The 10 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $300

Chris McKee goes over our list of 10 best acoustic guitars under $300.

1. (2:13) Yamaha JR1:
2. (6:23) Yamaha C40:
3. (8:17) Cordoba C1:
4. (11:00) Fender DG-8S:
5. (13:46) Fender CD-140S:
6. (16:41) Ibanez AW54:
7. (19:03) Yamaha FS800:
8. (21:13) Yamaha FG820:
9. (23:02) Ibanez AC240:
10. (25:05) Yamaha FSX800C:

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Dave Massey says:

I’m a pro musician, and have owned a top flight studio over here in England for the last 25 years. In my opinion, if you’re looking for a budget to mid priced guitar you should consider Yamaha, Yamaha, or, possibly, Yamaha. The Ibanez is really good, but in my experience, nothing is as good as a Yamaha for price vs quality. Although I find the older Korean made ones to be better

lincone martinez says:

Alamo Music Center Can i Ask If you Buy Yamaha JR1 do u have Free bag Sir? Please reply

Hipocrates R. says:

THanks for sharing

Joe Striker says:

Appreciated the honesty about the quality of guitars today because of the advancements in technology and manufacturing. You see a lot of hating from luthiers and others who constantly frown on manufactured machine made guitars.

Suicidal rockstar says:

Do you sell any high end Guitars?

Jason Miner says:

I have a question for you guys at Alamo Music. Which is the better quality electroacoustic guitar: Fender Sonoran or Ibanez Talman? I’m actually surprised that the Ibanez Talman didn’t make your list which is why I’m curious on which of the abovementioned two guitars is better overall. Thanks, guys!!

Diane Smith says:

Good video Chris. I can’t tell you how many music shops have pretentious douchebags working there. I was in one near Baltimore where I’m from and the guy was playing Alice in Chains “nutshell”…he was playing the wrong chords so as we started to talk I told the the right chord progression and he got really offended. I wasn’t bring a dick either. We were having a friendly conversation while he was sitting there playing and I just told him to play a Cadd9 instead of C major…I think his ego got hurt. I mean who cares? Playing for me is about the fun and love of music. Some people have too much pride and are always trying to one up each other. Just enjoy playing. Smh

lowsnow says:

You talk too much

frob24 says:

Don’t listen to the folks saying you talk too much. This is all great info for a newer player like myself. I really appreciate the video. It has been very helpful.

zokna says:

I bought a Fender 140sce. Should have bought the Yamaha.

Sourav Choudhury says:

Hi, which one would you recommend – yamaha fs800 or yamaha fs820? I am looking for small body guitar, as I feel comfortable with those. Is there any other beutifyl (tone and playability) 000size guitar for under $300 you can recommend?

Zahira Mancebo says:


steve luxenburg says:


Sergio Santacruz says:


Allan Jones says:

lt wasn’t “live” when l watched it

Yonny Vizcaya says:

Hi guys, want to hear your opinion on this. I found a used Yamaha C40 and question is, do you think this is a good guitar for this price range? (check pics)

Дима Немцев says:

Which VERY POPULAR SONG does playing at 10:22?

Benny Ramos says:

Did you say I can get a whole lot of guitars, for my money? How many guitars?

Megos Hong says:

Dame is also good Korean guitar.

Wes C-W says:

2:30 of bullshit, get to the video already

jatin ghimirey says:

Do you guys ship to India ?

Doc Bird says:

Are any of these made in the USA?

Diana C says:

A little too chatty for my taste.  You could have just introduced and played each guitar

Patrick Petrie says:

what along commercial…. toomuch time spent on the garbage guitars.

peecmkr45 says:

I wish you would have played a Yamaha FG830 and commented on it compared to the others at the $299 price point. I just bought one.

Benny Ramos says:

I have a question. What if I have to fart?

Ray Britt says:

Find Alvarez. Best budget guitar out there and I’ve tried them all over 50 years. Retired my martin for my Alvarez. 300 bucks

David Franklin says:

Boring. Get on with it.

Dat Tilson says:

Whats everyone’s opinion on the Yamaha fg700s?

Nick Menzia says:

must be windy out

strocat25 says:

how the hell ya’ll not gonna have the epiphone dr-100??? they sell for 99-106$ all day long.. I have the limited edition DR-100 in wine red with gold hardware and shipped to my door it was $99 also.. how about the Fender CD-60

Musicnista says:

Great Video! After watching this, I am considering the Yamaha FS800.

David Henshaw says:

Way, way too much talking about nothing before you get down to business

Shubham nisal says:

What about Yamaha F310

tanmay patil says:

I find Nubone nut and saddle on both Fender DG-8S and Fender CD-140S have which is contradictory what you said.

ItsElmar says:

Sigma Guitars???

Brian Morris says:

I bought a Yammy A3R, and sadly it wasn’t under the 300 bucks, nevertheless it is a beautiful guitar to play…well it should be given it is a tad over 1200AU bucks. I did play a lot of cheaper Yammys around the 300 mark, but on looking for new acoustics, there was something missing, which I couldn’t figure it out, even for putting all those guitars through the best acoustic amp available in the respective instrument shops.Then one day I decided to go to a local store near me…and funnily enough, picked up a guitar i am sure I saw before there, picked it up, the store assistant put it through front of house on the shop PA sytem and I was sold on it…it is the sound I didn’t notice before when I did that…only problem with this beautiful guitar, it and the guitar case together is very heavy to carry around. But I will put up with that for any good sound…but now on the lookout for a travel guitar with a similar sound for busking…still looking for that…some have come close to the sound of my guitar and not too bad a price either…the travel guitar will go through my busker’s amp, a Roland Cube Street, and leave the A3R for all the gigs…

lincone martinez says:

This! Shop so Cool Hope i buy Fender DG-8s My country Phillippines.

Max Poplove says:

Is the Yamaha 700s not as good as the 800 because it is a little bit cheaper.

Zany Jim says:

very good video!

John Donlan says:

This comparison video is absolutely fantastic! Thanks Chris!!!

Nicole Molgado says:

What’s the best acoustic guitar to play popish songs on? Not pricy, about 300 or a little higher max

Kevin Moore says:

No Sea Gull Guitars? They are the hottest guitars in North America.

Enrique Hernandez says:

great informative video . I just learn how to buy a guitar

Larry Peterson says:

Thank you for doing a great job explaining features and differences in guitars. Would you assist me to find a guitar that looks and sounds like the old 62′ “Martin drednaught”? I can not afford the “real deal” but would be satisfied with a knock off.

Richard Chau says:

Great review very informative and nice presentation, thank you

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