Taylor Big Baby Taylor-E acoustic guitar review demo

Reviewed in Guitarist issue 395
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Joel Crow says:

This is one of the all-time best guitars. I love how easy it is to play, how balanced it’s tone is, and just overall how much it loves anything you want to play on it. This is the guitar I recommend to everyone who just wants a fun guitar to own. Great review by the way!

MrGummypanda says:

what is that name of the song. it driving me crazy

Jack Lima says:

hey guys… I am from Brazil and is so hard to find this guitar here… can you indicate a store to buy it

Chet Lim says:

hows the action on this guitar towards the end of the fretboard

Mike Pepper says:

And a well done to you, sir.

Alex Tuohey says:

Hey bud. Would you say this has sufficient enough sound for solo/duo acoustic gigs?

Jon Peters says:

I tabbed out the tune at 3:33 since there seems to be a lot of interest in it. I’m pretty sure it’s correct and has everything you need. I found out I suck at making tabs, so I only tabbed the different parts, and you can piece them together 😀

Emil Maier says:

great review. defiantly high on my wish list.

Pedro Ignacio Bravo Collado says:

It’s too modern, But i may actually like it

Aristowi says:

Does anybody know the price? I’m kinda intrigued on the more affordable/less expensive for a Taylot guitar that sounds that good plugged in.

Arbor Silver says:

What strings ? Does anyone know ?

Brandon Broadway says:

High & Dry- Coldplay

พี ปานทรัพย์ says:

4.24 What’s that song

haventgotoverit says:

The guitar worth more than my virginity

Gabriel Tam says:

Whats that song he played at 03:33?

slimdudeDJC says:

Very nice chops, btw . . .

Craig Heilman says:

I wish I could buy a cd of just this guy playing this guitar

Sergej SadVlad says:

Please Help! What’s this awesome lick on 3.26 ?

camfre4k says:

i’m looking for that punchy warm tone. will this give this to me or do I need a guitar with a bigger body ? I really like the tone but i’m not sure it’s loud enough

Glen Juego says:

Great review brother. Man from the Philippines here.. How’s the playability? Is it a high action guitar like Yamaha fg700s and F310? Thanks sir!

Emithem Channel says:

I wasn’t sure that this guitar was very great because I thought it was smaller but you definitely convinced me to get it for Christmas. You sound amazing by the way.

Mack Isenhower says:

what’s the name of the song at 3:33? please help

Relaxing Korean says:

I’m thinking about getting the hummingbird pro by epiphone or should I save the extra 200 for the taylor? Any response would be appreciated.

Ryan Hicks says:

@Relaxing Korean I would go for the Taylor in buying a big baby and I love the way it sound I would go for the Taylor I have a fender and I love it but Taylor’s are amazing man

gidsmartins says:

Does anyone know where can I get one? I mean… I live in Brazil =(

Fat Amy says:

Whats the name of the guitar that is mostly used in pop songs?? How would you know this is the guitar you want?

ParalyzedTaillow says:

What’s the last tune you played? I hear it on every acoustic guitar review video I see

Camara Rhodes says:

is this guitar like a starter guitar?

Tar Crystalline says:

Great tone. Very nicely done. Helpful review. Big props!

Defare says:

hey bro what song was that that you picked thanks

Edwin-E says:

Very good sounding guitar and nice playing too.

Ido&books | עידו וספרים says:

Tabs to 03:33!! NOW!! 🙂

Anon says:

Good overview. Seriously thinking about buying this guitar.

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