REVIEW: Recording King RPH-05 Acoustic Parlor Guitar

A review of the Recording King “Dirty Thirties” RPH-05 Parlor-size Acoustic Guitar. Simply an awesome guitar for the money! For the full write-up:

This is my second Recoding King guitar I have purchased. I am not affiliated with Recording King in any way, but they make great guitars for the budget-conscious!


Ziggy Freecloud says:

Just bought this for my son’s birthday. It’s his second guitar, and it was only £80, but it sounds amazing. I can’t believe how good it is for the price. My son loves it. Obviously when my lad gets a guitar I get one too and I’m loving playing it.

robicool says:

I just bought one of these little babies today. Fresh out the box (or off the music shop wall) it plays great. The action is perfect, no adjustment needed. The strings seem really good, and the overall finish is pretty darn good. I might polish the satin out though… it’s a bit rough in some spots. I think a semi-gloss finish would look cool on this kinda guitar.

Anyway, it sounds really nice in person. It’s pretty fuckin loud if you give it some, you know? It’s not as beefy as a dread but that’s part of the charm of a parlour. Likewise for gentle fingerpicking it’s clear and sweet. I’ve been playing guitar for 8 years (mainly classical but I like to noodle on a steel string) and I’ve played a lot of expensive guitars, but this is the one I walked out with.

Vigilant Lance Clegane says:

Hey asshole, don’t touch the trim! Hahaha, like this guitar. it’s pretty good.

baliscotsurf says:

Nice..Haole boy!!

holyfiregermany says:

could anybody compare to the gretsch Jim Dandy?

Ricgard Smith says:

pretty good, does not stay in tune well

softhands baker says:

How’s the setup have you had any problems so far . great video

David Philips says:

Hey there, I have a question. Could you tell me if the soundhole is standard size or is it smaller? I was looking at one of these for travelling and the Harley Benton CLF 200 too. I have a soundhole pickup I want to put in it and the smaller soundholes on some small guitars don’t fit. Tnx. DP:)

Andy Lee says:

Just picked up one of these beauties today at guitar center for 99 bucks on sale for the Fourth of July, sounds awesome and looks great too thanks for the good honest review friend

Peter Linnenbank says:

I love how you play slack-key guitar in the style of Raymond Kane on this. Great little guitar and great playing!

JRG2733 says:

Nice. If you’re mediocre, then I aspire to mediocrity. But I wish reviewers of small instruments would attend to key dimensions and playability, obviously nut-width, neck profile, and fretboard radius. Many buyers of small guitars have small hands, so fingering ease ranks even above sound. (You can’t hear what you can’t play!) Luckily, your website reveals the nut width as 1-11/16.

rollingleaf71 says:

is that ok for strumming?

Sam Al says:

How is the action on this guitar when it came out of the box ? and what string gauge come with it ?

James McCutcheon says:

Nice. what’s the piece you are finger picking nice tune!

Kevin Severson says:

Played one, hated it.

Matthew Grow says:

Great review, I saw this guitar for sale somewhere and was looking for reasons I didn’t need to spend my money…This video just crushed anything I could come up with. Just take my money!

Jody Peralta says:

ordered one from guitar Center came to me horrible buzzing on strings shouldn’t they adjust the guitar before sending it to me

Joseph Livingston says:

Thank you for the straightforward and informative quick/dirty review. I really appreciate the way you mentioned the concerns you had about the guitar because I had all of the same concerns, and now all questions have been answered. After watching your review, I am pretty much sold on the guitar. I will be checking out your website as well. Thanks A Bunch!

Boncho Danchev says:

How is this guitar compared to yamaha f310 and takamine gd10 ,i’m looking for a beginner guitar.I want to use it mostly for fingerpicking and maybe blues. I’d like to hear some opinions on my question. Thanks in advance!

softail springer says:

I just recently bought one and amazed at the quality for the price. I find however when playing hard with a flat pick The sound is not great. I’m used to playing a Gibson J 45 and it only gets bigger and fuller the harder you play. I’m thinking about going with heavy gauge strings and raising the action. Has anyone tried that?

Count Von D says:

This guitar trumps any parlor-sized guitar I’ve ever played. I’m sure there is some obscure boutique parlor that is better but this is an outstanding guitar period – no “for the money” qualifier. $100 used and it’s my go-to and always beside me at home. This, a Seagull Entourage, a Mexi Tele, a Squier Bronco bass, and a Seagull Merlin complete my arsenal.

Tai Oliveira says:

Creepy to see a headless guy making a review, but nice review. Next time, please show your face! hahah

Bart Boeckler says:

The Jim Dandy is much dirtier!

Dan Stout says:

Picked one up over the weekend at GC for $100 used. Never heard of this model. I can tell you I would put it up against any lower line Taylor and most lower end Martins. I played them all and kept coming back to this one. The action is insanely good. Not a ton of bottom end but the mids project like crazy. It sits in my parlor and I want to pick it up and play it every time I see it. Highly recommended even at new price. Excellent build and nice Kluson style tuners.

aaronredcat says:

Nice slack key!

Kervin Rodriguez says:

I want one, Father’s Day is coming soon

Pelu Maad says:

I’m looking at it thinking Lemon and Patton….sounds kinda muddy for old blues……really nice for slack key….

WysteriaGuitar says:

Should I get this or the Gretsch Jim Dandy?

jack mufflez says:

How do you think it would feel for slide guitar?

Francikakatangi says:

Hi how is the action of this guitar? I’m looking for a low action!

Kirby Nils says:

appears to have good action.  that’s what I worry about but I also know Greg Rich is behind these designs and he knows what he’s doing

TheGorgeramirez says:

Whats the best string for this gutair in your opinion? i play alot of classic stuff like stand by me and elvis. My friene had a gutair with metal and nylon string on his i thought it sounded great do you think i could do that to mine?

Kyle M says:

You make this sound awesome!  I was disappointed with mine, sounded very boxy to me when strumming.  I ended up removing a ton of bracing from the inside of the guitar and it sounds a lot better to me now, and doesn’t seem to suffer from any warpage about 6 months later

Shane Battelle says:

Can you play all styles on this guitar or is it more for blues? Thxs!

Melissa Epps says:

I also have this guitar and i think it’s a wonderful alternative to my massive Gibson j200 but I have noticed that it’s prone to “killing puppies” aka the squeaks from sliding on the strings. If anybody has any tips on how to prevent them, I would love to hear it.

Steve Dyer says:

I put Elixir Nanowebs on mine and I can’t put it down!

Humanfactor says:

I also have this guitar and it is a great value… sounds comparable to my Martin 000-15s ! Which is a pretty damn good sounding guitar. Great for fingerpicking, Hawaiian style (like in this video) , and just overall easy to play. I highly recommend for anyone (beginner to pro).

Aaron B. Thompson Music says:

Couldn’t agree more about the shocking volume that came out of this little guitar. Haven’t been able to put it down since it arrived.

Shuo Li says:

What are the songs youre playing? Very beautiful

Rikenrocker says:

Just bought one a month ago. Had to replace nut and bridge to make it playable. Hated to loose the bone. Action was just too high. Plays great now.

John Valenti says:

Do you ting this is a bet better than the Gretsch Jim Dandy?  Give or take $50.00/USD – I’m thinking this is a better axe.  Also, do you know if any good hardshell cases by chance?  

Kirby Nils says:

how do the tuners work ?

winterlandboy says:

right at the very beginning of your playing,it sounded like you were about to pay Fortunate Son, by  CCR

Jelly Fish143 says:

I don’t really know much about guitars but I’ve been wanting to learn for a while now so I bought one at a garage sale for $40. Now that I’ve seen the reviews it makes me happy I got it.

Dieter Krauss says:

What strings brand and gauge are you using on this video? Also, did you end up putting elixir strings?
Also where do you think I could find a hard case for it?

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