Taylor Big Baby Review – How does this acoustic guitar sound?

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More information and price… https://www.musicvilla.com/shop-online/products/string-instruments/acoustic/big-baby-taylor-bbt


Daniel Kwak says:

plz tell me;; what is the song name he’s playing between 55 seconds to 1:22 ?

Philip Frössling says:

i got the big baby a few weeks ago and tried the lower end full size taylors and found the big baby to not only sound better but also play better… save yourself a few shekels and enjoy this great sounding guitar. it plays like a dream

sicopr2003 says:

Hi , do you know if the 2014 and 2015 models still have the two screws on the fingerboard?

cain mccall says:

I hear you playing that john fahey tune. John fahey was a legend

Simón Schwenke Monteverde says:

Hi dude i would like To know wath is the firts song To te guy play? Veray blues songs

Austin Hoffman says:

Don’t buy this guitar if you play an f bar cord it has this loud metallic ringing noise to it I had to take it back.

diddlytube says:

I had one of these. I loved the electric-like feel of the neck, and the comfort of the slightly less deep body. It had a little less bass than a dreadnought, which made for great note separation — especially good for recording, since it would sit in the mix without a cloud of overtones. The neck joint was another story. I eventually grew so tired of adjusting the truss rod that I traded the guitar. Part of what made adjustment tedious was that the nut for the rod was not centered in the access hole, so getting the socket-style truss rod wrench to engage around the nut was a battle every time. (In case anybody wonders: No, I did not string it with heavier strings than the ones that came on the new guitar.) Too bad. It really was a great sounding and playing beast when it was properly set up, but I think it’s a little under-built. Ended up with a Wechter Pathmaker, which had similar virtues, without the neck vice.

Okta Viandi says:

gitar yang saya mimpikan untuk memilikinya

huggable cactus says:

Bought mine used in a pawn shop in Arizona and it sounds great, it’s an older one i think, says made in El Cajon, ca, got it for 265 bucks in great condition, it travels with me over the road and across the country

Arelys Luna says:

I love your video it so amazing how you did it in your guitar

Renata Davanzo says:

Esse violão e top ….chow de bola

Jose Luis Ramirez says:

Strum this guitar with a pick and man o man it has such an awesome sound, such a distinctive sound i swear! went back and forth from the martin dx1 , taylor 110e and this. But this guitar in particular won my ears and body for its comfort as well as rich sound. For anyone looking into getting this guitar ,give it a try and feel what i felt

ZDY says:

this 400 dollar ish guitar sounds like a 800 to a 1 thousand value guitar

Nick C says:

how is the action?

John Spencer says:

I just purchased a 2014 big baby Taylor used for $250 I have a 71 Martin D-35 and I enjoy playing the big baby Taylor better this guitar is like brand new never been played the Lord blessed me with this one

SalsaFirdausiyah says:

is it sell in indonesia?

Reuben Ellis says:

I’m really considering getting one of these (the new BBTe), mainly because I’m a student that can’t afford a top of the range Taylor but does still want a decent guitar. This seems perfect for me as it has a good electronics setup and the fact its a little bit small is something I like. Any guitar experts recommend I get something different?

Morgan423Z says:

They should make a mahogany-topped Big Baby, like they do for the GS Mini. I would love that.  

David Ciulla says:

Taylor is the best I’ve played

rmzzz76 says:

Before the GS Mini came along and rocked the world of travel guitars… The new Martin Dread Jr is really aimed to compete with the Big Baby not the GS Mini, but instead everyone compares the Dread Jr to the GS Mini….

Rockdude says:

Please what do you call the first style of playing that you played? I like it. It is used for many commercials here in US.

Kaitlyn says:

Just bought this so I had something slightly smaller and more durable for college! Love it!

Aliveindarkness says:

I’m thinking of buying one of these as my first acoustic guitar. I play an electric guitar with scale length 24-75′, so the Taylor BB’s 25.5 scale length is on par with the scale lengths I am use to.

I thought about buying the GS mini but the 23 inch scale and smaller body I feel will be too small whereas the BB is just a tad smaller than a full size guitar and normal scale length.

Yila Babilonia says:

My favorites guitars are the Taylors. Not a Martin , not a Gibson. And I don’t care if the price is high or low , they are the perfect guitar for you. And I being trying so many brands for years.

American Hunting says:

what are the names of the songs you are playing?

Kamo Matava says:

I own 2006 model, still loving it , my favorite guitar, handy ,simple, great neck and sound, im using Labella nylon strings and oh god sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet sound, its gonna be 10 years, many guitarcenters and music shops visited, still favorite piece in my guitar arsenal .

MiguelHernandez97 says:

I just bought this guitar cost me $400 plus tax I think it sounds good and everything but it gets scratched for nothing I think they are not worthed the money

Mariano Gutiérrez says:

is it american or mexican made? thanks

Elad Riss says:

what’s the first song name/tabs?

Mr Apex says:

Look. Jimmy fallon

muzikkkkk says:

if u adjust tross rod on this guitar after time would it warp the neck since it is a bolt on neck held by 2 screws….wont it rip the screw apart from the wood block inside guitar joint

Drew U says:

what do you think about the bolt on neck? I want to buy one but seeing the 2 screws on the neck kinda freaked me out.

beef wellington says:

good pickin but you need more grinin 🙂

Ser Michael says:

Which one would your recommend this BBT or the Martin Dreadnought JR. ?

Lucas Cheung says:

Since the neck is held on by screws, What’s the heaviest gauge string you would recommend putting on it?

Christopher LaMagna says:

Congratulations on the weight loss! You look great!

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