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James' Home of Tone says:

Absolutely beautiful instruments, and this feature is perfect! Lovely work all round, thank you!

turkey toes says:

Beautiful guitar and beautiful sound

Johnny Ennis says:

jesus!!! that sounds phenomenal!!!

Morgan McElheney says:

Fucking WOW.

henkiee88 says:

Do you know the price Tony?

Igor Sekulic says:

My favorite small bench guitar company reviewed by my favorite guitar reviewer. This is amazing I can’t believe it…

Samuel dela Dingco says:

Is it easier to handle that guitar in terms of humidity?

Leif Linder says:

you have to earn patina. like merit badges. you can’t just buy them and suddenly be an eagle scout.

Leon Fryer says:

I have a brass bodied mule with a cut away… amazing guitar. Beautiful sweet sound, that works great for fingerstyle guitar… and they look great too. Matt’s a great guy to deal with as well.

Dr. Harmonica says:

When I buy a new guitar I want it to look like a new guitar. Same goes for a new car or a new anything. The guys who bought and played those guitars in the 1920’s didn’t want a guitar that looked 40 years old then. They wanted a shiny, scratch free, cherry looking ax. I prefer to put my own battle scars on my own guitar. So much for that.

Back around 1977 I went to the Dobro factory in southern California and had them make me a 12 string all metal resonator guitar. They didn’t have one made up but I roamed around the factory and found a nice “shiny scratch free” body, a 12 string tail piece and a 12 string neck all in separate bins on the factory floor. In a few hours time they bolted it all together and I had my Dobro 12 string. One of the very few in the world at the time. Unfortunately I sold it about 10 years later having got bored with the metallic sound and wanted to go back to wood. Big mistake. I should have held on to it but I was doing a lot of traveling and couldn’t manage owning several guitars. I sold it for about $500, around what I paid for it, to a member of my band who played steel guitar. He passed away several years later. His family contacted me about the guitar and I told them it’s history. They sold it for $5000. Silly me!

kdrake777 says:

Tony you’ve finally gone heavy metal!!!

Maggie Murphy says:

I saw someone in the subway playing a guitar that looked similar to this. i know nothing about guitars but his music sounded a lot more southern? like twangy. do you know the name of that kind of music played with a guitar that looks like this?
thank youu!

Gabriel McCanless says:

that is a beautiful instrument and I envy you for getting to play it

Robert Falconer says:

Great Review Tony,
I think the late great Chris Whitley also play this guitar.
Sounded awesome.
Regards Rob, from Australia..

Kyle Swords says:

Can we get a quick slide lesson

Trent Mason says:

That sounded like crap. Yes, I’m aware it is a reso and you have to stick with the songs all reviews here are played in. as such, they didn’t benefit this guitar. Still sounded like garbage.

Maciej Kostecki says:

Is there a list of guitars you’ve done reviews of? I’d love to know what you think about Epiphone EJ-200CE

Caleb Ford says:

Great review! Is that a single cone or tricone?

wayne churchill says:

What price range

K O'Horan says:

Please please please make more videos on reviews of independent luthiers.

dangerbird86 says:

Great review Tony. I’ve never heard of Mule Resophonic Guitars before this video, but I am sold. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a steel guitar for several years now and I think I found the one I want, minus the pickup. Gorgeous instrument. It’d be great to see more videos by small luthiers on your channel. You reviewed at least one Kevin Kopp guitar a few years back and I’m actually having a guitar built by him right now. After I take receipt of that guitar I think I’ll put down a deposit for one of these from Matt. Cheers, from one guitar geek to another.

Shelobian says:

What’s that new song at 6:23?

PumpActionCowboy says:

really cool that you put a link to the tabs. no one else seems to do that

Quik Nature says:

Great review man! I love the way this guitar sounds. Anybody would be lucky to own one of these. The only thing I’m not a fan of is the patina they add. Don’t get me wrong it looks great and looks old and all. like other people have previously stated, you have to earn patina over years and years of playing. It shouldn’t just be bought. I feel like these guitars are in a sense “road worn”. Not a fan of that.

Gerald Landhartz says:

Review an Ibanez guitar next.

Leftienige Blank says:

Well , Tony , I’ve watched some of your stuff , pretty good by and large . One gripe tho’ , nothing gets a look-in unless it’s 2 grand or more . Time to rename this “The guitar review channel for millionaires and bank-robbers ” Cheers to all , Nige .

Jacob Lamb says:

4:39 dad jokes lol

Maciej Kostecki says:

Enjoyed it as always. Never seen anything like that Mule though.

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