Martin OM “Tuxedo” Guitar Review

My NEW Buyer’s Guide:

In this video, Tony Polecastro reviews his Martin OM “Tuxedo” Guitar


Sheridan Henson says:

Miss you at the Acoustic Letter! So glad to still be following your journey and thrilled to see you’re still making guitar reviews. No one does them as well as you!

Kristian Dawe says:

That guitar is amazing

Ian Gonzalez says:

How much money does it usually cost to go and make your own Martin guitar?

Bart Boeckler says:

That sure is pretty! You did a good job with the design….Has great projection, focus and clarity!

Sheridan Henson says:

ALSO. This guitar sounds RIDICULOUS in alt tunings.

Robert Dobson says:

Thanks for the in-depth review and your wonderful song. I am hopeful that the independent luthiers will send you some amazing guitars to demonstrate for us.

Albert Sellaman says:


Daniel Farmer says:

Stunning guitar.

bonannop says:

Tony, lovely original tune, was it in open D tuning?

Caffeinated AJ says:

I wish you would review Alvarez guitars and Yamaha’s new FG/FS 800 series. 🙂

kaikandojo says:

Amazing sound – each string is so distinct and articulate. Well balanced tone too!

Brandon ringo says:

I definitely thought the dog was a pillow

Anique Zafar says:

I didn’t even see your dog till it jumped off the couch 😀 …

Donn Goodside says:

Tony ___ “Being on S.S., and too old to buy ‘Green Bananas”, Just wondering what the ‘Average Price” is as, ‘shown? (lol )

Lord JS says:

Wow, Tony. That’s a very beautiful guitar.

Danny Sands says:

The nostalgia lol

kalvino67 says:

Awesome dude!…the guitar, the tune and your playing!

Jerry Kittle says:

just wonder how those pickups sound?

larry phelps says:

As a testament to Tony’s “presence” I didn’t see the pup until he left the couch….
Or was it that Guitar…?
And then he started playing. ………..Beautiful.

TehNova :) says:

Damn I really miss those review he used to do on Acoustic Letter ! :((

Cherry Picker Guitars says:

Love your playing. dude!
Visually stunning guitar, sounds great even over the web.
I’ve never been a maple fan, on acoustics – that little girl might be a game changer for me, in terms of maple as a tone wood.
I’m currently building a Sergei de Jonge SSS (standard steel string) using a German spruce top, old Honduran mahogany from Sergei’s stash, with an ebony fret brd and bridge – my 12th guitar – I should send it to you – lol. I studied with Sergei 5 yrs ago, spending 900 hrs in his shop, mainly to improve my skills as a restoration specialist for higher value vintage acoustics.

scaredypicker says:

You would have been gutted if someone else bought it before you! Very cool guitar! I actually had the opportunity to spec my own Gordon Smith electric guitar too, so I know how cool the feeling is 😀

kent branan says:

What is that last song and where can I learn it?

Zulham S says:

bad sound this guitar, I compare with taylor guitar

Lawrence Wong says:

Anyone can help me to find out what are those finger style songs played for this demonstration?
Thanks much!

Gold Butter says:

Its a great looking guitar. But compared with any decent Indian rosewood guitar, the dynamic range and colour in tone is very very lacking. Projection and substance bad as well. Very leaned toward higher register but choking at the same time

Jae Won Seo says:

maple martin? it’s gorgeous

Soul Wagon says:

Thanks Tony, that was excellent!

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