Taylor 614-CE Acoustic Guitar Review

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Acoustic Letter says:

@justgetmeaname: it’s the Taylor Expression system. The control center (volume/tone) for the internal pickup.

Kostas1601 says:

wow seems effortless to play.. sounds like heaven… now all I need is three thousand dollars

justgetmeaname says:

hihi, what are those 3 black buttons in the front for? 😀 (I know nothing about guitars btw) sorry sorry 😀

Przemek Macias says:

Tony … I’m trying to find review of Taylor 612Ce ?… not found 🙂
Reason ?
REgards Jared

johnpurchase says:

@bluegrasssingingman If taylors are garbage then what do you think is better?

Acoustic Letter says:

@justgetmeaname: it can come without Expression System, same guitar, but named GA6. and note: all Taylor’s with CE in the name are cutaways with electronics. Give us a call and ask for Blaise if you have more questions. (406) 587-4761.

gabesello says:

Ashton Kutcher? is that you?

Mrsingingdude1 says:

@CameronIsGodless Might I suggest something like the 816ce? It will produce a much richer sound than the 814ce and is louder so light strumming will still pull a beautiful sound out of it. You should check it out

andré Almeida says:

Martin OMJM ou Taylor 614ce? qual o melhor?

Colin Anderson says:

thanks Jesus!!

sditt08 says:

@bluegrasssingingman and Bob Taylor never worked for Martin Guitars. If you go to Taylor’s web site and go to their history, it tells of how Bob Taylor was making guitars since high school for himself. Thats fine if you dont like Taylors, there are so many awesome guitar companies out there that it would make sense if Taylors are not what your ear prefers. But dont start making up reasons of why you dont like them, it just makes you lose credibility when someone brings the truth to the table.

sditt08 says:

and you dont need a comma between Martin and Santa Cruz. If you would have put Blueridge in the group with those 2, than…… haha, just kidding…. then it would be accepted. i.e. Martin, Santa Cruz and Blueridge.

Acoustic Letter says:

glad you like the vids! this particular demo was one of our earlier videos (during the long-haired Tony era). Most of our more recent demos (2012 and on) range from 4-8 minutes. thanks for the insight. Cheers.

Philip Peterson says:

@bluegrasssingingman HOW DARE YOU 😛
No but why do you dislike them?

jumari63 says:

Hi thanks for the video…I am a live performer and only care about what it sounds like through the PA. I am searching for my next workhorse. Is it a system 2 pre-amp system and do you find that there is much difference in the live pick up sound between the different series? Do the different woods make a noticeable difference or do they mostly sound the same when plugged in?

David Pierson says:

What do you guys pay for a Taylor at cost? Just curious.

Pelucho says:

In version maple the best Guitar 614:) sound electroacoustic is excellent

h4ckb0x7 says:

@bluegrasssingingman I should have been more clear. Breedlove was spawned by Taylor. Larry Breedlove and Steve Henderson started the company in 1990 while working for Taylor.

133jams says:

How Much ?? 🙂

betterhope says:

@bluegrasssingingman Yes you are actually, you can’t seem to keep away from this page. I never mentioned that I liked Taylor, I just happened to be browsing through Music Villa’s videos. Your unhealthy obsession only goes to show what a sore loser you are.

123rhafe says:

Is it plugged in for the video?

sditt08 says:

@bluegrasssingingman I lied, no mention of recession in the article, Bob Taylor just gave them service work to help them as a source of capitol

h4ckb0x7 says:

@bluegrasssingingman Breedlove is made by Taylor!!!

Adrian Prath says:

Amazing guitar!

subtoxin says:

Great vids, only complaint is I wish they weren’t so brief, especially with the comparisons and demonstrations. Your vids are too damn short!

justgetmeaname says:

@musicvilladotcom Oh, sorry again. But I realized that the 614ce I saw had a black rectangle on the top which I guess is the control center. It’s the same thing right? I mean, just put at differnet places?

sditt08 says:

@bluegrasssingingman *than a Taylor, not “then” a Taylor. Unlike “then”, “than” is not related to time. “Than” is used in comparative statements. (I also found that on Google)

Roadtoconsciousness says:

@TiernanKid1576 more than 3000$

Waz Vihokrut says:

david gilmore!!!!

thempyreans says:

AGAIN – Shit video. Shit review. <3

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