reviewing 500 acoustics? Buy Martin…

David Morris says:

9 acoustics none with a cut away?

Des Poleon says:

I might call my new baby Martin!!

Andrew Yates says:

Missing 1 guitar, a Maton Messiah!

Nitin Kumar says:

Rich guy bragging about all those expensive guitars…worthless video for most of us, really…though it is your channel, your video and your opinion.

SirTechNoid says:

Misleading title. Leads one to believe there will actually be tips on quality guitars that are reasonably available to buy. NOT!!! Just a pitch for t-shirts.

Icaro Moreira says:

i’m happy with my vintage 2012 epiphone masterbilt hahaha

Dyers88 says:

“when that one’s not around” Do your guitars go missing much?

Kevin Olson says:

Martin endorsement, I got it.

Ang3la Chan says:

does it djent?

B.j. Surfdog says:

Were these purchased over time, or did you have a list and a financial windfall? I have a pretty clear idea of the acoustics and electrics I’m going to purchase if I ever win the lottery-I think there maybe a Martin in there somewhere.

Robert Williams says:

You spent more time talking about your stupid t shirt than why you chose those nine guitars from the 500. Pointless and stupid commercial for a stupid t shirt. What a huge waste of my time!

MrSmitht04 says:

I’d love to own a Martin. But food and shelter are a little more important lol

Bak Draft says:

9? Favorites? Not really a fav . Favorites usually are a Lower number….dumb

shawn chaudry says:

Why no cutaways?

Yoni Yampolsky says:

Martin must love this guy

rajesh yadla says:

none of this guitars i can afford.

Bill Seper says:

Nothing against you sir–you may be great for all I know–but nine times out of ten, when I see a guy with a bunch of guitars, it’s a guy who can’t play worth a darn. Maybe he spends more time admiring his guitars than he does playing them or something. More importantly, although some do, _most_ people do not get famous playing a lot of guitars. The famous ones are generally associated with just one or maybe a few if they play both acoustic and electric. Famous guitarists often have a lot of guitars that companies give to them, but they usually spend most of their time playing just a couple, and people associate them with a certain guitar. For instance, when Roy Buchanan tried switching to Les Pauls from Teles for a while, people actually booed him. Hendrix will always be associated with Strats. Phil Keaggy and Peter Green with Les Pauls. Johnny Winter with Firebirds. Tony Rice with his D-28 and expanded soundhole. On and on. I personally think it’s best to pick a particular sound and make it your own. People seem to like that.

David Boyer says:

I play Gibsons in a black T-shirt but if I don’t do laundry I play Gibsons without anything on.

Rakesh U.Shenoy says:

#acoustic letter

Mark davies says:

Where the Taylor gs mini koa

Mark Fulton says:

What if you don’t like acoustics? I’ve always found them a bit “twee”

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