Squier SA-105 Acoustic Guitar Review

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The Squier SA-105 acoustic guitar is a great guitar for beginners, thanks to its comfortable playability, excellent build quality, and awesome tones. As you’d expect from a company with extensive experience in producing instruments of the finest quality at affordable prices, this acoustic is an absolute steal.


Antal Nagy says:

I bought this guitar now more than 2 years ago because a friend told me that is the best I can buy for 100$. I’m a beginer and I had to change the chords because for my fingers were to hard so I bought a D’adario ultra light chords (09 -48), and now I use a (10-52) Earnie Ball light chords and it sounds great. It is a good choce for a cheap guitar. I tried more expensive guitars (300$) also in guitar shops and I realize that it is not to much differences betwen those and this cheap (100$) Squier. For this price it was the best choice for me as beginer. So I recomand. If you want performance or you are a profesional guitar player, chose other guitars (600$ or more). But if you are a beginer and want a cheap acoustic 4/4 guitar whici sounds great, just buy a Squier. Since I have it I learned a lot of worship songs and I spend great time with this guitar praising the Lord of Lords. Glory to be Him.

Semih Tüdcaroğlu says:

Can a left handed SA-105 easy be turned to right handed. Does it make any problem ?

Rares Barbuceanu says:

Is the Squier SA-105CE worse, the same or better than the one in the video?

Rakesh Moharana says:

sir is there any pick up or output jack in this guitar?

Ron Ryan says:

Are you sure they are as you say ‘die-cast’ machine heads?, they look like ‘tin-backs’ to me.

Rakesh Das says:

sir,f310 vs sa105 which is best??plz suggest me sir……….i havenot any idea which is best choice for overall?

Rivius says:

Very decent guitar – for that price.

jatin Khadtale says:

I bought this

Ralph Green says:

Saw this at a boot fair for 40 good deal?

sanmoy mitra says:

you play so beauticfully man!! <3 #goodvibes

Andreja Dzonkic says:

Why is there such a loud squeeking noise every time you move your left hand?

DavidosFree says:

Hello great guitar and material, i have a question, what a name of song ?? 🙂

Pranshu Bangar says:

should i buy squier fender sa105 or yamaha f310

Maxine Ike says:

Is this a 4/4 or a 3/4?

Giwrgos Gln says:

how do you change batteries on this

Em JHu says:

Could anybody please tell me the exact thickness of the body?

Zacx says:

I tried this one in my local guitar shop. And i must say this guitar has a good sound for it price!

GeoTraveller India says:

what’s about cort AD810????

Jakub Jabłoński says:

What strings do you use?

delosleo says:

This guitar is horse shit

RUTH says:

I bought the guitar,but I don’t know how to play it:( can u show me some lessons

NatZki says:

this is exactly my acoustic guitar.,haha

No name No name says:

What is the best string for guitar anyone?

Sebastian Szymański says:

This is not a review. These are specs of the guitar and a sound test.

Rahul Maurya says:

I wnt to buy GUITAR as a beginner so i thought to buy FENDER bt i m quite confuse btw fender sa105 n fender fa100.wht would u choose n why?

Craig Warner says:

Enjoy what review? You just told us what it would say in a brochure and played a little. Do you know what a review is? Or is this just a vehicle to say “look at me,I can play guitar, look how good I am”? . Proper reviews please.


Nice play

Goca Torbica says:

Name song?Please?

ahmed says:

Is it nylon or metal??

mahadev dash says:

Sir, but why don’t they have this product on fender official website , because I was all set to buy this from an online store and then just out of curiosity I wanted to look at SA105 in Fender’s website but I couldn’t find this

Konstantine Guruli says:

Hello! Thanks for the video. Which is better option fro Irish Folk Fender SA-105 or Yamaha F310?

Aarrif Umar says:

Sir which one is better?
Cort ad810e or Fender sa 105

Brain Water says:

fender sa 105 ce electro acoustic or lâg t66A ?
please answer me !!!!!

prajayf says:

Ive heard this guitar and seen a few reviews of it, you guys make it sound so much better than it really isnt. 🙂

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