Martin VS Taylor | High End Comparison

In this video I am comparing a Martin D-42 to a Taylor 716 (LTD).

Both are spruce tops and rosewood back and sides guitars. The Taylor is Madagascar Rosewood, and the Martin Indian Rosewood. They both have the distinctive Martin and Taylor sound for which they are loved.

The Martin is a dreadnought, and produces a massive bass response balanced with articulate high.
The Taylor is a 16 model, which is a Grand Symphony. It results in deep basses, meaty midrange and overall thick trebles.

He or she who can name all the songs played first gets a big ass cookie!


Shawn Clerkin says:

I struggle to figure out which one is better. I like both for the same reason I would choose one over the other. The Taylor is brighter with nice overtones while the Martin has a cleaner sound for each individual note….ugh….just get both and be happy for the same and different reasons

Yamel Anconeira Checa says:

When I heard Slow Cheetah I died :v. So nice but expensive for me

Cynthia Perkins says:

Definitely Martin. Taylor sounds tinnyish but Martin sounds fuller and warm.

jmsalas87 says:

Out of curiosity, for experimental purposes, do you have the same brand of strings on both guitars? I would imagine that would make a comparison null and void if they were different.

Larunaax The Mischievous says:

Both guitars are amazing though the martin does have that softer more fuzzy mellow tone while the Taylor seems to be a bit more sharpened, and more focused on its high strings and mid range versus its bass qualities, likely related to the cutaway, both are smooth and clean toned and sound natural so i honestly would not be able to decide if ever i wanted to purchase such a high quality instrument, i’m satisfied with my acoustic Fender Hellcat, its a good middle priced guitar and is a plugin with built in electronics 🙂

Shawn Mathew says:

The Taylor has more space and is very open (like echo sound from a large hall).
The Martin has more of a steel sound that is richer and fuller (more range of sound).

I like the Martin better, but they are close. Both are great guitars!

Nelson Dela Cruz says:

Your voice sounds like Connor Mc Gregor.

Hyde Outdoors says:

Martin all day. Check out Tony Rice, Bluegrass and a Martin go hand in hand.

sakisrorras says:

Taylor wins…..but both are very-very expensive!

simo says:

amazing how the second guy can play exactly the same tune straight away without even watching the first guy

Andrew B says:


Robert Bledsoe says:

Both sound amazing but the taylor just sounded brighter.

Gian Carlo Navoa says:

Taylor is the innovator but Martin is the Originator.

Ryan Chu says:


Kleber Axt says:

Taylor The better song

ETC Flyer says:

My Zager and the Taylor are very close and have that nice sharp tone. The Martin has a more mellow tone more like my Yamaha FG. I like them both but perhaps it has to do with the person playing as much as anything – very nice!

Marcos Pintor says:

My first real acoustic guitar was a Taylor and it’ll always be my favorite

Виктор Филонович says:

Как такой монтаж сделать?

Mike Monaco says:

Ok both sound great, I’m totally biased towards taylor, I have a k16ce ltd, which is the equivalent of a 7-series, so I basically have the Koa version of this taylor. This Martin, however, in my opinion, sounds better than this Taylor.

BUT – and this is a HUGE “but,” this Martin retails for almost DOUBLE the Taylor. So this isn’t a fair comparison. Also he’s using different mics.

Not to disparage but I think a more fair comparison could be done. I never thought I’d EVER say this, but here, the Martin sounds better… :/

Brennam Williams says:


Work Rj says:

Taylor guitar is my first love
Martin is my now wife 😀

glen pound says:

Some songs it was the Martin, some it was the Taylor. The Taylor is definitely brighter and louder. I have a Taylor 214ce Koa/Sitka it sound really good, perhaps I need a full size Matin as well. The Taylor sounded amazing on the Fleetwood Mac song!

rwellms says:

easy decision for me … only TAYLOR !

AMT99100 says:

Oh yes great first song!

ChannelBOZ101 says:

Both great sound, but very different. I like Taylor for his amplified sound with the build in ES 2 system.

Siham Tabet says:

Taylor sounds much more better than martin

Joe T says:

Both sound great, but the Martin does it every time for me. Love my HD-28.

Steve Beaty says:

The Martin is a tiny bit more bell-like. The tones a bit more balanced. The Martin cost a lot more, it should sound better.

史志强 says:

Martin more man sound,

stratocasterguy says:

Their voices sound like they are on helium.


Awesome video

Bruce Walker says:

Both beautiful in their own right. I love the Martin because it sounds like my cole clark and suits my finger picking style.

SnipeYouFromMars says:

My name is Taylor so that makes the decision easy for me

Pink Progressive says:

2:50 A Change of Season – Dream Theater

David Lukas Kuhn says:

This comparison doesn’t really make sense. For one, they are different body styles. Wouldn’t it be more informative to compare Dreadnought styles? Or Grand Concert vs a OOO shaped Martin? Also, a D42 is a much higher end guitar than a 716. This “Taylor vs. Martin” setup is flawed from the start.

RantzBizGroup says:

The Taylor sounded “easier” to play… which is what I find between my two.

Bird Dogs Forever says:

Is that a Maton hanging on the wall?

theshadowtalks says:

I use my Taylors for finger style and my Martins for Picking.

Mark McCann says:

In the genre of American bluegrass/flatpicking, I know only one super guitarist who plays a Taylor, and that is Dan Crary.  Taylors as they say, “don’t cut ‘grass.”  On the other hand about 75% of Bluegrass flatpicker types play Martins, but none would play a “40” series, they don’t boom like a HD-28, plus they cost too much to be battle axes.  Also in demand are the small boutique makers who make Martin-style dreds, like a Collins or Gallagher.  But a lot of them also seek out old mahogany D-18s.   Now on the other hand, I know a lot of finger stylists who swear by Taylors.

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