Orangewood Guitar Unboxing & Review

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Stephen Holt says:

The second video on these guitars today 🙂 …I will take the Oliver …on the other video they were $195(Darrel Braun).

Kevin Tingzon says:

any guitar will sound nice as long as you’re playing Led Zep

Jeff Beck says:

My 1996 Taylor 810 sounds a lot better but it sounds pretty close to it. The Taylor you can play a whole lot harder than this guitar. The Orangewood guitar starts to sound like it is vibrating apart when you start to get on it. …like a cheaper guitar. That being said, I’d buy that guitar for $300 in a heartbeat most likely. It looks really good, and I like the gold hardware and Grover style tuners, like my Taylor has.

Theodor Jacobsen says:

full-time cool content encounter nail ok expose rescue fold dominate.

JoPa GeRi says:

From what I understand each guitar is thoroughly gone over by Orangewood techs once received.

David Huey says:

Just curious. When companies send you guitars like this to review, what happens to them Afterwards? Do you keep them? Sell them? Send them back?

George Hale says:

At that price range I’d go Yamaha every time. Granted it’s been 5 or 6 years since I’ve dug deep into what’s out there in the acoustic range, but I have to assume Yamaha still has that segment of the market locked up.

Norman Hoznor says:


Antonio San German Lopez says:


Joe S says:

Just bought the cheaper oliver-ceder orangewood guitar. Hopefully it’s nice. Thanks for your honest review.

b berker says:

Entire Line orangewood is sold out except for about two bland dreadnoughts.

John A says:

You should give us some info about nut, saddle and pins 🙂

Wahab Ali says:

Hello Greetings from Pakistan,
please tell which guitar is good Yamaha fg830 vs Orangewood Echo?
Thanks in Advance.

Sal Barruzza says:

I can’t tell if he liked it or not. He was sort of vague about it. I thought it looked and sounded great for an inexpensive guitar.

glpromozar 29 says:

Made in indonesia but not sale in indonesia……

Contact Info says:

they sent guitars to multiple youtubers

ken cohagen says:

I need a replacement for my Hagstrom Swede. Another Swede or Swede Ultra would work as well as an Epiphone or a kit. I’ve even though thought about a Chibson if I could be assured of what I’m getting. Any suggestions?

hiems says:

Well im about to buy a Larrivee OM05e so im not really in the market for a cheap one. Its cool anyways.

jake grimes says:

This or the yamaha fg830

nicholascremato says:

It sounds really good!!

glpromozar 29 says:

The sound of guitar is good….

Terry Perry says:

that would be sit-ka spruce

frankpaws says:

I have one on the way.

Bleron Mehmeti says:

lol that gigbag is worth 20 bucks maybe

atlgator says:

Want them to do well but a Yamaha FG830 kills this guitar.

Ed Pack says:

Nice – but this price point is occupied by some very good instruments and well known names (Fender, Ibanez, Yamaha, etc.). Fender is definitely hitting this market range hard at the moment with a lot of models and finishes. The Orangewood’s finish looks a bit “thick” – especially on the sides…but that could just be glare and lighting issues. With an acoustic play-ability is so important….and if these instruments can be consistently good (playable) then that is a nice battle to win. Only time will tell…and hopefully they will do well – as more instruments in the wild means more folks playing. 🙂

rhino says:

Have one in the mail. Anybody else have any good reviews. I wanted an inexpensive cutaway. I’m going to put D Adarrio extra light phosphor bronze strings.

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