New Gear: Gretsch G9550 New Yorker review from Acoustic Guitar

Guitarist James DePrato demonstrates the Gretsch G9550 New Yorker guitar. For the full review, please check out the July 2014 issue of Acoustic Guitar or


Ben Taylor says:

pls tell me what song he is playing. id like to learn it

james madison says:

Korean el-junko guitar

Glen Rappold says:

I just played one of these at my local store and was very disappointed. The 15th fret was not seated all the way in so everything after the 11th fret buzzed and fretted out. You could see the gap between the fret and the finger board on the bass side. The fret ends were sharp all the way up the neck on both sides. Sloppy work around the neck joint. Side note- the neck is radiused (curved), but the top of the bridge is flat, which means your lowest action will be at the 3rd and 4th strings. Overall felt cheap. A shame I really wanted to like this guitar!

John McIntosh says:

stop talking!!!!

Bob O. says:

I purchase one and have to say that I would classify this guitar as not worth the cost under any circumstance. The build quality sucks as a finished product. If I could send it back for a refund I could.

Tony Cobuccio says:

great playing!

TheRickynow says:

Great review and sounds like a bargin for £400 at Uk prices

Michael Palace says:

Love this guitar! I installed a pickup in mine and run it through some gain 😛
Check it out in my channel.

Crampoos MD says:

Yummy !

Steve Oswald says:

I have a ’41 with an added DeArmond floating pickup!   sounds great both unplugged and thru an amp   Nice reissue!

OldCroghanMan says:

Talked over 80% of the playing. Good work.

Keven says:

How does this compare to gretsch’s “synchromatic” line of guitars? I get that they are both arch tops but are there any significant differences in tone? I’m looking for a more mellow-sounding guitar as opposed to one that sounds really bright

TracyFClark says:

There is a vintage 1954 Gretsch New Yorker on eBay…buy it now price is $750. Why would you buy this new version made of plywood?

ushiodemon1 says:

tabs please

BhanuKer says:

Where is the pickup in this video?  Is the recording this with an external microphone?

Александра Иванова says:

that guy play very shitty(((((

Joseph Wright says:

Just play an open chord please.

adrian mak says:

what genre of music is he playing here?

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