Review Of Ample Guitar T Acoustic Guitar VI

Russ takes a look at the Ample Guitar T Acoustic Guitar virtual instrument in this extended video review. Check out what he thinks playing a guitar VI when he owns the real guitar!


Raúl T. says:


Ankhuush Bazukh says:

Great plugin!

Larry Lynch says:

Is it work with Logic ? how to install it inside logic ?

CharlBrazle says:

Is it possible to strum the input being played on a keyboard? For instance if I play the chord C on my keyboard I want the plugin to strum that chord for me? The only way it seems to use the strum function is by selecting chords by hand, mapping them to specific keys? Not really what I want when I know what chord I want to input and strum directly 🙁

tinotendaishe matyavira says:

ya cool

Arbitrary Renaissance says:

So to get this VI, do I have to get Pro Tools? I can’t find an option to get it anywhere. EDIT: I found it.

Buried With You Music says:

OMG. this is amazing. but id rather get a good mic and play it myself

Jackie Gajjar says:

where can I find this

simon nahar says:

hey could you please tell my how to get pro tools for free??

Curtis Griffin says:

Other guitar programs out there are
1. GD-6
2. Acoustic Lite
3. Evolution Acoustic Guitar
4. Strummaker
5. Poetic Guitar
6. ilya Efimov
7. Session Guitarist Strummed Acoustic made by Native Instruments

K-Fusion says:

Is this plugin free?

kiran phalke says:

Does it have a pattern mode like Music labs real guitar? Can we play 7/4 or 6/8 and 3/4 patterns on this?

Curtis Griffin says:

I’d like to know if any of you purchased this software and if it’s as good as the video makes it to be. 
Also, has anyone used it in Windows 8 and how user friendly is it with other programs like Pro Tools?

krischin says:

Good sound for a VST… only concern is that in strummer are you limited to only 12 chords or can you add more? If not that’s kinda lame…

Μανώλης Δεμέτζος says:

Is there a possible way to turn into 12-string mode?

Max Chatsky says:

How to make Drop D, Drop C and etc?

dubb stylee says:

Is this a plugin that can be used with pro tools?

ENDEAVOR- Ambient Artist says:

downloaded the bass and guitar lite versions and it will NOT let me change to strum or chord modes HELP!!!!!!!

Terry50 Flat Earth #316 says:

How many different patterns (not including variations) does this have?

Fernando Serpa says:

Very nice job questiion in mine computer it shows the plug-in in pro tools 10 ang logic but in cubase 7.5 it wont show any ideas how to install in cubase . Tks

Aman Kalbekov says:

how can i get it?

지노바넬리 says:

how to use vibrato

Dirk Jürgens says:

very nice tuorial. Great. Wich music-program do you use?.

William Cardoso says:

You won a subscriber from Brazil! Thank you so much for share this vst! Can I use in FL Studio?

Graham Wilson says:

This is the coolest thing ever..thanks again russ

Алексей Прокопенко says:

Does it recognise chords by thirds? For example when I’m playing on many other virtual Guitar tools I can get C maj with just holding both C(tonic) & E(third) Notes, and I get Am with A(tonic) & C(third).

I’m asking this because I would like to own this tool but I know some software still uses unsuitable technique to recognise Chords something like as this => to get Am you need to hold A+ Ab.

Nikola Popovic says:

Is this better than Real Guitar Vst ? 🙂

frank simba says:

does anyone have the download link cant seem to figure out which one it is on their website

Kaminari says:

Wow! Its the best acoustic guitar VST that I have seen! Thank you!

Levina Records says:

yes please i really really want these vst instrument..don’t know where to buy it from..

Curtis Griffin says:

I love what I’m hearing here but the price is a little outrageous for a non commercial company.  Strummed Acoustic by Native Instruments sounds amazing too but theirs is only 99 bucks, AND I know for sure it’s compatible with my interface.  The only thing is I haven’t seen any of the features on it that compares to Ample Guitar which is why I haven’t bought Strummed Acoustic yet.  Will someone please give me their take on comparison of AMPLE GUITAR vs STRUMMED ACOUSTIC

LOL Haha says:

how do you play chords in this video? do you connect AGT with logicpro or fl studio to “press” play?

Jasper says:

Does this VST work with logic Pro ?

Mau Araya says:

It sounds and looks outstanding, but i have a question, How am i supposed to play the strum chords but with the top note that i need on the chord? I mean i saw in the video that you can choose the inversion of the chord, but what about the top note/soprano? thats really important because you need to play a melody in every chord too. I hope you can answer me.

Kim Westwood says:

Check out Native Instrument Strummed Acoustic, its awesome and great for those who do not use midi keys

Marcelino Batista says:

hey Brother excellent fabulous very very very good, i just would like to know where and how can I get that vst please I really need it please i would be appreciate if you can help me please, would be great, and than you for the tutorial than you brother.

Mark Andersson says:

Well I tried to buy this, but the web site was just too confusing so I move on.

Dave Bliss says:

Wow very impressive for a VST plug. Sounds too good really.

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