Martin Dreadnought Jr ★ Detailed Guitar Review

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Martin Dreadnought Jr ★ Guitar Review


Ana Silvia says:

Great review! I can’t decide between this one or the GPCPA5 which I think sounds better, but the problem is that it’s not solid wood like this one. I want something light because I get tired playing with my fender telecaster. This may be a good option but if anybody has an opinion please share:)

Eric S. says:

Tony, I enjoy all of your videos but I would love to see more reviews featuring the “small bench luthier” guitars. I think we all agree that Martin, Taylor, etc. all make killer guitars; I would also like to see what unique and creative guitars come from smaller manufacturers.

Jay Millete III says:

hi tony is this the latest DJR?

Beau Richardson says:

Thank you for the links to these songs, I really enjoyed listening to them, and look forward to playing them!

MY Ran says:

hey what’s the normal distance from strings to the fret?

Os Gut says:

Hi Tony,
It is great that you review and show so many guitars but I think you record them too nicely….
Can`t you record them with a mic that preserves more what you hear in the room while playing?
For example this guitar can`t sound like that!
In another video review by acoustic magazine I think you can hear more what it sounds like, and it doesn`t sound as well !!! all that rich deep sound in your video is gone. What do you think?

baer mann says:


drummonkey16046 says:

Great demo thanks. Love the guitar, but it seems the pickup is unusable. Anybody swap for something else?

Wahyu Guntoro says:

superb tone 😮

Ricardo Bolonese Rosário says:

Could you please review the Martin 00-15E Retro?

gansterkof17 says:

I think its too much too ask but could you do a tutorial to play “last steam engine train” plz

Robert Falconer says:

Australian Maton Mini Guitars, kill Martin’s & Taylor’s.
I,ve played them all. Don’t believe me ask Tommy Emmanuel & Keith Urban…
Please do a demo on Maton Guitars..

121jigawatts2015 says:

I wish there were even half the reviews of the full sapele version that there are of the sitka version. I think it sounds better but could better make that judgement if there were actually more reviews! Are you considering playing that one for us Tony?

Drummerinthe Park says:

I am wondering if I should buy this. Where I live we don’t have guitar centres and I’ve been playing a full size dreadnought, and now this seems cordial to me budget but I don’t know if I’ll get the oomph of a jumbo guitar.

Elvis Presley says:

Hi! I bought Martin Djr 1 month ago. Few days ago I found that my guitar has buzzing on high frets (on frets where neck joins body at). I thought that I need to low the action, but I found that string height at 12th fret (capo on 1st) is 1/10 inch, not 1/8. I tried to low the action, but I couldnt make ideal 1/8 inch string height, but when I lowed the action I have more ‘buzzing’ frets. What I need to do? What ideal string height at this model?

Brett Turton says:

Hi Tony My favorite acoustic guitar I love is my Taylor 110 , I actually sanded it down gently, the n French polished it! Very scary job …..but now it sounds phenomenal!

Scott Hudson says:

It really is a wonderful little guitar… My young guy got it for Xmas! Daddy gets to play it too

martin redondo says:

Love your videos dude

Ying Hann Goh says:

Hi Tony, could you please do a comparison between the Dreadnought JR vs JR2. Thanks.

kdrake777 says:

Please do a comparison with the new mahogany top D Junior! Are you ever going to do a giveaway on one of these instead of GS mini?

RASPSInc says:

IS it possible if you could give a look at the Beavercreek brand? specifically, they’re travel size guitar. Living here in Canada, this guitar looks really affordable compared to other guitars in the travel size.

Robert Falconer says:

Thanks Tony, great interview with Tommy by the way.
Rob from Australia..

Polly Bertrand says:

Hi tony, would you consider doing a review on a Martin DRS 2?

Bill Jacobs says:

Sounds amazing. Great value. What mic are you using?

Gijsbertus Laurens van de Vooren says:

Nonsens That is no Dreadnaught. They got that name because they wer big

Jay Wuud says:

Martin selected a really nice piece of spruce for this top.

Luis Campos says:

Hi, this guitar has a rich lite fingerboard so I don’t know if you can use oil on this material,do you know how to treat rich lite fingerboard?

Katie Ferrara says:

Wow thanks for making this video! I’m looking for a guitar that’s easy to carry. My problem with a lot of the travel guitars is that they lose low end. I love deeper sounding guitars. I might check this one out.

Bart Boeckler says:

This is a sweet guitar…hard to put down!

I heard from a friend of an employee who works in the Martin Mexico
factory who said some of these were produced with a Adirondack (red
Spruce) which was shipped from the Nazareth stock. These were not wide
or long enough for 00 tops. That’s cool! Maybe you have on…These I was
told from a reliable source were used on “some” of the first production
models. The DJR’s have since had redesigned hardware; now the DJRe
model has a separate input from end pin. They are also producing a
non-pick-up model. Play one you will buy it !

Sarah Wilson says:

I’ve noticed that these reviews are more in depth than your previous ones! If you can get your hands on one, could you do a review of the Martin 000x1ae?

miamistomp says:

I love mine, Play it all the time,
I would love to see a 12 fret version

Sheridan Henson says:

Hi Tony! It’s worth mentioning (or adding a comment to the video) that the back and sides are SOLID Sapele. This is rare on a travel guitar. Thanks!

Jay Curtis says:

I have one of these and am a very big fan! It may be 15/16th size, but in my opinion, it makes a big difference in size. It is a very comfortable size for playing on the couch or on the bed – but the sound is still extremely impressive. Don’t get this confused with the Little Martin, we actually own one of those for my daughter. She was around 11 when we bought that and the Junior wasn’t around then. The Junior is 10 times the guitar of the little Martin – sound wise there is absolutely no comparison. I love the fact that the Junior is all solid wood, but in the end, it is the sound that sells this instrument. So what am I comparing it to?? Well my HD-28 which I love and yes, prefer, but the Junior has fantastic sound and is getting played more just because it is so darn comfortable. I would recommend these to anyone – especially anyone that is even 1/2 considering a Little Martin – pass that up and go for the Junior. The size would have been good for my daughter then – but is also good for my wife and for me.

Elvis Presley says:

Hi! Can you tell me name of this song on 5:21 please?

MAHAM says:

the new layout looks great!


Is it neck heavy? Well balanced?

Dev9172 says:

I would get one for my kid but that is it . I travel with a Taylor GS mini or my Martin 00x1ae

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