Seagull vs Gibson … Acoustic guitar shootout………RESULTS

Here are the results from the Seagull vs. Gibson Acoustic guitar shootout. Dave Whipple


L'Quik Shrtz says:

Fuck… i failed miserably… Gibson sounds really punchy and midrange, Seagull wormer dark sound, a blend between both would sound great

paul schuetz says:

Damage way to easy

Divakaran Reddy says:

Great Video, thank you..i have been fortunate to own a 1996 seagull s6 rosewood cw duet and a 2002 cameo artist cw..i got it right seagull has a unique warm sound..tks

Роман says:

Most of people just chose the TONE they like and decided that it is the expensive guitar. It doesn’t mean that Seagull’s SOUND QUALITY is better, it means that they don’t know the Gibson’s TONE. I have never played Gibson, but I recogonized it’s TONE (not SOUND QUALITY) very easily, ’cause I watched some guitar reviews before. The SOUND QUALITY is hard be assessed when watching youtube video, especially by bang for the buck guitar players. To recogonize Gibson’s TONE is an easy task, but most of them failed.

Fat Sugar Salt says:

seagulby a wing

Jenna Ley says:

I got it right

BurritoStrafe says:

Squire Start or Epiphone Les Paul Jr ? for a player switching from acoustic

miamistomp says:

Even tho 70s gibsons were not generally that great due to heavy bracing–it still sounds way better than then boxy, muffled Seadull
The Gibson will sound even better with Martin Retro or the Ernie Ball aluminum strings

john gudgeon says:

if buying, would have bought A purely on sound quality. Typical.

matt wise says:

Jonesen for another video.


Thank you for making this video. I think the bottom line is with modern technology, research and development, a company like Seagull can offer a very good guitar at a very fair price. Taking nothing away from Gibson, if I were gigging at the local bar, I know which guitar I would be taking and the minuscule difference in tone would likely be unnoticed by anyone. Besides, I think the wider neck is really comfortable!

rockinfender93 says:

I like them both but I think I like the seagull more

Kevinpaul says:

I have a Seagull and I love it. The cedar top goes on long way. I have a new 2017 Martin D28 and I am trilled with it too. They are night and day. Both stay in tune and both cover my moods. I take the Seagull on plane trips to Paris or London and nothing bad happens. I know that my Martin will be destroyed.

paul schuetz says:

I have a Gibson j 35 and a seagull And I love both. Thing I don’t like about the seagull tho I love the sound is the soft ceder tops is they would never live as long as the Gibson you have still does. Temp solution. Not a hand me down after 30 years

Jack Shaw says:

….All Acoustic parts in the song are done with my Seagull S6 …….. I ran it through a compressor to get the rich sound… Love Seagulls!…. I believe Seagull and Godin Guitars are a good investment and will appreciate in value one day, after everyone realizes what they could have had for the reasonable price they were once offered…

Jack Shaw says:

Glad to see the results!… Usually I don” like to be wrong, but in this case, I am so glad I was…. The Seagull was a mellower sounding Guitar…. I love Seagull and Godin Guitars……. I went to pick a few things up at the Big-box Music store, yesterday and went into the acoustic guitar room… They had all the low-end Taylors and Martins there for you to play…. I tried a few and decided I would not trade my Seagull S6 Coastline, for any Martin or Taylor I tried out…. Ain’t never going to happen!…. Here is my Seagull guitar recorded on and old Fuji camera on the back porch…. I think it has great qualities and sounds better, today, than when I bought it……

CJinAsia says:

Love seagulls, especially the S6 Cedar.  Great fingerpicking guitar.  The Gibson would be great for country flat picking.

terry mise says:

I could tell that B was the seagull right away, love that deep mellow woodsy sound. Just recently bought a Seagull Coastline S6 Cedar GT. Curious as to what strings you were using on the Seagull??

Mario Vaillancourt says:

Wow the Gibson sounds much clearer and Harmonic My best choice is Gibson

Grigory Borzov says:

I was not sure but I much more preferred Guitar A sound. However I’ve got the idea – both are quite nice sounding and the difference is question of taste. And it also depends on application. But IMHO Gibson is more suitable for recording as you will have to massively high-pass Seagull’s low end and heaviy compress it to get the percussiveness.

Thank you for the video!

MarcusTrygg Official says:

More balance in the Seagull but I think the Gibson was the one speaking to me!
But best would have been my own Martin D35

Carlo Girardello says:

seagull has more bass eq, but the gibson has richer harmonics and sustain

Richard Sneed says:

wow, I was wrong. I thought the brighter sound was coming out of seagull. I actually prefer the more mid rangey sound of the seagull!

J B says:

I love Seagulls, but I think the Gibson sounded better hands-down. The Seagull didn’t sound warm to me, it sounded muddled. I think what we are hearing here may be the difference between Seagull’s cedar top and what I assume is a spruce-top Gibson. Cedar responds well to finger picking but can become compressed with harder strumming. The good news is that in the $400 range you can choose between a Seagull cedar-top S6 model (the one in the demo, I think) or Seagull’s new 2018 Entourage models which appear to be spruce now (they were cedar topped as of last year.).

James Holsinger says:

You can tell which is which by the peg head!!!!

Joe Mamma says:

My favorite guitar for the money that took me years to find is the Martin D16H….

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