Taylor Guitars 814ce Demo – Marty’s Thursday Gear Video – Acoustic Guitars – Review

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It’s Thursday! Time for another Gear Video! Apparently I didn’t play my Taylor 814ce in my last Taylor Demo, so this video is dedicated to just the 814ce. Thanks again for the support and remember every Thursday is another NEW gear video right here at “MartyMusic” Peace and Love!


The Voltage Villain says:

Hi Marty. Great vids as always. Do you know anything about the Taylor 410s … the old ones? Any help appreciated.

kdrake777 says:

I remember when you first got that 814ce and I didn’t like it as much as your Martin, but it has aged and broken in nicely.

Daniel says:

Let me tell you that im really excited that you’re back Marty! you truly are the best guitar teacher in youtube i can easily say that from my experience. I started guitar back in mid 2012 and 90% of the stuff i know is from your videos, im really thankful for bringing that opportunity to teach guitar on youtube to us for free.

PS: it would be great to see a gear demo of your strat’s, mainly the fiesta red one it’s gorgeous!


Could you do more Green Day please?

Jerid58 says:

I own two Taylors that I play daily, a 414ce and a 214ce. I had the chance to play the 814ce at GC and wow it is a really amazing guitar. I actually played TWO…and they sounded nothing the same. I would encourage anyone that is gonna spend more than a grand on a guitar to go play them in person and get your full moneys worth because believe me….they are not all the same.

xxRetroAzzazzinxx says:

Hey all, what is the difference between the Yamaha sg700 and g35? They’re 30 dollars apart, with the sg700 being the more expensive one, thanks.

Sejus Mai says:

Marty is there anychance you could do a tutorial for journey of the sorcerer by the eagles ?

MrTuberguber says:

That was motivational. Now, can we convince you to get a twelve string? ; )

AngryMadPaladin says:

Hey Marty, could you do a guitar lesson on bang bang by Green day

Luis Valadez II says:

I love the sound and the feel of Taylor guitars <3 Gosh So pricey though! BTW 6:35 was that kickapoo from Tenacious D I heard?!?! Lmao

Dartheomus says:

What strings do you have on that? The original elixirs are very unbalanced in my opinion. They are extremely articulate for finger style, but too resonate. Also, I get a generally harsh sound out of my 2014 814ce when strumming rock alternative songs. Yours sounded much warmer than mine. I was thinking about selling mine until I just heard this video. I’m hoping it’s as simple as a string change.

Chris Golden says:

More, more more freestyle guitar play please

Kadek Chandra says:

and here im playing with my apx500II 😉

Sophie Purewal says:

Great playing, I had a crack on this in the store but couldn’t afford it. Definitely gonna save for it 🙂

Alex Ackerman says:

Super jealous of your 814! Any way you could do a lesson for “Baby please don’t go” by Lightnin’ Hopkins? No one else has it quite perfect!

Evan St'os says:

Hello friend, how much is this guitar?

xexxodusx says:

I love my Taylor mini gs mahogany

Matt Peters says:

Marty. Did you do anything to your Taylor’s? Did you change action or anything else?

David Dudley says:

love that Taylor! I’ve got a 97 model 714 with a cedar top and it is my favorite guitar

Byrd Catbirddogmanthing says:

EBONY fretboard


Hello what is the song that you play in the minute 1:50 please .. it is great the song …

john matson says:

Marty, is that an electric %13 amp, or do they make acoustics, also? Thanks!

Tim Kroeze says:

Sweet sounding guitar and awesome playing! Loved the REO. Can we get a lesson on that?

Lucas Bass says:

Can you do a lesson on Achilles last stand by Led Zeppelin?

Michael says:

i have a taylor, unplugged it sounds incredible, plugged in it sounds like a piece shit not sure how to fix it, i have it through an eq at the moment which has improved it a bit but still not as good i’d hoped

C Knight says:

you are soo cool dude marty

Sejus Mai says:

that was awesome. you seemed like you where having fun. i have a Taylor 214ce and i love it, i still can’t realy play barr chords yet though lol

Candler318 says:

Tenacious D

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