Santa Cruz H13 Sunburst ★ Guitar Review

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Santa Cruz H13 Sunburst ★ Guitar Review


Trigenetic says:

If you dont mind me asking, which guitar(s) comes close to the tone on these but with a better price? Preferably with a short scale. I also love the Vintage southerner

KommammoK says:

jaw dropping

gwawd says:

beautiful guitar! what microphone is used here?

berkeleybernie says:

My favorite SCGC guitar I’ve ever played is a 2013 H-12 with Adirondack top, out of a few dozen they had in that shop. Couldn’t afford $5,800 + tax, so got a good deal on a used OM Custom, also a winner. Their parlor guitars are beauties.

joeherrjr says:

Wow, that sounds amazing! Maybe my ears are playing tricks on me.

Jeremiah Wilson says:

Big sandy river??? Ive laid a couple them “tracks” in my time. Ive sinced renamed them Stinky Poo Blues.

jeppep95 says:

Can guitars be objectivly better or is everything subjective?

skiboden says:

The 1929 mahogany series are my favorite !!

Trigenetic says:

Had the pleasure of playing 3 different SC today, they all sounded amazing! To bad the price range was 5k cause i wanted it

hapshan says:

MSRP: Not for you

Mark Bush says:

Does this guitar really cost $17k? Is it that good?

David Pike says:

What strings are on this H13?

TorontoLarrivee says:


Kris Talens says:

Can you please review the SQOE guitar? Thank you so much.

David Pike says:

When I first turned this on, I couldn’t understand your comments about volume.  Then I watched your hands and realized you were barely touching it.  Well, my volume was set to 67%, and even at that setting, this H13 was almost as loud as a lot of bigger guitars at full volume.  So yes, you got it absolutely right.  Also, the single chord strums show us an amazing balance across the strings,  I’m sold.  I wonder what I can sell to scrape up that much cash …

BANANA!!!!! says:

Is it steel or is it nylon, or both lol

Mark Allen says:

I love the rope binding and never seen a small body acoustic with that much depth. Awesome guitar

Scott Hunter says:

This is an amazing sounding guitar! What power and versatility! I played a “standard H13 several years ago, but I couldn’t afford the $4800 asking price. I have owned two SC’s — a 12-fret OOO and an OMPW, but I found I needed 14 frets on the OOO, and the string spacing at the bridge on the OMPW was too narrow for my fingerpicking style. Still, SC make great guitars. They strive for the Martin sound (I own 3 of those!) on most of their models, but surpass them when it comes to fit and finish. Of course you pay for all that hands-on attention…

Khoa Pham says:

what’s the name of the song after big sandy river?

jammybilly says:

Wow! This guitar has become one of my best EVER favourites! What great sound and SO loud. I just listened to the Taylor 710e review before this (and that sounded good) and I didn’t adjust my volume and this was much louder. Love the look too. Thanks Tony! I’ll be listening to this one a few times I think!

Jabberwocky says:

Great demo, Tony. You’ve sold me on the SCGC H13. And Mark Bush, the new $17.5K H13 that you spotted has Brazilian Rosewood back and rim. That contributes to its mark up. The Euro Spruce/ Figured Mahogany H13 shown comes in under $6K, if I am not mistaken.

Krusty Buzzard says:

I have a d28 and also a B 25 Gibson I much prefer the smaller b25 to sit and pick quietly.its so comfortable.

K Rusoff says:

I’ve owned a lot of very nice guitars, and I currently own four very nice Martins and a 2001 12 fret Santa Cruz 000.  I’m a Martin guy, but the Santa Cruz probably is the one I would keep if I could have only one, due to its great tone, playability, build quality, and versatility.  I highly recommend checking out Santa Cruz guitars.  Dave Rusoff, Helena.

Robert Falconer says:

Awesome, keep up the great work Tony..

Joseph Smith says:

How often do you buy guitars ❤️☮️

Bob Boitt says:

What a beauty! You can hear the deep bass notes ring.

NijaBoiTellEm says:

It’s nice to hear these familiar tunes. The H13 sounds fantastic.

Steve Wohlford says:

The bloom of strummed chords is incredible.

Acousticmarine says:

Played one a few years ago at “The White House of Music” in Waukesha, WI. It is one of the best guitars I have ever played, I still want one but will have to part with some other favorites to get this one.

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