Playing a $37 Acoustic Electric Guitar! (Not clickbait!) – Demo / Review

A full-scale, acoustic electric guitar with built-in pickup and active EQ controls, for $37, shipped. Unbelievable.

Backing Tracks available here:

Guitar available here:


bodhrani jam says:

Are there any cheap amps to revieW?

Daniel Doran says:

What materials did the manufacturer use to make this guitar… I assume plywood body?

mike dothan says:

a turd hitting the water is more satisfying than this.

aceforyoutoo says:

Thanks for the reactions to my reaction

Ravindra Kumar says:

is it fine enough for a beginner? M 16 yr old from india ….N I love ur honest n modest reviews ….u don’t showoff or overdo or advertise …ur awesome big bro , have a great life

Broc Luno says:

Seems somewhere between a Tripple O and a Parlor guitar in size. That is a growing market for travel guitars and kick-around units. Beats having to take your Martin or Taylor to some dodgy location, or even camping… Seems like a good deal for what it is 🙂

Greg Andrews says:

Can you find a cheap 7 string knock off to review?

Strat TelePaul says:

I have a similar guitar that probably came from the same factory. It is called Sequoia was part of an eMedia learners pack. I got it at a garage sale for $15. The main differences are it is slightly larger and deeper than a traditional classical which gives it a lot more low end. It is also acoustic only. I play it through an 70’s SM57. The only issue I’ve had is that the neck started separating from the body. Easy fix with some glue and a clamp. Just touched up the paint at the joint and the repair is not visible.

Joe Paul says:

How do they make any money?

Tony G says:

It also comes in a Blue Burst paint job for $31.35, delivered! LOL I love that you do these Cheapy reviews as well, Maxx… Too kool 🙂

Ed H says:

Does this have working truss rod??

Jay Crutchfield says:

Another home run video! Knocked it out of the park!

The Zac Martin says:

Considering you bought that expensive ass amp in the background I trust you I’m gonna buy it. It’s a steal.

CD says:

Slave Labor made this guitar…

pcbullets says:

Great review. For what this guitar is, it’s a really good deal for sure.

1972myc says:

Loved the video. Thanks for another great find. Can you make a video on adjusting set up on an accoustic like this or converting to lefty? Thank you!

R G says:

I love these videos. It always crazy what these companies can turn out for the price point… Keep up the good work.

Scott Bryant says:

The intonation on that guitar sounded surprisingly good.

chris casseday says:

@Max – Are there any Bass guitar pickups you would recommend for around $50?

sammmy moreno says:

I bought one of these china classical and it was bad. Tooth picks for bracing,  The neck started to sink in on the on the 15th fret. So the neck never has the right angle.  If they Put “standard bracing” in the guitar , it would be an ok buy for  37. You can buy those electronic eqs to 8-11 dollars online. Also when I asked for a refund, Lee Sin Yi at the San Franciso warehouse, would not send me another guitar or give me my money back. Some of my friend got this guitar with steel strings loaded on them and it Banana’d the neck. Anyways,  I now  have a guitar to play at camp fires and throw it in the Fire when im done.

3 Card Monty says:

I’m buying it just for the pitch pipe. I lost my bong.

Seth Fryslie says:

the body is smaller because it’s a classical guitar. That’s a full size classical guitar. Smaller body and wider neck. Also slotted headstock.

Gamelguitar says:

Look up the instruments at the base the pick ups are completely different on the real one and then the fake one

Gamelguitar says:

It’s not real everybody I’ve been watching it for a while he sometimes he replaces the pick ups before playing these cheap instruments

Zomb13Raven says:

Dude, we the most cheap metal pedal on Ebay

batmany2k says:

as always Maxx awesme

AnnaAnnaYes says:

Good Beginning Guitar??

randy jones says:

whats the best Steve Vai Chinese replica guitar

Nermash says:

I can make any guitar sound bad, so money is no object 🙂

SJ SMITH says:

Amazing couldn’t buy that in the 70s even for that!

Stu Bone says:

Fake cat

Charles Banks says:

Just wanted to throw this out there for you. I am learning guitar and don’t have a ton to spend on them…you know family to take care of and such, but you might want to try out a guitar from Rondo Music, if you have not. I bought one of the Furian Telecasters from there and it is an awesome guitar for $189 after shipping. Even came with a bag. I don’t typically get into pushing cheap guitars, but I was very surprised with it and it’s one of my favorites now. Try them out.
By the way, I found them while trying to find a telecaster after seeing your cheap tele review 🙂

EpicKramerVoyager says:

Great video, but it could use more manowar shirts lol

МуZоматика says:

Haha, unbelievable)

Seth Ride says:


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