NEW Taylor 562ce 12 String 2016 ★ Guitar Review

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NEW Taylor 562ce 12 String! (Full Review)


ylcn77ylcn says:

very nice great

maxwellfan55 says:

…another fabulous sounding and good looking Taylor 12, I can see, hear the versatility of this thing and just why Tony loves it.

BBoultonMelodies says:

Hey Tony! Which thumb pick are you using. Haven’t really gotten into using a thumb pick and would like to start. Do you have any suggestions for a good thumb pick?

Sheridan Henson says:

In some of these songs you’re basically channeling Leo Kottke. Win.

Ric says:

.. toitally agreed on sound after the first two notes, quite amazing!!

Jeffrey Douglas says:

You used the phrase “hold on to it’s clarity”, interesting. I have a similar shaped all laminate 12 string which I really like, but it doesn’t always hold on to it’s clarity.

rmzzz76 says:

Great reviews keep them coming! I have a review request! Can you review the all solid wood, Epiphone Masterworks AJ45ME side by wide with a Gibson J-45 Standard?

Victoria Terzakis says:

Can you do a review on a guitar from the Yamaha 800 series of guitars?

Lord JS says:

If this guitar was made with a natural finish I’d probably buy one.

AlanSturgess says:

Excellent review – enjoyable and very informative. I’ve loved 12s since 1963 when I found an LP of instrumentals by Billy Strange (yes, I’m THAT retro). Still have it and am trying to decide if my wallet will stand the smack it would get by buying this 12. Mmmmm.

John Sutton says:

562ce vs 360e?? I’m about to hit the buy button on the 562 but just thought I’d ask your opinion first.. Which would you choose out of the two.. Cheers…

Nikita Panasyk says:


Juan Manuel Morresi says:

Ovation reviews???

Neil Kraft says:

Ive got the giant bohemith taylor 12 string and would love a smaller one. Does this one have all the volume my big taylor has?

John Good says:

Tony, how does the smaller body handle open G and D tunings? curious to know if a D on the 6th string still sounds good.

twotter1969 says:

That first piece was perfect 🙂

Liquid bend says:

Yeah …Only 2,700

Michael Coady says:

Great to know you are out there doing these kind of reviews … thanks!

121jigawatts2015 says:

Tony Kottke.

Cemre Klarnet & Music says:

Tony you have something of David Gilmour in his youth time

Christian Leduc says:

Love the Elizabeth Cotten/Leo Kottke mix ! As for the guitar, it does sound beautiful. Mellow, warm and the right amount of sparkling.

Jacob Perez says:

Is playing a twelve string significantly harder than a normal 6 string?

Markus Els says:

Thanks for yet another awesome review Tony! Any chance you might be reviewing the 520e anytime soon? Curious to know what your general take is on the mahogany 500 series.

Nate Eaton says:

Tony – I always enjoy and appreciate your reviews. There is just one thing I’d like to see, though. I would appreciate it if you would review a Larrivee acoustic occasionally. Now that you’re no longer working for Music Villa, a store that doesn’t stock Larrivee, might you be able to review a Larrivee once in a while? Seeing you go through your usual playing routine for demos/reviews on a Larrivee would bring me serious happiness. Peace and best wishes.

Thomas Tommy says:

I do like the sound of this guitar. What is the list price of the guitar??

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