Takamine GN10CE-NS Electro Acoustic Guitar Review

The Takamine GN10CE-NS Electro Acoustic Guitar in Natural Satin delivers a powerful jumbo projection in a scaled-down form – Takamine’s proprietary NEX body style -, combining comfortable playability with epic power, see the full details here.


Gian Mikaelo Alegre says:

Hey, can you guys please do a review of the Takamine GN93ce NEX

DriftwoodBeachMom says:

Very good review. Thanks. I have the Takamine EG363SC and fell in love with its sound from the start! Was comparing a lower end Martin, a higher-end Ibanez, and a Seagull. This Tak was in the same price range. One of the sales people came into my acoustic room and while I was playing the Martin, he picked up this Tak and played it. Granted, he was a much better musician than I was, but he really brought out more of the versatility in sound of this one. I would definitely buy anther Tak.

Gary Wellings says:

Mic vs preamp comparison then both..great job.I hear that tin tin

Raffael Brum says:

make a crafter lote de SP review please

Jose Velez says:

The Takamine has a beautiful sound if you listen to the cords carefully rich insound you can play any song you like on this guitar for the price that you’re paying for this guitar you cannot beat it this guitar sounds like a more expensive guitar of course I love Martin guitars and Gibson guitars I have many different types of guitars from Gibson to Martins to Ibanez two other models too much to put here but this guitar is beautiful I have one of these myself and I can make it talk every time I pick her up it makes Magic thank you for sharing I highly recommend this guitar been playing since the age of eight years old I usually don’t make comments on guitars everybody’s got their preferred guitar I love Gibson guitars Yamaha guitars Martin guitars and many different brands this particular guitar very sweet-sounding let’s put it this way when I play it no matter if it’s country music or Freebird or Eagles or James Blunt it will make you cry that’s how beautiful it sounds

waiotahi52 says:

I have just bought a second one of these things because of the reviews and it has that same weird noise from the two thin strings that this one has. Am I the only one who can hear it?

Robert Okayama says:

Waiting for mine coming soon.

Ángel Castellanos Martínez says:

I dont see.the.guitar and price on the link. Whats the price, please?

lovewalruss says:

great review thanks, is this a solid top guitar?

Toth Istvan says:

bloody hell, this sounds really nice and clear …

roslee sulong says:

I have a question, i have an acoustic takamine GD10-Ns and i wanna play guitar like u, using the condenser mic. Can i connect the mic direct to the music speaker?

Aymen KHAMLICHI says:

If you had to chose between this and the GD11MCE, which one would you get and why?

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