PRS SE Angelus Review – A Great Affordable Guitar?

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Marin Bencic says:

song on 3:40? 😐 sound’s amazing to me 😀

Daniel Mackintosh says:

Is this the SE Angelus Standard or Custom?

Sunburst1989 says:

sounds great ! Of course it doesn´t sound lika a 2000€ Martin but I havent heard a better sounding guitar for this price. All Prs SE Guitars offer just amazing quality for their price. Love Em

givemeajackson says:

have you guys bashing it even played one? it sounds and plays absolutely awesome!

Richards Guitars says:

I just had my first experience of this guitar. Total trash. terrible geometry. poor sound. Heavy lacquer. I don’t think the back and sides are solid. I am.sure i specced it online but maybe I was wrong? bottom line for 700 UK pounds you can get so much more guitar by avoiding the prs badge.

bjdenil says:

I like these guitars a lot and you get a lot of bang for your buck but the price range puts it in steep competition with some amaizing guitars $700-$1000. Deffinitly a unique voice though, so it should find a place amoung the cheeper Taylors and Martins not to mention top of the line Yamaha and other guitars right in that range. Just saying… lots of competition. Seagull, Takamine, Ibenez, Breedlove, Guild, and more all have great guitars at that pricepoint.

NaZ Sassine says:

What is that technique your using at the beginning when your playing the bass line and the melody at the same time?

The Knealing says:

its laminate back and side i believe

Boon Vang says:

Good review, don’t like the sound all that much

Mike Adams says:

could you do a PRS SE Angelus Vs Taylor 110l?  

Muhlis rizky says:

name of the song on 4.06?

elephantfeet says:

What model is this? It’s not A30E?

Rick Ferguson says:

I wish you would have reviewed the SE Custom Angelus

manofrock07 says:

Bought one yesterday at GC. Its really amazing I played everything in the acoustic room in the $600-$1000 price range and kept coming back to this one .

Marjan Joksimovic says:

the sides of this guitar is laminated, not solid wood

William Mccormick says:

I wish you would do some videos of Zager Guitars

paul smith says:

These guitars are already going up in price.   seriously, i have never heard a better guitar on the acoustic letter…..grab these before they sell out.

Christian Mayes says:

Owned a SE Angelus Custom. The sound if you are finger pick is amazing. I sold it due to 2 facts, I suck at finger picking and the neck was too thick/deep for my liking. But then again if I was classically trained and could finger pick like Tony McManus this would be the best guitar bar none. I have this sneaking suspicion that I will own another one of these in the next few years, they are just great and interesting guitars.

Wong gee says:

Should I get one of these or the Taylor 114ce?

TheAngello120 says:

I just returned my mahogany A10E angelus, these guitars for me have a serious flaw,the frets are minute compared to other acoustics,nay even electrics there just is no meat on them at all to dig in and trill or bend,the sound was very good and the action a little high but the tiny frets kill them for me,also the micro pots in the sound hole are not such a good plan if you want to fit a hole blank, you can always reduce frets,but you can’t add on and a refret on a new guitar? no way so by buy,sadly. It is after all a Korean built prs,and as I own a studio electric my expectations were high.

Der Thomas says:

Nice guitar and Nice playing dude

曹議文 says:

It actually has a laminated mahogany side.

Guitarhero980 says:

How does it sound plugged in?

TheD33pthawt says:

These acoustics from PRS are AMAZING! I have played a few examples, they sound and play WAY better than a Marin X. They are right in line with a Taylor 200 series.

Robby Rogers says:

Great video review.  It really captures the sound of this guitar.  I just purchased the same model at a local PRS dealer.  They had it marked down to $299 so I couldn’t resist!  A brand new PRS SE Angelus acoustic w/ electronics and a hardshell case for 300 bucks.  Deal of the year for me!

5aled almkzomy says:

Hi G’day, I just I wanted to ask if you guys have a lefthand version of SE Alex Lifeson Signature Acoustic guitar or any other lefty guitar? Thank you in advance

Diego Perez says:

for a low end guitar, its Pretty darn Goood!

Tomás Richmond says:
Апостол Апостолов says:

Asian guitars are always suspicious, but I must admit that this one sounds really great. Korea makes super quality stuff. Think about Samsung, LG etc.

Manuel Antonio says:

I have one of these guitars on my hand i am so happy with it!!
The sound is amazing 🙂 love it..

Branden Hylton says:

song at 5:41?

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