PRS SE A15AL Alex Lifeson & AE10E acoustic guitar review demo

Reviewed in Guitarist magazine issue 394.
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5aled almkzomy says:

Hi G’day, I just I wanted to ask if you guys have a lefthand version of SE Alex Lifeson Signature Acoustic guitar or any other lefty guitar? Thank you in advance

jimi hendrix says:

Is this that “guitar skeptic” guy that buys all those Chinese guitars?

thebarcodestv says:

For sitting at home the all mahogany is the ticket
To play live obviously the Alex Lifeson is the one

DMSProduktions says:

Both are nice, but the AE10E is much nicer sounding. Better spread of frequencies! The AL model is a lot thinner sounding.

Michael J. Schmieder says:

I wish all reviews were this articulate and to the point. The format and presentation are really well done.
I agree with another commentator, I like the looks of the A15AL – but the AE10E is just honey.

David German says:

Great playing and review. Both guitars sound great!

locksh says:

Incredible demo, wish there were more videos like this. Great playing and commentary.

Blue Boy says:

I wish half the reviews on YouTube were this well put-together and informative. Thank you!

Richard Lunn says:

I’ve got the se10 in tobacco sunburst it’s the cheapest in the se acoustic range but can’t fault it very well made and sounding for the price just need to learn to play like the look and sound of Alex lifeson model great video thanks

jdj62464 says:

This is the right way to do a comparison of a two guitars (or anything for that matter)!!! GREAT JOB! I hate when someone “tries” comparing say two guitars,amps or pedals and play’s one in a slow finger picking style, then demo’s the other one with everything set at 11 pounding out power chord as fast as they can. Then say “you can really hear/tell the diffidence between the two”. WTF??? Again GREAT JOB & thanks.

Tyler says:

Btw I held one at a rush concert where PRS Had a booth setup and it’s a lovely feeling guitar. I only strummed a couple chords so I didn’t embarrass myself with someone else playing hemispheres next to me. The PRS employee I talked to was very helpful. Gave me some info about the sound of the 58/15s.I have a 30th anniversary with 85/15s and wanted to know how the other ones compared and he was extremely helpful. Wish I remembered his name.

firdaus22 says:

emm..i think my Cort guitar sounds better.

David Brown says:

No Good… Spend more money  and buy a nice guitar if you are going to spend your time and effort learning to play. Cheap sounding. JMO!

ruscoe lee says:

Pity they didn’t sound test the PRS guitars against the cheaper electro acoustics mentioned in the mag.
It might say PRS on the headstock but these two aren’t worth the money.

Chuck Hughes says:

Thank you… I’ve been looking for a quality review on these guitars. Very well done!!!

rolando0572 says:

the strings gauge for this guitar ..

Charles Cohoon says:

Excellent demo thanks! What are your thoughts comparing these to the Standard?

I’ve owned McPhersons, Taks, etc. and my daily player currently is a Taylor 710ce (Spruce / Rosewood). I’m looking for something to replace my Seagull beach guitar. I love the tone of the A10 Hog! If it sounds even close to how you have it dialed in it’s a steal for $600!

What is the chain you have it running through? I’m a tenor, so I don’t mind a more mid-ranged guitar tonally.. it still sits well with my voice. I’m a vigorous strummer and use cut capos fairly liberally.

Thanks for the feedback.


ai siju says:

GREAT video, great review and as usual GREAT PLAYING! I really love all your vids! Best regards from Switzerland

Corey Tando says:

Very nice, I also think the AE10E sounded a little warmer.
I did pick up a new SE Angelus Standard a short time back, very nice guitar, and also my first acoustic.
Have many PRS electrics, but decided to get an acoustic too, and I am glad I went with another PRS.

Erik Brown says:

personally preferred the A15AL out of the two but neither seemed to have much depth. the AE10E sounded muddy and notes were muffled. to me, neither had richness or character. maybe sound better in person?. great review and nice playing!

The Larch says:

Mahagony sounds so much better

Alexander J. Antillano P. says:

Overview from 0:00 to 2:50
Demo starts at 2:51

beautiful tone.

Tyler says:

I did this test blindly since I was typing before I heard it and the AL sounded better. The first one sounded bright (although mahogany) I’m wondering if people are letting their eyes influence the sound. Because I was saying Alex should have gone with mahogany to give it some warmth but when I said the first one sounded bright and it was the mahogany I was surprised. Both sound decent.

Jenna Baylis says:

Where can I buy the AE10E guitar??

Chris Erb says:

It’s amazing how different they sound!

Craig Chalmers says:

Might be silly question but I love the look of the AE10E but online all i’m finding is the A10E. Are they the same guitar???

John Marquez says:

I wanted to like the Alex Lifeson model better since I prefer the look of spruce over mahogany (and I have a soft spot for Rush), but the AE10E sounds so warm and full while the AL sounds a little too bright and thin.

Bill Mcdonald says:

amazing tone and projection for all mahogony

Kerry Moore says:

Wish they had the USA angelus headstock shape though

JBreezy12112 says:

4:35 song name?

James Chant says:

Well the PRS AE10E appears to be the better choice when it comes to that rich full-body sound that leaves the listener spellbound. Both guitars were very impressive but mahogany has a firmer density and deeper resonance than spruce.

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