Taylor 114ce – Best guitar for the money?

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B1 says:

I think it’s 1 11/16 nut,  not 1.75 like you said.  I’m confused now

Atharv Gautam says:

Will United break this one too?

Xander says:

Anyone recommend this as a first guitar for a beginner? I asked my friends and they said I should start off with a really cheap $100 guitar.

xAlerick says:

What makes a 700 dollar acoustic guitar so much better than, say, my 250 dollar Washburn acoustic?

marcusfsproductions says:

Is it possible to get one of these taylor models without pick ups?

Abhishek Gupta says:

Taylor 114ce or taylor mini-e? Recording purpose.

Andrew Diano says:

i am torn between taylor 114ce and martin gpcpa5k. Which one should i pick?

mollers92 says:

Torn between this or the Martin road series (drs1 maybe). Thoughts anyone?

James Ryan says:

hi can you tell me what the e stands for with the gs mini series is it with or without electrics

Bakti Aditya says:

What is the name of the song starting at 2.13?

howard smith says:

Nut Width 1-11/16

Esteban Gabriel Puga says:

Neumann KM what?? 108?

David Jones says:

I see you are micing the sound , which doesn’t really tell us how the pick up performs through an amp or pz

Armaghan saif says:

i have decided to skip the “sign up at the part…” because i watch alot of your videos and it gets annoying

Brandon J. LePage says:

Anyone know what mic that is??

ronsta says:

i’ve looked everywhere but can’t seem to find the names of the songs you play for testing each guitar. love them. do you have links to the names or tabs?

Dark Starla says:

Sigma for the win. I got one and I love it. Looks very simple but the sound is what really makes a guitar for me

David Benson says:

The pick up system is horrible, doesny sound like an acoustic


Dude looks like a freaking homeless guy…lose that stupid, nasty-ass beard !

James Ryan says:

one last question for you please if you don’t mind what is the best parlor . couch guitar for the money I’m considering the gs mini koa . also as I live in Ireland my access to certain models is limited . I’d appreciate your opinion I’m looking for nice bright rich tone . also do the woods used in the gs mini have any real impact on the sound quality seeing as the guitars are so small

Andrew Dubin says:

Should I get a 114ce or a 214ce? I’m torn between the two guitars!

Chris Angle says:

Can anyone tell me what song that is at 2:12 ?

Jay Kalra says:

Tony, I love you brother! But, if one were to go by how any of the guitars you have ever reviewed sound through computer speakers, they should all sell for pretty much the same price. I’m sure you know what I mean 🙂

Mr Wayne says:

I bought the Taylor 214ce deluxe. Extremely disappointed frets were uneven couldn’t find a Taylor tech in my area qualified to repair it so the warranty was useless. took it to my luthier and he evened out the frets and crowned them but now the action is too high. Barre chords are impossible. So now I’ll have to have the bridge and nut lowered once again the warranty is useless. 1200 dollars plus repairs and I still don’t have a playable instrument. I own an Epiphone AJ200 I paid less than 400 dollars for and it is twice maybe three times the guitar as the Taylor. Buying A Taylor guitar was one of the biggest wastes of money in my life. Never again

victor cm says:

is this guitar good to play fingerstyle?

NolanEP84 says:

Just bought this guitar used for $550 (excellent condition). It’s $800 brand new at all the places I saw.

Juda Camarillo says:

Hi, I want to buy a new guitar for fingerstyle, which one should I choose between Taylor 114ce and Takamine GN93ce ?

godforever27 says:

I have this guitar and love it! this taylor is a big upgrade from your average $300 acoustic. I compared this guitar to the higher end taylors and some other brands but I loved the sound of this and the 214ce better. definitely worth the money if you plan on buying a high quality acoustic.

Brian Giorgio Villones says:

Hi have you tried the yamaha ac3r if you had what’s better this taylor 114ce or the yamaha ac3r? thanks!

fartwrangler says:

With what kind/gauge of strings?

Would also have been nice to hear it played somewhere other than 1st position, or with some chords w/o open strings in them.  What’s it sound like up the neck? 

How much?

Gamer 16 says:

Where do you get it from

Blaster Joker Gamer says:


Dan Dart says:

I’m thinking of getting the 114e. don’t care for the cutaway and it’s 400cnd cheaper.

Edbrad says:

new to guitars. bought a travel fender for £120 ($160 approx) then went and played some Taylors. Omg i thought, it was amazing. I even tried some super expensive guitars of another well known brand and it sucked by comparison. The strings just feel so smooth and don’t cut you, you hardly have to press down on it, so nice to play. I feel like i must be missing something because compared to all the others I tried Taylor aren’t even most expensive and even the cheapest ones are amazing

Shankar Abburu says:

should I buy Taylor 110CE or Taylor 114CE? I know one is Dreadnought and the other is Grand Auditorium. I like bluegrass music and usually dreadnoughts are for bluegrass but 114CE has better low end. I am confused please help

Fat Kid says:

What’s the the difference between the 114ce and the 114e?

Matt Brunsdon says:

Faith guitars!! All solid woods. No laminates. Good pickups not this es2 crap tAylor insist on using.

Kevin Becerra says:

what is the song that he plays at 3:03??

Hary Freeman says:

what else you can play?

Jon Atherton says:

Great guitar, but the 114e is a better value at $200 cheaper. The only difference? No cut away. Why would a cut away be over a 3rd of the value of the guitar? Good guitars, but the 114e is best value.

sjrudebusch says:

my $150 yamaha sounds so oooooh much better…….

Travis Crook says:

its only 799.99

Tone Control says:

I can pick up the 114CE cutaway for $275 mint used. Not sure if I wanted to pull the trigger on a 114ce or go for the 214 or 314 but the price sure is fair…..decisions……

Mh. A says:

You look like Ashton Kuctcher 😀

Jerome Dechant says:

I like the sound of this guitar. What is the action like? Most of the acoustic guitars I’ve tried come from the factory with what I consider pretty high action. Why is that? Electric guitars are typically much easier to play because they have lower action, when set up right.)

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